Brain Diseases

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Any illness impacting brain health topics mainly related to Alzheimer, brain malfunction, brain tumors, Degenerative Nerve Diseases and brain malformation.

Man helping his ill wife giving medicines sitting on a sofa in a house interior. (Credit: AntonioGuillem)

A silent migraine

Not at all like normal headaches, do quiet headaches cause torment. In any case, they may create other crippling side effects, including annoyed stomach, unsteadiness, and affectability to light or sound. Headaches are a pervasive medical problem around the world. […]

X-ray scan of the patients brain during surgery.

Skull Fracture

A skull crack is any break in the cranial bone, otherwise called the skull. There are numerous sorts of skull cracks, yet just a single significant reason: an effect or a hit to the head that is sufficiently solid to […]

Therapeutic hypothermia. Treatment for hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE). Detailed vector Infographic. Baby Health

Brain Hypoxia

Brain hypoxia is a condition in which there is a lessening of oxygen supply to the cerebrum even though there is sufficient bloodstream. Suffocating, choking, stifling, suffocation, heart failure, head injury, carbon monoxide harming, and complexities of general anaesthesia can […]

Young girl during session with her psychotherapist

How important is mental health?

Mental Health It’s an articulation we utilize each day, so it may astonish you that the term ‘psychological well-being’ is much of the time misjudged. ‘Psychological well-being’ is frequently utilized as a substitute for emotional wellness conditions –, for example, sadness, […]