Bariatric surgeries are becoming most popular weight loss methods

Bariatric surgery is the other name for weight loss as surgery. It is a hope for obese people who are into weight loss struggle by controlling diet, doing exercise or need a medical therapy. Obesity is a major and very critical health solution in nearly 40% individual in America. Individuals who want to get back into shape are ready to opt any method of weight loss. In fact one can easily say that obese people are desperate to get back to normal life.

How does the bariatric surgery work for a patient?

The basic principal of weight loss therapy is that it gives the person a sense of fullness, produces less hunger through hormonal change thus affecting the anatomy of digestive tract. It is used as a major tool in the weight loss journey of a person to help him get rid of obesity. Bariatric program not only includes surgical help but also changed the dietary habit of the person through counselling thus changing his complete lifestyle.

Collage of female body with the drawing arrows. Fat lose, liposuction and cellulite removal concept.
Collage of female body with the drawing arrows. Fat lose, liposuction and cellulite removal concept. (Credits: master1305/Getty Images under Standard License)

Who is a recommendable as a candidate for weight loss surgery?

People from different backgrounds, circumstances and physical appearances are candidates of weight loss therapy. To find your eligibility for this procedure, the best way is consulting your physician. To be mono specific anyone can undergo this procedure that has a BMI above 35 depending on ones medical history. A person having BMI of above than 40 can be considered as a candidate without even considering the medical history.

Important factors to be considered before surgery

There are several health factors that disqualify many people from undergoing a weight loss surgery. The final decision has to be made by the consultant. It is to be confirmed that insurance plan should includes bariatric coverage. One who is interested in weight loss surgery should do his homework and gather as much necessary information as he can. The information should include all the physical and emotional factors associated with bariatric surgery.

It is true that a medical team is completely monitoring and assisting you in your weight loss surgery but the major part of success lies with your own dedication. It is quite recommended that you should bring a family member to the information session as a support. Once the perspective patient is ready for weight loss treatment and lifestyle changes associated with them you are going to get long-time results. What are prolapsed uterus symptoms?

Most commonly used weight loss surgical methods

There are various surgical methods available for weight loss

Gastric Sleeve

The most common weight loss surgery is gastric sleeve surgery. It is effective a low risk bariatric surgery. It accounted for 58% of all the performed surgeries in 2016. The surgery is done via laparoscopic method. Five different incisions or a single incision is made on belly button cutting 70-80% of the stomach leaving it in shape of a sleep. It results in decreased production of hunger hormone “ghrelin” leaving patient less hungry and used to feel full all the time. It helps in up to 70 % reductions of weight of the patient thus improving the obesity related problems such as diabetes type 2, high blood pressure, etc. The cost of sleeve surgery is around $10,000. See list of best hospital for liver cancer.

There are certain risks associated with this surgery such as excessive bleeding, infection, blood clots, and anaesthesia related problems. Mal absorption effects of nutrients in body leaving body short of necessary nutrients. Surgery can cause gallstones, hernia and stomach perforation.

Gastric Banding

Gastric surgery was the most performed weight loss surgery at a time. But in the later years it was less performed. This surgery is done by placing a silicone band collar around the stomach restricting the quantity of food one can eat. The benefit of this type of surgery is that it is quite adjustable. It helps to loose many a few pounds even in the first year of surgery.

A few risks are associated with this surgery are That the foreign object may slip or deflate in the body. Others factors are nausea, vomiting, and heartburn resulting from overeating. Sudden weight gain after removal of gastric band is a major drawback.

Gastric bypass

The gastric bypass was once considered as a gold standard weight loss surgery. In this surgery the stomach of the patient is stapled so that food can bypass duodenum. In this surgery patient will loose 60-80 percent of unwanted body weight. Its average cost is $14,000.


Stomach intestinal pylorus –sparing surgery is a modified form of duodenal weight loss surgery. SIPS is creation of a sleeve below the pyloric valve that controls the passing of food content from the stomach into mid gut. While controlling the opening of pyloric valve prevents the sudden blood sugar changes. Its cost is around $10,000.

Endoscopic surgery

In this type of surgery, an endoscopic structuring device along with the attached camera is inserted into the stomach and creates sleeve by incision.

Gastric Balloon

In this method a single or multiple balloon is placed in your stomach by the procedure of swallowing or something minor as a small surgery. The balloon placed in the stomach makes you feel filled down there in stomach and you eat less. The only limitation of this procedure is that the balloon has to be removed after six months. The cost of this procedure ranges from $ 6000 to $9,000. With new research in technology woman gave birth with uterus transplant in United States.

Aspire Assist

It is a tube that runs from the stomach to outside of your body through a valve. It assists you in emptying 30 to 40 percent of food which you have eaten into the toilet. It costs for up to $12,000.

Comparison of surgical and non surgical weight loss methods

A retrospective study is conducted by Rages and her team that involved around 8,385 people. All these people have a kind of weight loss surgery between the last few years. 25,155 people have been undergone obesity management programs following the surgery in accordance with their physician’s advice.

Obesity management programs include sessions giving guidelines on diet control and changing eating behaviors. The median age is 46 in both the groups and biological sex. The researches have analysed the data obtained from these cases. After analyzing the data, the Rages and his team the mortality rate of patients who have undergone bariatric surgery is less than those who opted for non surgical methods of weight loss management. See how to loose your weight using cinnamon?

The researchers have claimed that their study is quite beneficial in the field of research conducted on outcome of weight loss surgery. As their is limited information on long term effects of weight loss surgery. Specifically the research was about gathering the data about mortality rate of patients of obesity. But it is clearly stated that the research is based on only observations. The results can be altered by various factors which are not in control of researchers. For example the age, sex, BMI and diabetes.

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