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Man helping his ill wife giving medicines sitting on a sofa in a house interior. (Credit: AntonioGuillem)

A silent migraine

Not at all like normal headaches, do quiet headaches cause torment. In any case, they may create other crippling side effects, including annoyed stomach, unsteadiness, and affectability to light or sound. Headaches are a pervasive medical problem around the world. […]

Beautiful young mother, breastfeeding her toddler baby boy in gorgeous crimson clover field on sunset, springtime. (Credit: tatyana_tomsickova)

Clogged milk duct

The breasts contain a progression of pipes that convey drain from the mammary organs to the areolas when a lady is breastfeeding. A stopped up pipe can cause extraordinary torment, swelling, and irritation. A 2011 investigation of 117 breastfeeding ladies […]