Best medication to control diabetes

Diabetes is a disease in which your blood glucose or blood sugar is too high. You gain blood glucose from your food that you daily eat. Insulin is responsible for lower the glucose level. Diabetes mellitus described as a group of metabolic disease in which the person has high blood glucose or blood sugar, either because insulin production is inadequate, or because the body cells do not respond properly.

Types of diabetes

There are two types of diabetes type 1 and type 2.

diabetesType 1 diabetes: in this type the body’s immune system which normally fights infection, attacks and kill cells in pancreas that performing secretion of insulin. As a result your pancreases stop making insulin and you effect from type 1 diabetes. It can be effect in young age. Its symptoms can be seen easily

  • Increased thirst
  • Urination and blurred vision
  • Fatigue
  • Unexplained weight loss

On the other hand type 2 diabetes is characterized by insulin resistance; it can be treated using different therapeutic approaches. Like injections and pills. It affects more often in middle age and old age people. Symptoms can be seen easily.

  • Overweight and obesity
  • Lethargy
  • Genes

I have explained short description of diabetes now let’s move on its therapeutic approaches.

Medication for type 1 diabetes

Taking insulin
Medication for type 1 diabetesFor those who is facing type 1 diabetes needs lifelong insulin therapy. There are many types of insulin some are recommended I am explaining here for best treatment.

Short-acting insulin
Rapid –Acting insulin
Intermediate-acting insulin
Long-acting insulin
Short acting insulin is regular insulin including Humulin R and Novolin R.
Rapid-acting insulin are Glulsine( Apidra), Insulin lispro( Humalog) ans Novolog
Long acting insulin are Glargine ( Lantus, Toujeo ,Solostar) Insulin detemir( Levemir) and insulin degludec ( Tresiba)
Intermediate-acting insulins are insulin NPH ( Novolin N, Humulin N).

Artificial Pancreas
Food and  Drug Administration approved in September 2016 the first artificial pancreas for people with type 1 diabetes under age 14 year and older. It is closed loop insulin. Implemented device links with monitor for checking blood sugar levels in every five minutes to an insulin pump. This device automatically delivers the correct amount of insulin when it’s needed.

This is best medicine in type 1 diabetes foe maintaining normal heart.

High blood pressure medication
Doctors may prescribe medicines for high blood pressure in type 1 diabetes angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors or angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARBs) to help for normal kidneys. Medicines are recommended for diabetes that has high blood pressure above 140/90 mm Hg.

Cholesterol Lowering Drug
This is very risky in diabetic patients who have high cholesterol level that can effect on kidneys and heart. To reduce its danger doctors recommended low density Lipoprotein (LDL, or bad) cholesterol is below 100 mg/dl (2.6 mmoi/L). High density lipoprotein cholesterol is recommended over 50 mg/Dl (1.3 mmoI/L) in men. Triglycerides another type of blood fat is ideal when they are less than 150 mg/Dl (1.7 mmoI/L).

Medications for Type 2 Diabetes

Acarbose( precose )
It blocks enzymes that digest starch, slowing the rise in blood sugar. It belongs a group of drugs called Alpha-glucosidas inhibitors.

Alogliptin (Nesine)
It boosts insulin level when sugars are too high and liver cut back on making sugars. It is called DPP-IV inhibitors. It does not cause weight gain.

Bromocriptine mesylate (Cycloset, Parlodel)Bromocriptine mesylate (Cycloset, Parlodel)
This tablet raises the level of dopamine and helps to improve blood sugar control with type 2 diabetes.

Canagliflozin (Invokana)
Boost glucose leaves in urine and blocks from reabsorbing is called SGLT2 inhibitor.

Chlorpropamide (Diabinise)
It lowers blood sugar by prompting the pancreas to release more insulin it is called sulfonylureas.

Colesevelam( Welchol)
It lowers the LDL cholesterol and improves blood sugar control in type 2 diabetes it is called bile acid sequestrants.

Boost how much glucose leaves in urine and blocks your kidney from reabsorbing glucose. It is called SGLT2 inhibitor.

Boost glucose that leaves your body in urine .it is also called SGLT2 inhibitor.

Lower blood sugar by prompting the pancreas to release more insulin it is called sulfonylureas.

Lower blood sugar by prompting the pancreas to release more insulin. It is called SULFONYLUREAS.

Inhale insulin
Cartridge contains a dose of powdered rapid acting insulin inhaler us it before start you eat.

Boosts insulin level when blood sugars are too high and tells the liver to cut back on making sugar. It is called DPP-IV inhibitor. You can also take them along with another drug like metformin.

Blocks enzymes that help digest starches slowing the blood sugar. It belongs the drug group called alpha-glucosidas inhibitors.

Makes the pancreas release more insulin but only if blood sugar is too high. It is called meglitinide.

Victoza is hormone that is present in the blood naturally to helps control blood sugar, insulin level and digestion. It can be used along with diet and exercise to improve blood sugar  control in adults with type 2 diabetes. It helps in reduce the risk of serious heart problem such as heart attack or stroke in adults with type 2 diabetes It is usually given to patients with type 2 diabetes not type 1 diabetes.

Glucophage metformin is an oral medicine that helps in control high blood sugar level it is used together with diet and exercise to improve blood sugar control in adults with type 2 diabetes.

It can be easily used with insulin or other medications. Severe kidney disease pt cannot use glucophage. Before using it is must to do x-rays and ct scan using a dye that is injected into your veins for stop taking glucophage.

Metformin cause lactic seek emergency help in mild symptoms like muscle pain, weakness, numbness, coldness and vomiting. Glucophage is heavily used drug in Pakistan. But it is also contraindicate for several disease patients. We must focus on precaution before taking any drugs. Do not taking drug on self medication it can be dangerous. We must focus on expert advice before taking any drug that can prevent from different risk factors in life.

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Top Heart Transplant Centers in the World

I am writing this article for specially those people who are suffering from major heart diseases and finding best effective centers for treatments. It is obvious that how much  difficult is to deal with life threatening conditions like heart transplant and surgeries. Hospitals in the world that are well facilitated, equipped and specialized in heart domain I will discuss here. Heart patients face not only the medical threats but also psychological problems too. In this regards family support is very much important. Don’t let the person to go in isolation.

Top Heart Treatment CentersMedical conditions can delay due to psychological mental environment. Family plays a very important role in recovery procedures. To seek best treatment and fast recovery we must focus on our home environment too. Top successful centers well organized, equipped and facilitated in the world for heart transplant given below take an eye on each center.


I am listed above this hospital because of its leading and successful ranking in the treatment of heart transplant best in cardiac care center. This is the heart and vascular institute with program to women’s heart health. Well facilitated, equipped cardiology with professional and trained staff, imaging, cardiovascular nursing too. It is named as Blue Distinction Center for cardiac care. Multidiscipnery team of professionals is available to heart transplant.

How we can contact them?


This is well equipped and facilitated center of cardio vascular diseases. High ranking successful surgeries have been done by professional of this hospital. Multidisciplinary team of experts in the domain of heart and other treatments are also available. Finding best hospital this is the excellent option for heart transplant. They have also facility of imaging, intensive cardiac care departments.

Well strict staff for patient care. Physicians that are assisted reconstructive surgeries showed first time that heart disease can be reversed.US news & world report ranked Memorial Hermans-Texas Medical Center among top 50 hospitals in the nation for cardiac surgery in 2016-2017 ranking.

How can we contact them?
1401-, 1443 Cambridge St Houston, TX 77030, United States, Phone#+1 713-222-2273


Finding best and effective surgery then this hospital has come in top ranking of successful surgeries in the world. High performance of heart failure and heart bypass surgery. Society of Thoracic Surgeons and Magnet recognition given the three star ratings to this hospital in their best performance Nebraska medicine has recognized by Blue Cross Blue Distinction Center+ for cardiac care. It works with congestive heart failure programs, acute myocardial infarction programs are at first.

How to contact them?
4350 Dewey Ave


IN CHENNAI, India the first heart transplant was performed in 1995.succesful and effective surgeries leading hospital in top ranking heart surgery hospital in the world.Multidisciplinery team performs their best qualitative and highly skillful technique in heart transplant. Lung transplant and kidney transplant also done in this hospital with promising recovery.

How to contact them?
No. 134, Mint Street, Opposite Ramar Temple, Sowcarpt, Phone#+91 44 25296080

Sutter Health CPMC

The heart failure, LVAD & Heart transplant program situated in California pacific Medical center emphasized on total care and end-stage cardiac disease management. They provide patient with excellent results and successful outcome. They are specialized in Excellent Heart Transplant Results, Total patient care, Cardiac Disease Management, Patient education. Mostly patients are recovered from successful treatment also has the availability of donors on emergency basis.

How can we contact them?
California Pacific Medical Center: 2340 Clay Street San Francisco, CA 94115, Phone#415-600-1051


Tufts medical center has gained high ranking in doing successful heart transplant. It is situated in Boston Due to its excellent services of professional doctors, surgeon and nursing staff this hospital comes first in choosing heart transplant centers. Provide best cardiac care centers, imaging, and well equipped operation theater with management treatments. They have highly trained team of staff for fast recovery including dietitians, nutritionists and psychologists.

How can we contact them?
Tufts Medical Center 800 Washington Street Boston, MA, 02111, Phone# 617-636-5000


Mayo clinic is top ranked team of cardiologist’s diagnosis and treatments of many heart diseases with rare and complex disorder. It is the most integrated in United States situated in Arizona, Florida, Minnesota and several communities throughout Mayo Clinic Health System. Mayo clinic has done 200 of cardio surgeries with highly trained staff with multidisciplinary team of doctors and experts in many heart conditions like heart valve disease, coronary artery disease, congenital heart disease, ebsteins anomaly; hypo plastic left heart syndrome, heart failure and arrhythmias.

How can we contact them?
5777 E Mayo Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85054, USA, Phone#+1 480-342-2000

Spectrum Health Hospitals Fred and Lena Meijer Heart Center

This is very well known heart center in terms of cardiac surgery and heart transplant. Here you will find advance care and options that delivered In short time from renowned professional and heart specialists. Facility of 24 hours chest pain center and open heart surgery and heart transplant programs.

With complex diseases this hospital does extra ordinary rights to care of patients. This center has well equipped operation theaters, imaging, radiotherapy dept, and donor’s facilities and well trained supervision of world’s renowned best doctors. For saving life this is excellent choice for undergoing heart surgery.

How can we contact them?
100 Michigan St NE Grand Rapids, MI 49503, Phone#616-391-4327

Columbia University Dept of Surgery

This hospital is situated in Columbia. Providing comprehensive treatments to patients with severe disability and death here opportunity to lead more fully functioning lives. Heart transplants have been performed approximately 19,000 with successful surgeries.

Cardiac transplantation is the surgical placement of a healthy heart from human donor into the body of a person whose own heart is badly diseased. This procedure is known as orthopedic cardiac graft. Here transplantation of liver, lungs, pancreases, intestines, bone marrow and kidneys are also being performed.

Heart transplant is performed with congestive heart failure or heart injury can be treated through surgeries. This might include the effects of rheumatic fever or hypertension’s (high blood pressure), abnormalities, congenital heart defects, those structural abnormalities present at birth or rare conditions like heart tumors.

How can we contact them?
177 Fort Washington Ave, New York, NY 10032, USA, Phone#+1 800-227-2762

Finding compatible hospital for best treatment of heart surgeries and heart transplants above hospitals is excellent choice. Heart transplant is risky treatment nada lo life threatening to  have explained above options that have gained high ranking in doing successful  heart transplantation and surgeries are preferable. They have promised recovery after treatment and lead normal life without any abnormality. Expert advice considers must before undergoing heart transplantation. So these hospitals also have medical experts to guide you about treatments in which you can easily going through without fears.

Thank you,

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Mental Retardation and its Treatment

Mental Retardation is a condition diagnosed before the age of 18 that includes below average general intellectual function and a lack of the skills necessary for daily living. It is characterized by significantly impaired cognitive functioning and deficits in two or more adaptive behaviors”.

It can be defined as,

“Sub-average of Intellectual functioning that results from injury, disease or any Abnormality before the Age of 18 years”

It has historically being defined as “intellectual quotient” scores under 70. Mental Retardation is a sub type of “intellectual disability” although that term is now preferred by most advocates in most English countries.


The prevalence rate of mental retardation is 2% to 3% of population.


In mental retardation, the IQ (Intellectual Quotient) can be classified as the following.

1 Borderline 70 – 80
2 Mild Mental Retardation 55 – 70
3 Moderate Mental Retardation 40 – 55
4 Severe Mental Retardation 40 – 25
5 Profound Mental Retardation below 25


There are four categories / levels of mental retardation to DSM – IV – TR as defined the following.

  1. Mild Mental Retardation
  2. Moderate Mental Retardation
  3. Severe Mental Retardation
  4. Profound Mental Retardation


There are 75 to 85% cases of mild mental retardation. They are slow in all areas. They may have no unusual physical signs. They are educate-able. They have useful reading and math skills up to grade 3 to 6 level. They can acquire practical skills. They can conform socially. Their mental age is usually 8 years to 12 years.


There are 10% to 25% cases of moderate mental retardation. They have notice-able delays, especially in speech. They may have some unusual physical signs. The self help can be developed through training. The reserved supervision is required for these persons. They can learn simple communication, health and safety habits. They also learn and modify their behavior through reward and punishment techniques. They have poor social awareness.


There are 4% to 10% cases of severe mental retardation. They are marked obvious delays. They may walk late. They have little or no communication skills. They have some understanding of speech and show some response. They need direction and supervision and no vocational training. They may be trained in simple self-care. They follow routine frame work.


They are 1% to 2% cases of profound mental retardation. They are marked delays in all areas. They are needed close supervision. The congenital abnormalities often present in these children. These children have some motor development. They may response to regular physical activity and social stimulation.


The management / treatment of mental retardation is done to eliminate or reduce the conditions that lead to development of the disorders associated with mental retardation. Some useful management plans of mental retardation are as defined the following.

  1. Primary Prevention
  2. Secondary & Tertiary Prevention
  3. Special Education for Child
  4. Different Therapies
  5. Family Counseling
  6. Community Services
  7. Individualized Education Plan (IEP)
  8. Individualized Therapy Plan (ITP)
  9. Play Therapy


The primary prevention concerns actions taken to eliminate or reduce the conditions that lead to development of the disorders associated with mental retardation. Such manners include education to increase the general public’s knowledge and awareness of mental retardation, continuing efforts of health professional to ensure and upgrade public health policies, legislation to provide optimal maternal and child health care and eradication of the know disorders associated with central nervous system damage.


The disorder associated with mental retardation should be treated to shorten the cause of the illness (secondary prevention) and to minimize the consequent disabilities (tertiary prevention). Mentally retarded children frequently have emotional and behavioural difficulties requiring psychiatric treatment.


Special Educational settings for children who are mentally retarded should include a comprehensive program that addresses adaptive skills training, social skill training and vocational training.


There are different therapies that may be considered very effective for the management / treatment of mental retardation as defined the following.

  1. Group therapy
  2. Cognitive therapy
  3. Behavioural therapy
  4. Relaxation Exercise
  5. Play Therapy
  6. Psychodynamic Therapies
  7. Occupational Therapies

Group Therapy

The group therapy has often been a successful format, in which mentally retarded children can learn and practice hypothetical real life situations and receive supportive feedback.

Cognitive Therapy

The cognitive therapy is applied to the children who are mentally retarded. In this situation, the cognitive therapy dispels false beliefs of these mentally retarded children.

Behavioral Therapy

The behaviour therapy has been used for many years to shape and enhance social behaviours and to control and minimize aggressive and destructive behaviours. Positive reinforcement for desired behaviours and benign punishment for objectionable behaviours have been helpful.

Relaxation Exercise

The relaxation exercise with self instructions is recommended for mentally retarded persons who can follow the instructions.

Play Therapy

Special Olympics International is the largest recreational sports program geared for this population. The sports are assigned to these children to develop their physical fitness. Different types of toys, music and colors are selected in play therapy for these children.

Psycho-dynamic Therapies

The psychodynamic therapy has been used with patients and their families to decrease conflicts about expectations that result in persistent anxiety, rage and depression.

Occupational Therapies

The children with mental retardation are also assigned different types of occupational therapies to enhance their abilities of professions.


The family counseling is often addressed to the family of mentally retarded patient about ways to enhance competence and self esteem while maintaining realistic expectations for the patient.


One of the most prevalent problems among persons who are mentally retarded is sense of social education and social skills deficits. Thus, improving the quantity and quality of social competence is a critical part of their care. Special Olympic also enhances social interactions, friendships and general self esteem.


The individualized education plan (IEP) is designed to educate the children with mental retardation.


The individualized therapy plans (ITPs) are also designed for the management of the mentally retarded children.

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Drug addiction is long term substance abuse disorder. To fight against drug addiction we need to choose best and well facilitated rehabilitation center with highly skilled supervision of doctors, psychologist & counselors. If anyone is struggling with drug addiction in Miami, Florida and trying to embark their lives as sober then please read my complete article here you will find out the list of top ten luxury rehabilitation centers in Miami, Florida. That are equipped with advance therapies, facilities, peaceful environment are as follows. Seeking for best treatment rehabs in Miami, Florida take a look below:


It is located in the heart of Florida they are providing treatments including all area in psychological field related to drug addiction, anxiety, depression too. They do all types of treatments that fully structured and helpful. They reach on the client’s expectation level. Providing with best luxury environment with 24/7 counseling. Deliver comfortable and peaceful environment for detoxification.

ARETE DETOXSpecialized in individualized treatment with follow ups with promising successful results depend on person’s personal need and circumstances. They have best facility of dietitian and nutritionist. They specialized in treatment of residential program providing with best food and meals and advance level therapies. It is based on long term treatment. It ranges from few days to months according to patient needs. Providing best medical detoxification with trained doctors. They perform dual diagnose treatment and exceptional LGBT friend.

Contact: 1301 Poinciana Dr, Pembroke Pines, FL 33025, USA
PHONE#+1 844 318 7500


TRANSITION RECOVERY PROGRAMTransition recovery program is one of the best recoveries of alcohol dependence and other drugs addiction with expensive treatments in comfortable environments performing different behavioral treatments with medical detoxification and rehabs programs. It is well known nationally centers with advance therapies for drug addictions. Performing treatments like intensive outpatient services martial day program, residential treatment.

The treatment is based on high skillful staff with promising treatment. Managing awareness programs. Delivering treatment in theses categories: sexuality, marital conflicts, clinical disorders, depression, mood disorders, relationship issues, self esteem and PTSD.

Contact: Transition Recovery Program 1928 NE 154th street North Miami Beach, Florida 33162
Phone# (855) 795-8885


Treatment focus o the simplicity and mindfulness with best personalized individualized treatment to overcome obstacles to its fullest potential. Availability of 12 clients at a time. They are dealing with issues like anxiety bipolar, dual diagnosis, medication management, coping skills, depression, substance abuse, chronic relapse and trauma and PTSD.

ADAPTIVE CENTER ADDICTION TREATMENT Treatment programs included addiction, Alcohol Rehabs, Drug Rehab, Substance abuse and dual diagnosis. Introducing best exercise, therapies, mindfulness and meditation. It is adaptive center in which deal with life major problem like legal issues, profession, family relations. Empower you to develop skills in real life. Treatments introducing is CBT, GESTALT, HUMANISTIC, MINDFULNESS BASED .modalities included individuals, family and group.

CONTACT: 2828 Coral Way # 103, Miami, FL 33145, USA
Phone# +1 3015 400 9908


This is on the best treatment in drug addiction. It is located I South, Florida with advance treatment facilities like therapies, detoxification, mindfulness and exercises. Detoxification is a clean process in which a person gets rid from withdrawal symptoms and enables to fight against the drug abuse.


CONTACT: Harbor Village Drug and Alcohol Detox 9198 NW 8th AVE Miami, Florida 33150
Phone# (786) 472-1689


INTERNATIONAL RECOVERY CENTERINTERNATIONAL RECOVERY CENTER is basically focused on every individual’s life with integrative approaches and different techniques of addition to uncover the potential and worthy celebration. Long standing behavior patterns or negative perception into positive thinking. They are struggling to devote their services toward healthy life style. International recovery center focus on the individual treatment with need.

If someone in suffering from drug addiction in Florida then international recovery center is the best choice. They perform Dual diagnosis/co-occurring disorder treatment, after care support. They focus on the 12 steps recovery program, group therapy,psychotherapy,attend on and off site 12 step meetings, relapse prevention, substance abuse, counseling and educational sessions. Parenting classes also available.

CONTACT: 1825 NW 112 Ave SUIT 151, IAMI, FL 33172
Phone# (888) 919-6951


AA ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS CENTRAL SERVICEThis center is specialized in treatment of drug addiction with best facilities of therapies, detoxification and medicines. They performed group session in which all the patients are free to share their ideas and construct the positive thinking. They deal with all the clinical disorders like depression, anxiety and phobias etc.Specialized with advance psychotherapies that is so effective in the rehab treatment. Detoxification is performed by the expert medical doctor.

CONTACT: 1110 Brick ell Avenue Miami FL 3313
Phone# (305) 371-7784


RECOVERY FIRST IN HOLLYWOODRecovery first is reality based promoting personal responsibility that focus o the client o three areas: post acute withdrawal syndrome, denial management and relapse prevention. They deliver their services in inpatient care, interventions and relapse prevention treatment. Treatments are included residential treatment detoxification, after care treatment, intensive outpatient. They are specialized in counseling, psychotherapies and relaxing exercise.

CONTACT: Recovery First in Hollywood, FL
Phone# (866) 967-9745

Miami counseling services

Miami counseling services in one of the best treatment center in Florida. It is specialized in treatment of drug addiction and clinical depression as well. They deliver best counseling services with expert skillful therapist. Providing the best medical detoxification under the supervision of doctors. They are promising way to normal life in achieving daily normal social life targets and also healthy relationship problems.

They are delivering efficient services regarding the drug addiction and other clinical syndromes. Top seek best mental health services this center is best choice

CONTACT: 13780 SW 56th Street Suite 200 Miami, FL 33175

Arias System Abuse Control Center

It is located in Miami, Florida. Best in psychotherapies, counseling for adults both men and women. They are delivering their services in drug abuse disorders, clinical disorders and also personality disorders. This center is best equipped with advance services like gym center, good food and meal. Residential treatments, relapses prevention, individualized session, group therapy and detoxification also available.

To seek better mental health services and struggling to survive a drug free and sober life style this center is best. Both men and women have individualized session in which they are fee to talk about their personal matters, marital relationship problems and also professional issues can sort out here.

CONTACT: 1111 Southwest 8th Street Suit 207 Miami, FL 33130

To seek structured, comprehensive treatment we prefer the above centers. Drug addiction treatment is also very expensive but worth it finding and choosing those centers would be better choice for sober life style.

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Best Liver Cancer Hospitals in the World

When we hear about liver cancer it feels like “oh” shocked and overwhelming for cancerous patients. Liver cancer is life threatening disease. It can be treated through liver transplant, surgeries and also radiology equipment. Beside of it, the treatment of liver cancer is very expensive. Patients must take expert advice before reaching on final decision and selecting a best hospital is also very important.

Liver cancer treatment may include surgery to remove portion of the defective liver another one is liver transplant that is done after several meetings of doctors to finally reach on one decision. So there are lots of ways to treat liver disease. The best centers in the worlds that are efficiently delivering their services with best technology, doctors and facilities are as follows.


JOHNHOPKINS LIVER CANCER CENTERAt Johnhopkins Medicine Liver Tumor center offering patient’s multidisciplinary team of doctors in treating liver patients, gall bladder, bile duct and tumors. In one day comprehensive evaluation patients are offered best promising treatment with effective therapies also collaboration of fast relief team like social workers, counselors and dietitians.

This hospital is specialized in different areas like Oncology, Surgery, Pathology, Hepatology, Intervention Radiology, Gastroenterology/medicines, Radiation Oncology and Radiations. Treatments for liver cancer, colon/rectal cancer, neuro endocrine, gall bladder and bile duct cancer. Effective communication with patients this is integral part of the treatment. They encourage patients to take active part in recovery.

How can we contact them?
733 North Broadway Suit G-49 Baltimore, MD 212505-2196 USA Phone# 410-955-3182

St Stamford international medical

St Stamford international medical CenterSt Stamford international medical is one of the best choice in treating liver cancer patients with their best advance technology and traditional treatment. They have come forth in success rate of the treatment liver diseses. With traditional therapies gained much attention around the world for treatment. They have combined therapy that us multidisciplinary. They introduce new concept of Malignant Tumors.

Technology is minimally invasive targeted treatment combined with traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine. Accurately targeting to cancer cells without damaging other organ functions with less pain and minimal invasive surgery. The most focused therapies are Interventional therapy, Cryoherapy, practical knifed, biological immunotherapy, targeted gene therapy, combination of TCM & western medicine, photodynamic therapy, green chemotherapy, thermal therapy, PET/CT scan, Nanoknife, 3D-printing-templates-assissted-seeed-implantation.

How can we contact them?
42 Lianquan Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, P.H. China Phone# +86 020 22221111 EXT 3333.


KING ABDULLAH CENTER FOR ONCOLOGY AND LIVER DISAESESIt is one of the excellent centers for treatment of liver diseases in Saudi Arabia. It is well equipped center with 83,750 M2 consisting of 23 floors. Center is best in radiation therapy, radiation oncology, surgery, endoscopy, Infusion center care, ICU radiology imaging. It is connecting bridge between the new KACOLD tower and the existing North Tower.

Bangkok GI & Liver cancer Hospital

Bangkok liver and GI hospital is one of the best hospitals with advanced facilities. facilitated wit gastrointestinal and liver diseases, diagnosis and treatments of gastrointestinal and liver, endoscopy center, laparoscopic surgery, provide recommendation on proper care of gastrointestinal tract and liver vaccination to prevent GI diseases as Hepatitis A, B, & Cardiology without injections, ultrasonography like ultrasound upper abdomen.

Best treatment included GI endoscopy, Gastro endoscopy, Sigmoidoscopy, polypectomy, EVL, EVS (Endoscopic variceal treatment), PEG (percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy), Diagnostic RECP (endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography). Therapeutic ERCP, TOCE, FNA and liver biopsy.

How to contact them?
Bangkok GI & liver hospital Phone +662 310 3000

MD Anderson Cancer center

MD Anderson Cancer centerMD Anderson liver cancer hospital is specialized in personalized to deliver the most advanced therapies with the least impact on your body. They have well known surgeon with high level of skills. Many people with liver damage undergone through delicate surgery in which surgeons remove defective part of tumor to treat the cancer.

MD Anderso is one of the largest research center in the with the advance treatments surgeons have exceptional levels of experience and expertise. The treatments that are used are proton therapy chemotherapy, chemoemoliztion, hepatic artery infusion, targeted therapies, radiation therapy, liver transplant, partial hepatectomy, tumor ablation

How we can contact them?
MD Anderson Cancer Center 1515 Holcombe Blvd Phone#+1 713 792 2121

Tampa General Hospital

Tampa General HospitalTampa general hospital: One of the best treatment centers in Florida with quality treatment. Main focus is Transplant centers perform adult heart, lung, and liver. Kidney with available donors kidney transplants are also performed this is one hospital in West Central Florida with high successful rate among United States. After transplant psychological services is part of treatment for assessment Tobacco, Alcohol and substance use, compliance history, emotional and cognitive functioning and social support.

How we can contact them?
1 Tempa General Cir, Tampa, FL 33606, USA Phone +1 800 505 7769

Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic Mayo clinic in Rochester is ranked in 15 adult and 9 pediatric specialization is well facilitated with 1263 bed general medical and surgical facility 54713 have reported new admissions. It is well suitable for emergency rooms. It is accredited by the Comission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities(Carf). Best treatments included Cancer, diabetes and endocrinology, ear, nose & throat, Geratrics,Gynecology, nephrology, Psychiatry and heart failure etc.

How can we contact them?
1216 Second Street SW Rochester, MN 55902-1906 Phone# (507)255-5123

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer CenterHigh ranking hospital in US with 16 medical specialties it is ranked in top 50 national hospitals. Well specialized in cancer treatment, Ear nose and throat, gynecology, psychiatry, urology, gastroenterology surgeon, geriatrics, kidney failure, liver cancer and heart failure. It is best in 4 adult specialties 1 for children.

How can we contact them?
New York, NY 10065-6007

North western memorial hospital

North western memorial hospitalTop high ranked hospital in liver cancer treatment. Treatment focus is surgery, radiation, biopsy, transplant etc.Hospital has 16 adults specialties 9 adult procedure and conditions and 10 pediatric specialties. It is well facilities building with highly skillful team of doctors with advance technology this hospital gain high attention around the world patients are preferred this hospital in terms of liver transplant, cancer and surgeries.

How can we contact them?
Chicago IL 60611 2908

Massachusetts General Hospital

Massachusetts General HospitalThis hospital is excellent in treatment liver cancer. Liver cancer treatment program The Tucker Gosnell Center for Gastrointestinal Cancer is one of the largest and most expensive experienced centers in New England for the treatment of liver cancer.

Massachusetts is authoritative in diagnosing and management with expert consultation and state of the art care for liver disease patients. Treatment program is focus on Surgery in conventional and laparoscopic removal of liver tumors, with use of experimental therapies. Treatments are included Imaging, Interventions, and transplant program.

How can we contact them?
55 Fruit ST, Boston, MA 02114, US Phone# +1 617 726 2000

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Top 10 Liver Transplant Centers in India

India ranked first in the recent years for treatment of liver transplant. Most preferably centers can be seen in India with best qualitative treatment related with liver transplant as well other organs like kidneys, heart and bone marrow. Patients around the world make their best choice to consult India’s best hospital.

Hospitals with highest success rate including Global hospital, Fortis Hospital and Gurgaon hospital. Best doctors and hospitals performing high successful treatments those are as follows:


Apollo hospital is one of the best liver transplant institutes in India due to its 90% success rate their program is highly qualitative and hopes for the patient from all around the world. It is well equipped with surgical wards and highly skilled doctors facilitated with best comprehensive program with promised exemplary services. They provide 360 degree care in liver diseases and transplant 320 slice CT scanner, well equipped liver intensive care unit and Operation Theater that is aiming to provide smooth and safe process. It provides safe and bloodless surgeries like Cavitron Ultrasonic surgical aspirator, organ laser coagulation.

Apollo hospital is accompanied by trademark tender loving care, physiotherapists, dietitians and social workers are remaining in touch with patient’s fast recovery. It is well defined as well structured medical technology.

How can we contact them?
Hyderabad, Telangana, India Phone# +91 80080 00245


DR Naimish Mehta has performed over thousand and more surgeries and liver transplant. He considered as the best transplant surgeon in India in hepatic transplantation and replacement diseases .common technique used by him is orthopedic transplantation.

Liver transplantation is needed only as a cure in advance cirrhosis stages. It can any be done by close relative by donation of person should match the blood group. After this success rate would be this transplant done close observation and follow ups are necessary.

Successful in this treatment takes the person in normal healthy life. As I mentioned above that, Dr Naimish has performed most of liver transplantation, gastroenterology and HPB in UNIT I. He has worked with hepato-pancreatico-Biliary (HPB) surgery performing complex operations on the liver, bile ducts and pancreas.

How can we contact them?
Liver Transplant Surgery Center Delhi, India, Sir Gangaram Hospital Marg, Old Rajindar Nagar, Rajindar Nagar, New Delhi 110060, India Phone# +91 9811350626


Dr Gotham Kumar is one of the best doctors in the field of liver transplant in Manipal Hospital. He is specialized in Multi Organ Transplant Surgery, Islet Cell Transplantation, HPB surgery, and GI oncosurgery.

They perform common modes of transmission for the virus includes contaminated blood or blood products with invasive procedures using contaminated equipment ( Horizontal Transmission), Vertical transmission, endoscopy equipment contaminated instruments. But in India the instruments used are very clean and transmitted through vertical and sharp routes.

How can we contact them?
98, HAL Airport Road, Begaluru, Karnataka 560017 phone#1800-3001-4000

4: Fortis Hospital

Fortis hospital is one of the best treatments performed by them experienced doctors and facilitators. It is equipped with well structured operation theater and skilled staff. Promising treatment and friendly team of experts with excellent record and outcomes. The multidisciplinary team of surgeons, transplant herpetologist, gastroenterologists, anesthesia and ICU. Best programmed intervention radiologists and well trained technical and surfing staff too. They also specialized in donors at Fortis hospital. They perform treatments in liver failures, liver cirrhosis, alcoholic liver diseases, non alcoholic fatty liver diseases, early stage liver cancer, hemochromatosis, primary biliary cirrhosis, primary sclerosis cholangitis, Wilson’s disease, biliary duct atresia and cystic fibrosis.

How can we contact them?
New Delhi, Delhi, India Phone# +91 11 4530 2222


Dr AS Soin is recognized the worldwide best established liver transplant in India. It is founded in 1998, when he first done his liver transplant program at Medanta. He did country’s one of the best successful transplant and now he has done 3000 liver transplants. Currently the success rate is 95% in India with the collaboration of his team.

Most of the patient from different countries came here for surgeries and liver transplant. They are specialized in medical advancement for liver diseases (hepatic or liver cancer), also who are dying for cirrhosis or acute liver and those who have given fresh lease of life by a liver transplant. They are facilitated with best donors with good friendly environment, counseling and medical advice.

How can we help them?
Medanta-The Medicity, Gurgaon 122001, India

6: Global hospital India Liver Transplant

Global hospital is one of the best in treating liver diseases through liver transplantation and other surgeries. A number of transplantation are conducting here like: pediatric liver transplant, adult liver transplant, cadaver liver transplant, transplant in acute liver failure, combined Liver-kidney transplant, Auxiliary Liver transplant, it is comprehensive treatment with skillful staff and surgeons. They provide healthy friendly environments and also best care with social worker, nutritionist and healthy dietitian team under the supervision of best heptologist, transplant.

Global hospital is LONG LIFE a RESEARCH PVT. LTD provides the positive work ambiance and encourages professional in well structured environment. Devoted for liver and pancreatic care well known for being one of the best multidisciplinary disease management center.

How can we contact them?
Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India Phone# +91 97378 04000


The clinic is initiative of DR verma. The ultimate success rate of the liver transplant is depends on the cost and decision. That’s why livers hospital for transplantation must be select wisely foe consultation with DR Verma it is very easy to helps in final decision at this clinic all liver disease can be cure with right decision and action.

How can we contact them?


Miot international is giving their services multidisciplinary area. With the high success rate this hospital is the best choice in treatment of many different diseases. It is well facilitated with 1000 beds offering best treatment in 63 specialties; it is well structured with skillful team of doctors and nurses use state of art infrastructure and performing with best technology.

Under specialized healthcare MIOT attracts patients from 129 countries that are moving toward wellness.

Due to the best qualitative donors and right facilities makes the success rate on the peak. They have equipped with surgical and intensive care team, radiology facilities and advanced laboratory services plus ICU facilities. Well facilitated blood bank trained nursing staff, counselors and dietitians.

How can we contact them?
Poonamalle Road, Manapakkan, Chennai-600 089 Tamil Nadu India Phone# +91 4422492288

9: Artemis Hospital

Artemis health institute (AHI), at Gurgaon is well facilitated with 200 beds with well skillful team of surgeons doing their efforts in best liver disease treatment. Most of the patients have gone through the surgeries in Artemis hospital are surviving healthy living.

Artemis hospital is a healthcare that is launched by promoters of the Apollo Tyres Group, the best treatment included cardiovascular, oncology, orthopedics and joint replacements, neuroscience and Bariatric etc.

Sector 51, Gurugram, Haryana 122001, India Phone#+91 124 676 7999


It is specialized in liver and pancreatic biliary sciences treatments with patients suffering from disorders of digestive system and liver. They have best committed doctors and surgeons recognized with both nationally and internationally for its expertise and established in tertiary referral center in North India.

Treatments are offered as Colonoscopy, sigmodoscopy, capsule endoscopy, double balloon endoscopy, capsule endoscopy, endoscopic vericeal ligation, endoscopic sclerotherapy,foreign body removal, polypectomi, piles bending, Advanced biliary and pancreatic endoscopy services, Advanced Endoscopic Ultrasound services, Manometry and PH metry services, Fibro scan of liver, liver biopsy, stem cell therapy and treatment for liver cancer.

How can we contact them?
Rajinder Nagr, New Delhi 110060 India phone# +91 11-257500000

LIVER TRANSPLANT treatment in India is costly. The range between 12 -15 lac. Before taking this treatment first of all we must understand about treatment and disease. Final decision will be taken after expert advice.

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Author Bio:
Irsha Ikram,
Writer, Psychologist – Msc Psychology
Lahore, Pakistan

Top Cocaine Addiction Treatment Centers in New York USA

Below are top treatment facilities in New York city. These are best as researched by our experts.

Cocaine Anonymous

Cocain AnonymousNice New York cocaine addiction Center to purify patients from Cocaine-addiction by sharing their experiences and thoughts .The main goal of this center is to develop hope and faith in person who is fighting against drug free treatment .To make a person determined in his/her thoughts and focus on her quitting addiction habit this center is especially one of most successful treatment center in New York. They charged no fee for membership and follow TWELVE STEP RECOVERY PROGRAM. Because it is proved that twelve step recovery program works.

Cocaine Anonymous New York, Inc
PO Box 99, New York, New York 10116
Telephone (887) 858-8012 (212) COCAINE

2. Med sup Withdrawl Loyola Recovery

Med sup Withdrawl Loyola RecoveryMed sup Withdrawal Loyola recovery  provide treatment facilities like relapse prevention, detoxification. Center also works with 12-step program. Helps treatment with medical detox, provide best holistic services, extended recovery care.

How to contact them?
76 Vetrans Avenue Hospital, 6th Floor bath New York 14810 United States
Telephone: (607)664-5800

3. Parallax Center

Parallax Center is establish in New York for dependency treatments. Center deals with social, psychological and mental health treatments. Lot depends on cognitive and neurological perspective which makes the patient able to fight against dependency symptoms, helps their therapeutic needs. This center is specialized in providing best treatments in counseling and behavioral deficits .

Parallax CenterTreatment works effectively with group session in which each individual have freedom to express their ideas, emotions to get rid from dependency. Such session talk is based on ways to get rid from bad health. Solution can be made from each individuals own words. Cognitively treatments are also provided to set up the person’s dysfunctional thoughts and able them to organize their negative thinking into positive goals.
It has dynamic strategies in which all treatments are settling.

How to contact them:
145 East 32nd Street 6th Floor New York NY 10016 united states
Telephones: (212) 779-9207

4. St Mary Mercy Livonia-Out Patient Rehab

St Mary Mercy Livonia-Out Patient Rehab basically is out-patient recovery center where patient is aware of drug-abuse disorders and make them able how to get rid of cocaine addiction. They make education lectures on each patient to resolve their conflicts that are being disrupting their behavior. They provide group session in which every person discusses about their thoughts and try to resolve their issues too.

St Mary Mercy Livonia-Out Patient RehabSt Mary Mercy Livonia-Out Patient Rehab helps patient in re-occurrence prevention strategies, coping skills, strong defense mechanism to help them get back to normal life routine. Staff is expert to work hygiene and social environment. Medications are available along with meetings psychiatrist and counselors.

How to contact them:
73 North Main Street GloverSville New York NY 12078 United States
Telephone: (518) 773-8830

5. Faith Mission Crises Center New York

Faith Mission Crises Center New YorkFaith Mission Crises Center New York it is specialized in mission of faith and belief. It is licensed center of New York to treat drug dependency patients. It has residential facility too. This is open to both men and women. Their goal is to treat patient and detox them from intoxications.

How to contact them:
114-40 VA Wyck expressway Queens NY 11420 United States
Telephones: (718)-322-3455 ext 109

6. Long Island Jewish Medical Center Far Rockaway Treatment Center

Long Island Jewish Medical Center Far Rockaway Treatment CenterLong Island Jewish Medical Center Far Rockaway Treatment Center is out-patient rehab center in New York. This center is specialized in HIV/AIDS TREATMENTS, DRUG ABUSE, and DEPENDENCY AND WITHDRAWAL TREATMENTS DRUG ABUSE DISORDERS. Both men and women are treating by them .Effective therapeutic strategies are available. Medications also provided to the patients.

How to Contact them:
20-02 Seagrit Boulevard Queens NY 11691, United States
Telephone: (718) 868-1400

7. Fairview Recovery Services INC-Addictions Crises Center

Fairview Recovery Services INC-Addictions Crises CenterFairview Recovery Services INC-Addictions Crises Center is specialized in dependency causes. It is well facilitated with admitting patients in their center to detox and purify them from crises. They provide structured behavioral therapies in well organized environment. They perform group therapies in sessions. Other relaxation exercises are also used in their center. For better treatments results they medically monitored withdrawal symptoms. Daily basis assessments are also being in daily procedure patient can stay for 14 days in centers to cure.

How to contact them:
247 Court Street Binghamton NY 13901 United State
Telephone: (607) 722-4080

8. Compass Health Group

Compass Health GroupCompass Health Group is well coordinated in treatment of both psychological and medical. It has the facility for outpatients’ detoxification and also psychiatric medication follow ups and visits are also structured in their plans. They emphasized on best treatments in the area of mental illness drugs abuse dependence crack cocaine etc.

Dr Glen Brottmen is psychiatrist in compass medical. Who is specialized in assessments of clinical depression, anxiety related disorders and also perform outpatient medical detoxification treatment. Their treatments are strictly confidential and private. They do their appointment in 24-48 hours.

How to Contact Them:
425 Medison Avenue (49th ST), Suite 1502, New York, NY 10017
Telephone: (212) 969-1899

9. Addicts Rehabilitation Center IS WELL ORGANIZED REHABILITATION CENTER IN New York

Addicts Rehabilitation Center IS WELL ORGANIZED REHABILITATION CENTER IN New YorkPerfect center for drug abuse, dependency and also mental disturbances. They are well structured treatment in treating cocaine dependency with counseling and therapies. They are promising treatment with non medication environment and give you the best nutritional diet for fulfillment the body need and metabolism .their focus is on health. They organize private meetings with confidentiality where you can talk about your problem fearlessly and find effective advice from counselors and psychologists.

Faithful organization with best supporting staff. In their treatments includes individual therapy, family counseling, educational services legal services, behavioral discussions and health educations. They cure 50 years of age persons. Their main focus of treatment is counseling resources in HIV/AIDS, other immune deficiencies that are at risk.

How to contact them:
1881 park Avenue New York, NY 10035
Telephone:212-427-1342 ext 201

10. Saint Jude Retreat

Saint Jude RetreatSaint Jude Retreat it is established in treating person with severe mental disorders, dependency and withdrawal symptoms. This is not focus on 12 step model but it has his own different Freedom Model .this model is quite different from others treatment approaches. It is highly focused on patient self esteem to build up self confidence and make them able to fight against their crises.

Center is focused on permanent recovery instead of follow ups. Relapses are strictly none occur after their freedom model. By this treatment you can leave addiction forever in your life. Its success rate is 62.5%.they make your hopelessness turn into hope. You sit in talk therapy and group sessions such as addictions and stress problems.

How can we Contact Them:
140 Broad Way New York, NY 10036, USA
TELEPHONE: +855-375-6615

11. Mountainside New York Treatment center

Mountainside New York Treatment centerAddiction recovery center is well organized center in the heart of New York to serve patients with drug addiction disorders. It is aimed to treat patents in comfortable environment in which the patient feels relaxation. Their treatments include relaxation exercises, exhausting, group sessions, individual therapies, better talk with counselors and cognitive therapies.

How can we contact them?
Mountainside-New York City
347 West 36th street, Suit 1601, New York, NY 10018
Telephone: 649-965-80880

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Author Bio:
Irsha Ikram,
Writer, Psychologist – Msc Psychology
Lahore, Pakistan

Brain Tumor Types and Treatment Facilities in USA

Brain tumor is a mass of abnormal growth of cell in the brain. It occurs when abnormal cells form within the brain. Brain tumor represents a group of neoplasm arising from brain tissues, each with their own unique biology, prognosis and treatment. Many different types of brain tumor exist. Some brain tumor are non cancerous (benign), and some brain tumors are cancerous (malignant) brain tumor can begin in your primary brain tumor, or cancer can begin in other parts of your body and spread to your brain Secondary and Metastatic brain tumor. How quickly a brain tumor growth can vary greatly.

Types of brain tumors

Brain TumorAll types of brain tumor may produce symptoms that vary dependent on the part of the brain involved. These symptoms may include headache, seizures, problem vision, vomiting and mental changes. The headache is classically worse in the morning and goes away with vomiting. More specific problems may include difficulty in walking, speaking and with sensation. As the disease progresses unconsciousness may occur. The brain is divide into lobes and each lobes or area has its own function tumor in any of these lobes may affect the areas performance. The location of tumors is often linked to the symptoms experienced but each person may experience something different.

Frontal lobe tumors may contribute to poor reasoning, inappropriate social behavior, personality changes, poor planning, lower inhibition and decrease production of speech (Broca’s area).

Temporal lobe tumor may contribute to poor memory loss of hearing, difficulty in language comprehension (Wernicke’s area).

Parietal lobe tumors here may result in poor interpretation of language, decreased sense of touch and pain, poor spatial and visual perception.

Occipital lobe tumor is damage to this lobe may result in poor or loss of vision. Cerebellum tumor in this area may cause poor balance muscle movement and posture.

Brain stem tumors on this can affect blood pressure, swelling and heart beat.

Brain Tumor TypesPrimary brain tumor originates in the brain itself or in tissues close to it, such as in the brain-covering membranes (meninges), cranial nerves, pituitary glands and pineal glands. Primary brain tumor begins when normal cells acquire errors (mutation) in their DNA. These mutations allow cells to grow and divide at increased rate and to continue living when healthy cells would die. The result is a mass of abnormal cells, which forms a tumor. Primary brain tumor is much less common than are secondary brain tumor in which cancer begins elsewhere and spreads to the brain. Many different types of primary brain tumors exist.

Gliomas: This tumor begins in brain or spinal cord and includes strocytomas, ependymoma, glioblastomas, oligoastrocytomas and oligodenrogliomas.

Meningiomas: A meningiomas is a tumor that arise from the membrane that surrounds your brain and spinal cord (meninges).Most maningiomas are non cancerous.

Acoustic neuromas (schwannomas): These are benign tumors that develop on the nervous that control balance and hearing leading from your inner ear to your brain.

Pituitary adenomas: These are mostly benign tumors that develop in the pituitary glands t the base of the base.

Medullablastomas: These are the most common cancerous brain tumor in children. a medulloblastomas starts in the lower back part of the brain and tends to spread to the spinal fluids. It is less common in adults.

PNETs primitive neuroectodermal tumors (PNETs) are rare cancerous tumors that start in embryonic cells in the brain. They can occur anywhere in the brain.

Germ cell tumors: Germ cell tumors may develop during childhood where the testicles or ovaries will form.bur sometime germ cells tumors moves to other parts of the body such as the brain.

Craniopharyngiomas: These rare non cancerous starts near the brain’s pituitary gland, which secrets hormones that control may many body functions.

Secondary metastatic brain tumors are tumors that results from cancer that starts elsewhere in your body and then spreads (metastasizes) to your brain. Secondary brain tumor most often occurs in people who have a history of cancer. But in rare cases metastatic brain tumor may be the firs sign of cancer that begin else where in your body. Secondary brain tumor are far more common than are primary brain tumor. Any cancer can spread to the brain, but the most common types include:

  • Breast cancer
  • Colon cancer
  • Kidney cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Melanoma

Brain Tumor Treatment Facilities in USA

Treatment for a brain tumor depends on size, type and location of the tumor, as well as your overall health and your preferences. When a brain tumor is diagnosed, a medical team will be formed to assess the treatment options presented by the region to the patients and his/her family. In America there are lots of treatments are used to treat the brain tumor. In brain tumor different types of doctors’ works together to create patient’s overall treatment plan that combines different types of treatment. This is called multidisciplinary team.

However, research in the past 20 years has helped to significantly lengthen the lives of people with brain tumors. More refined surgeries, a better understanding of the types of tumors that respond to chemotherapy, and more targeted delivery of radiation therapy have lengthened lives and improved the quality of life for many people diagnosed with brain tumor. Some of the symptoms of a brain tumor can be severe and have an enormous impact on a patient’s life. However they can often be managed with the use of certain medication.

Drug called corticosteroids are used to lower swelling in the brain which can lessen pain from the swelling without need for prescription pan medications. These drugs may also help improve neurological symptoms by decreasing the pressure from the tumor and swelling in the healthy brain tissue.

Antiseizure medication helps to control seizure. There are several types of drugs available and they are prescribed by your neurologist.

Surgery is the removal of the tumor and some surrounding healthy tissues during an operation. It is usually the first treatment used for a brain tumor and is often the only treatment needed for low-grade brain tumor. Removing the tumor can improve neurological symptoms, provide tissue for diagnosis, help make other brain tumor treatments more effective, and, in many instanced, improve the prognosis of the person with the brain tumor. Surgery to brain requires the removal of a part of the skull, a procedure called craniotomy. After the surgeon removes the tumor the patient’s own bone will be used to cover the opening in the skull. There is rapid advancement in surgery including the use of computer based techniques, Image Guided Surgery (IGS).

Radiation therapy is to use of high-energy x-rays or other particles to destroy tumor cells. It is used to slow the growth of tumor. It is done after surgery and along with chemotherapy. The most common radiation treatment is called external-beam radiation therapy in which radiation given outside the body. When a radiation treatment is given using implants it is called internal radiation therapy or brachytherapy.

External beam radiation therapies are directed as follows.

  • Conventional radiation therapy in certain situation, such as whole brain radiation therapy for brain metastases, this technique is appropriate.
  • 3-dimensional conformal radiation therapy(3d-crt) this model can be used to aim the radiation beams directly at the tumor, sparing the healthy tissue from high doses of radiation therapy
  • Intensity modulate radiation therapy IMRT is a type of 3D-CRT that can more directly target a tumor. In this radiation broken up in to small beams and the intensity of each of these smaller beams can be changed.
  • Proton therapy proton therapy is type of external-beam radiation therapy that uses protons rather than higher energy protons can destroy tumor cells.
  • Stereotactic radio surgery is the use of single high dose of radiation given directly to the tumor and not healthy tissue it can be used when a person has more than 1 metastatic brain tumor
  • Fractioned stereotactic radiation therapy is delivered with stereotactic precision but divided into small daily dose called fraction given over several weeks, in contrast to the 1-day radio surgery.

Chemotherapy is the use of drug to destroy tumor cells, usually by stopping the cancers cells’ ability to grow and divide. The goal of chemotherapy can be to destroy tumor cells remaining after surgery, slow tumors growth, or reduce symptoms. Chmemotherapy is given by medical oncologists’ doctor who specializes in treating tumors with medications. Systematic chemotherapy gets into bloodstream to reach tumor cells throughout the body. Common ways to give chemotherapy include pills that is swallowed (orally), or by intravenous (IV) injection placed into vein by needle it can also be given through catheter.

Targeted therapy is a treatment targets the tumor’s specific genes, proteins, or the tissue environment that contributes to a tumor’s growth and survival. This type of treatment blocks the growth and spread of tumor cells while limiting the damage to healthy cells.

Alternating electrical field therapy this type of treatment uses a noninvasive portable device that interferes with parts of a cell that are needed for the tumor cells to grow and spread it is given by placing electrodes that produces an electric field on the outside of a person’s head. The available device is called is used for Glioblastoma.

Tumor treating Fields a wearable device locally or regionally delivered treatment that produces electric field to disrupt the rapid cell division exhibited by cancer cells by creating alternating, “wave-like” electric fields.

Focused ultrasound therapy is early stage on invasive therapeutic technology with the potential to improve quality of life and decrease the cost of care for patients with brain tumor. It is also to reduce the toxicity and side effects, and/or promote anti-tumor responses.

Clinical trials many clinical trials focus on new treatments researcher want to know that if there treatments are effective or safe they do clinical; trials. In which some they do ways to relieve symptoms and side effects during treatment. In the beginning of clinical trial patient are given safety and informed consent.

Palliative treatments vary widely and often include medications, nutritional changes relaxation exercise emotional support and other therapies.

Tubular Retractor System help neurosurgeon perform minimally invasive surgery to address brain aneurysm, stroke, blood clots, and brain tumors.

GLIADEL wafer is a new treatment approach of Glioblastoma, which involves controlled release delivery of Carmustine from biodegradable polymer wafers.

GliaSite Radiation Therapy System These therapies for malignant brain tumors are developed by researchers in John Hopkins Comprehensive brain Tumor Center, and now this treatment are used in nationwide.

Nutrition Therapy Malnourishment may interfere with your ability to heal by interrupting or delaying treatment. In America registered dietitian are available to work with patients including your gastroenterologist and naturopathic clinician, throughout treatment.

Pain Management those with advance brain tumor are most likely to have severe pain most of pain associated with cancer comes from the tumor itself, y pushing on nerves bones or organs which lead to significant discomfort and pain. Medical experts manage these pains with several therapies.

Oncology Rehabilitation Treatment brain cancer may cause cognitive and physical impairment (e.g. motor sensory language etc).rehabilitation involves wide range of therapies. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, manual therapy, auriculotherapy

Advance Surgical Recovery Program (ASURE) it is important to resume their daily activities that are why Cancer care center designed this program to heal quickly. Typically provide physical therapy within 24 hours after surgery. It is designed to reduce fatigue and post surgery complications.

Spiritual Support for faith based individuals spiritual support is a fundamental aspect of their treatment at cancer treatment centers.

Adults survivor-ship program cancer care does not end when cancer end. The Adult Survivor-ship Program at Tufts Medical Center in Boston, MA offers ongoing care to individuals who have completed active treatment for cancer. Preventions, surveillance for cancer, intervention for treatment coordination among specialist are included in this program.

Integrative Therapies the most common brain tumor is Malignant, HIGH Grade Glioma (HGG), whose treatment begins with surgical resection of the tumor, followed by combined chemo, radiation regimen with the drug Temadol.

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Author Bio:

Irsha Ikram,
Writer, Psychologist
Msc Psychology
Lahore, Pakistan

Virtual Live Brain Cell Research Database in Seattle

First official open database for brain research is created in Seattle USA. Scientists took a live part of human brain flesh which was put aside during an operation in local hospital. The Allen Institute for Brain Science last week shed some light on these virtual human brain cells. These cell are not real but stimulating close to real. Their functions are also stimulating electrical signals that are generated in mind. Idea of creating open database is great for opening doors to new scientists and data sharing. Below is video which briefly describe virtual human cells.

This brain structure theory is started by The Allen Institute for Brain Science and further collaborated by neurosurgeons from Seattle USA including leading scientist Christof Koch. Human brain is very complicated and all latest research includes experiments on animals like dogs, pigs etc. Christof Koch said that if we want to treat human diseases then research should be on living human cells. So a discarded sample of live human brain is taken for experiment. This led to open new doors of research. Human brain has many mysterious diseases which are still not cured in medical science like Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia and depression. Last week I wrote an article on depression treatment using magic mushrooms which was great news for depresses patients.

Brain NeuronsNeurosurgeons started to take sample cells from patients of brain tumors, epilepsy etc. These samples are taken time to time for regular improvement in 3D brain structures. But neurosurgeons recommend that live human samples would also be required for refining virtual structures. Although it is tough to get live human samples but definitely required from outer layer of brain which includes memory, consciousness details of human. Such samples are necessary because mostly discarded pieces of brain are diseased, waste or not usable.

The Allen Cell Types Database is open for all scientists. Chief scientist Christof Koch said that database is ready with data collection from 300 live neurons of various patients. Much data is already available in database about mouse brain. Scientists have made around hundred plus 3-D structures of cells. But still research is going on in positive phase. Lot has to learn yet.

Allen Institute has received grants from NIH (National Institute of Health) of $100 million over five years. This research grant will help fund database, pay salaries and invest on buying new equipment so that fruitful results can be obtained from research.

Live Brain SamplesNoble prize winners of 1906 Camillo Golgi and Santiago Ramon y Cajal started the journey towards new direction in understanding brain cells. They were first to depict the actual layout of brain cells and their anatomy with neurons. Neurons is first step towards understanding what brain does. It is consisted on a nuclei, axons and dendrites. Nuclei is central part which is responsible for transmitting data to and from other brain cells. Axons are used to transmit signals whereas dendrites are reserved for incoming signals towards nuclei. Each neuron is connected with many others. Neuro scientists are satisfied that single human brain contains around 84 billion neurons. These further connect with each other and make more than 101 trillion neuron connections.

Human Brain by Allen InstituteAllen Institute scientists are breaking these enormous number of brain cells into simpler form. An expert from Allen says that considering 80 billion plus neurons is complicated and much tough to understand. So it is necessary to categorise this huge number into types of cells. If we conisder a single brain cortex that around 100 types of cells would be found. So it will become lot easier if we break these into smaller chunks. In the above picture you will see types of brain neurons in various colors for better understanding by Allen Institute.

Chandelier Cell by Allen InstituteAllen Institute is considering to ease working of brain cells. Allen scientists are putting their fine details in 3D computer format. This will provide finer level of understanding at better scale. If a scientists want to cure Alzheimer’s or autism then working at such fine level of computer structure would be lot easier. If we know types of neurons then differentiating is lot easier.

Team of this brain research includes Jonathan Ting, Hamilton, Christof Koch, Ed Lein and many more. Hamilton says that samples of live human cells lasts much longer than mouse brain cells. So it is quit easy to stimulate real functions of brain. Each brain cell has a history that scientists are trying to decode using various methods. Ed Lein is quit positive about getting such research on board and funded at state level.

Neun FemaleThis is picture of Neun taken from live samples of 60 years old female. She is facing epilepsy since 18 years. Her background is white ethnic. This Neun sample is very rare. It is helpful for understanding basic details of epilepsy disease. If Allen Institute becomes successful in grading human cells or neurons then classification of discarded cells would be lot easier.

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