Coping Strategies for Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression is leading cause now a days. Lots of discussion has been done on this topic. Doctors, psychologists and other mental health professional are doing their research on coping skill to fight with depression & anxiety. But it is very difficult to search for effected person how we can deal with anxiety and depression.  So I am presenting my article for direct approach to find best coping strategies with no waste of time.

In our busy life we are facing different kinds of stress. Some are manageable but others are very disrupting and directly effects our mental. To get rid from these terrifying situation and lead our life normal in profession, relationship also academically please follow coping strategies are given below:

Young Woman Suffering From Anxiety and Depression Lying On Bed
Young Woman Suffering From Anxiety and Depression Lying On Bed (Credits Getty Image: AndreyPopov)

Coping strategies for anxiety

You are sitting at home and suddenly you feel anxious and panic attacks, the strategies are given below can help you to cope.

  • Relax yourself.
  • Take a slow breath, inhale and exhale for 5 times.
  • Drop your shoulders and do neck roll.
  • Take a pencil and paper and write your feelings on the paper.
  • Feel that everything is fine, there is nothing to panic.
  • Listen some music and play video games to divert your attention.
  • Make a phone call to your loved ones.
  • Go outside and inhale and exhale.
  • Try to control yourself by applying massage your hands which will activate Oxycontin.
  • Contract and relax your eyes 3 times.
  • Contract and relax your facial muscles for three times.
  • Take a day trip with your family and friends to get rid from this trouble.
  • Say prayer do religious rituals.
  • Take a break from actively working on solving a problem and allow your mind to keep processing the problem in the background.
  • Forgive yourself not foreseeing a problem that occurred.
  • Attach blocks and scattered again.
  • Take a break from your daily routine.
  • Do mindfulness meditation.
  • Play with baby or pet.
  • If you have any mistake that is bothering you make an action plan that never let it happens in future.

Monitor and make checklist of your anxiety and which is causing your anxiety point out that thing and start working on it. If someone’s behavior has triggered anxiety for you, try to accept that you may never know the complete reason and background behind person’s behavior. Assess yourself in finding the reason of causing anxiety.

Question your social comparison like if you are comparing yourself with other successful person thinks about what is going in your life. Find out positive things more when you are anxious. Discuss about your problem with your colleague of friends and seek advice how you can be relaxed. Gently distract yourself. Do yoga it can also relax you.

Do any two minutes task that will busy you and divert your attention too. It will help in clear your mental state. Do form of exercise you have not done in last few months. Keep your body warm up. Allow time to pass in doing some complex activity.

Coping strategies for depression

Depression is a state of mind in which a person feels continuously sadness, feeling of emptiness, and feeling of sadness and low mood all the time. It has many causes when we talk about it. If we will not control it then it can become chronic illness. That will cause badly effects on person’s relationship, occupation and also daily functioning in life. Depression drains your energy, hope, and drive, making it difficult to take steps that will help you to feel better. Overwhelming depression is very threatening .here I am explaining the coping strategies that will help you in dealing and fight with depression.

Surround yourself with positive mind people and also motivated who can drive your confidence up to fight against depression. Getting support plays essential role in overcoming mental illness in healthy perspective. Depression make you house bound. So won’t slender in depression try to go out in successful and motivated people group. Reach to counselors and psychologists. Join group discussion that will help you in releasing depression. When you are depressed the tendency is to withdraw and isolate so that connection with family member and friends is very important to pass through depression.

I am describing here quick activities that will help you in overcoming depression are as follows;

Exercise, walking, running, put on fake tattoos, write something on paper like story or any experience in your life, scribble, doodle on paper, be with other people, watch your favorite movies, shows or listen songs that can divert your mood into sweet memories,  go with friend for shopping, play with paintings and colors,  play games like word search or crossword, play music like piano or guitar, dress up and do domestic tasks that will keep you busy, sing song, punching a punch bag, catharsis yourself, take bath regularly, clean something, do activity like knotting or sewing, consult with psychologist or psychotherapist for fast recovery and go in therapeutic sessions with psychologist that will help you in building confidence and boost metabolism. Try some aromatherapy. Go in the silent place and meditate yourself.

Do any few from following steps listed below for initial recovery.

  • Feel the inner piece
  • Give time to yourself
  • Rip paper into itty-bitty pieces
  • Shoot hoops kick a ball
  • Write a letter or send an email
  • Draw on yourself with a marker
  • Take up a new hobby
  • Look at pretty things like flower or art
  • Create or build something
  • Make a list of blessing in your life
  • Jump on the trampoline
  • Watch on funny clips
  • Ride a bicycle
  • Memorize poems
  • Play instruments
  • Stretch
  • Shop on line
  • Find interesting things that will switch your mood on
  • Watch fishes in aquarium
  • Feed the ducks, birds, or squirrels
  • Color coordinate your wardrobe
  • Plan something that makes you feel happy
  • Give yourself head massage
  • Give yourself spa treatment
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Give yourself facial
  • Start collecting something
  • Open old memories like photographs or childhood movies
  • Plant some seeds
  • Play and blow with balloons
  • Write an e-mail and letter to your loved one’s or someone whom you are missing a lot
  • Rearrange furniture, change the cushions cover
  • Change the room paint, house settings

These are coping strategies that will help you in beating anxiety and depression. For fast recovery take an doctor or psychologist’s appointment.

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