BMI is not Accurate to measure obesity even in Trump’s case

US has a prevailing problem of obesity. There are various parameters to determine body weight. One such scale used is BMI (body mass index). BMI determines that what should be ideal weight of a person according to his height. According to National Institutes of Health, the ratio of BMI is directly proportional to obesity related problems such as blood pressure, heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, gallstones, breathing problems, etc. Higher the BI higher will be the risk of getting diseases. This inclines doctors to use BMI scale with their patients.

Chicago, IL, August 18, 2017: The famous Trump tower rises over Riverwalk, downtown, as a woman heads down stairs to walk along the Chicago River.
Chicago, IL, August 18, 2017: The famous Trump tower rises over Riverwalk, downtown, as a woman heads down stairs to walk along the Chicago River. (Credits: Page Light Studios/Getty Images under Standard License)

What are the methods to determine BMI of a person?

The body mass index is a calculation obtained by dividing the mass of the body with square of height. The units used the world wide are kg/m2. While the mass is taken in kilograms and height is measured in meters. BMI quantifies the amount of tissue mass in a specific person. The results are then used to categorize the person as underweight or healthy or overweight and obese. There are various values used to set a bar regarding physical state of a person. Commonly used BMI values are.

  • Underweight if under 18.5 kg/m2.
  • Normal weight 18.5 to 25 kg/m2
  • Overweight 25 to 30 kg/m2.
  • Obese if above 30 kg/m2

People of different descent have different association between BMI percentage of body fat. Therefore, the health risks associated with them are also different. For example the people of Asia have more chances of health risks than those of Europe and America. However, the Europeans are at high risk of getting heart related diseases and type 2 diabetes. Also the cut off value regarding the specific risk also depends on type of population observed. See list of best liver cancer hospitals in world.

Various limitations of BMI system

There are few flaws in BMI. According to a study of International Journal of Obesity it does not take into account the important details such as age, sex, body fat, bone structure, etc. BMI misdiagnoses obesity specially in older people. According to researchers body fat of is known to increase with age but muscle mass keeps on decreases. But BMI depend on weight and height and does not measure body fat and muscle mass. This leads to wrong diagnosis specially in elderly people. As the muscle mass is low in old age so lower figures of BMI lead to underestimation of body fat. See vaginal mesh details.

On the other hand athletics, players or other sports persons are categorized as obese even as their muscle mass weighs a lot. There fore same BMI in two different people of different fields can be misleading even if the height is the same. Now a days President Trumps picture compared to athletics are circulating on the internet are also misleading.

President Trump on the edge of obesity

The White House physician Jackson declares the president trumps first health report as a president. The blood test and advanced imaging data results are within the normal and acceptable limits. But the Body Mass Index calculations are quite debatable. The BMI of Trump is 29.9 having a height of 6.3 and a weight of 239 pounds. The President Trump is on the edge of obesity. He is only 0.1 units shy of obesity. If he has one more pound of weight or one inch shorter in height he would have been declared obese. To be on the border line of obesity, there is an increase in risk for Trump to get diabetes, heart diseases and raised levels of cholesterol. A high level of cholesterol is being showed in the test report of President. But according to Dr. Jackson Trump’s other tests have shown that his heart is functioning well. Do you want to know which sex positions are scary for couples to try.

Being overweight, or in this case borderline obese, does increase Trump’s risk for diabetes, heart disease and high cholesterol. Tests have shown he has high cholesterol, and there’s evidence of heart disease, but Jackson said tests show his heart is functioning well. But according to some limitations regarding BMI scale these findings are still questionable. One supporting evidence is the height factor. The president has been mentioning his height to be 6.3” since 1980. But it is a fact that many of people loose at least one inch in height after 30 years to 70 years of life. It is to be find out that when was the trumps height measured last time? Technically BMI is a measure to get the objective. Simply you have to enter your numerical data and finding are ready. But it can be deceiving just like President Trump’s case.

According to BMI results trump is near obesity and this news has created a speculation among the countries. The nation is curious whether the White House physician is lying or glossing over Trumps health issue. It is a bit shocking that the only aspect of President Trump’s physical health in which the data determines results that place president in such a messy situation. It can lead to a person like the president at an embarrassing point. Let us assume for a minute that President is on the stage of obesity, even then he should not be ashamed of himself, even no one should be ashamed of it. He should use this point and inspire other people to stay choosy in diet and exercise and lead a healthy life. But on a lighter note of course it is difficult to stop yourself from those extra scoops of ice creams. See details of vaginal yeast infection and its treatment options.

Trumps physical report starts a girther movement

After the release of results of first physical check up of Trump as a president there is a chaos on the internet. These results are coined with online girther movement. People are believing that Jackson has not reported the true weight of President Trump. A demand to see trumps girth certificate is circulating around on social media.

BMI is not a perfect scale

But there is one thing to remember that BMI is not a perfect scale to measure obesity. So it will be unfair to compare the photos of trump to athletes at a hat on the issue of physical fitness. It is impossible to judge the correct physical health of a person while looking at pictures specially a 71 year old.

Why is BMI mostly used to measure obesity?

Despite its flaws BMI is an important obesity measuring scale. Its findings are not always wrong. According to Washington Post BMI is 80% correct about its findings of excess body fat in people? Secondly no other method is much useful in determining weight of people as an easy method. MRI scans or underwater weighing are not easy and cheap source to find physical fitness level. As in underwater weighing patients are submerged in water tank to calculate body density and body fat. Both these methods are costly. As underwater weighing needs a lot of labor and expertise. Most of the measurements are having flaws as there is no standard way to perform them. Therefore, BM still persists as a scale of obesity measurement. But it should be remembered that it is not the final statement about the fitness and health of a person. Not even of President Trump’s.

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