CDC confirmed increased number of infected cases after salmonella outbreak in eggs

Salmonella is a strain of bacteria responsible for infection, causing  symptoms such as diarrhoea, fever and sometimes severe abdominal cramps. Usually the symptoms alleviate within a week without any medical assistance. In some cases the patient may experience some extreme symptoms enough to be in a need of medical aid.

An illness is continued to be confirmed due to an outbreak of a disease in the Salmonella eggs belonging to the Rose Acre Farms. The number of infected people is continuously increasing in the nine states. More than 207 million eggs are called back by the farm on voluntarily basis.

The first announcement about the outbreak has been made on April 16th. Since then a dozen more cases of Salmonella infection have been reported by the public health officials of the federal centres for disease control and prevention.

Another 35 people are reported to be confirmed with the strain of Salmonella Braenderup as of Thursday. Luckily no death has been reported yet. Symptoms are quite severe in more than a third of victims, and they have to be admitted to hospitals. Get best list of Drug and alcohol treatment centers in Florida.

Salmonella bacterium drawn on the chicken eggs concept
Salmonella bacterium drawn on the chicken eggs concept (Credits: iStock Getty Images under standard license)

Brands of the eggs affected by salmonella infection:

Many brands of eggs are recalled by the various farms such as Great Value brand sold by Walmart. Other brands that have been recalled include Coburn Farms, Food Loin, country Daybreak, Glenview, sunshine and Sunups.

The eggs from the Rose Acre farms also sent eggs to the restaurants in addition to supplying to the general grocery stores. The eggs affected by the strains were also exported to the United States along many several other countries. The exported eggs have also been recalled. It is good to repair war wound veteran receives penis transplant

The detail of all the recalled brands of eggs is available on the official outbreak  investigation page of The Food and Drug Administration.

People are advised to check carefully for the cartons of eggs of following numbers.

  • P-1065 (it is the plant number)
  • 011 and 102 (the Julian Date)
  • Public
  • Sunups egg cartons
  • P-1359D (plant number)
  • 048A and 049A

The centre for Disease Control advised the customers to watch carefully for the dates best before Apr 02 and Apr 03.

The officials have warned customers, restaurants and retail set-ups that they should not eat, serve and sell the eggs by Rose Acre Farms. If they have purchased the eggs they should immediately throw them out or return them, claiming a refund.

Public health officials are a bit afraid about an expected increase in number of patients to be confirmed. The reason behind this is the lag time between developing the infection and receiving the confirmation lab reports from the state or local bodies. Therefore, it is said that the people undergoing an infection after March 23 are not included in this list of federal count. See how Kate Hudson; opening about her third pregnancy being different from the previous two

Timeline of the Infection:

The spread of illness started in between Nov 16 2017 to April 14 of the present year. The age of people suffered with the infection are ranging from 1 to 90 years old, with an average age of 65 years. Infection spreads equally among males and females.

A complete information is available for 25 people. Out of these 25 people, numerous 22 reported of having shelled eggs prior to becoming sick. 16 out of 25 people have reported of eating various eggs dishes at different places  as reported by CDC. The restaurants were reported to sell the shelled eggs dishes to the people.

Anyone who is having recalled eggs in their homes or other eating places should be very careful and try not to eat them at all. Even if you do not develop disease after eating them, avoid using them now. Try to take interventions if you have had these eggs at your home including washing, sanitizing, and cleaning the place where eggs were kept.

A series of guiding steps is available at the website of centre of disease control department. Multiple violations have been found by the inspectors at the Rose Acre Farms facility. Learn about Organ donation from drug overdose could reduce the number of patients waiting a transplant

Quality control expert inspecting at chicken eggs in the laboratory
Quality control expert inspecting at chicken eggs in the laboratory (Credits: iStock Getty Images under standard license)

Precautions to prevent the spread of infection:

  • Try to cook the egg as long as the white and yolk both are hard. Avoid eating runny scrambled eggs. All the dishes containing eggs should be cooked at a temperature up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not measure temperature on an estimated basis. Make sure the use of thermometer to note exact temperature.
  • Cook your eggs until both the parts of egg become solid but do not reheat your eggs if using them later, explained by Warner on CBSN.
  • If you want to use eggs for the specific recipes that needs the egg to be remained undercooked or in a raw form like salad dressings or Caesar, then make sure the use of eggs that have been treated for salmonella bacteria. Another option may be the use of pasteurized eggs products.
  • Try not to leave the cooked eggs or the dishes having eggs in them as an ingredient, for not more than two hours. The bacteria can grow in them especially when the temperature is high.
  • The FDA urges the people to properly wash their hands with antibacterial gels or soaps when handling the eggs or egg containing dishes.
  • It is strictly urged by FDA to wash all the utensils, cutting boards, preparation surfaces that have come in contact with raw eggs during cooking to prevent the risk of salmonella bacterial spread. Learn how to avoid Fast Food if you want to conceive?