Deadly flu strain H3N2 causing death rate to increase in many states

Death rare has been doubled in Iowa state in a week
The death rare has been doubled since the past week in Iowa due to outbreak of worst flu season. The Iowa state authorities have reported that it is the worst flu outbreak in the country in years and is continuing to spread.

The state officials of Iowa have confirmed 29 deaths due to the flu so far. The no of deaths reported last week was 14. The flu is majorly hitting the old people hard as 23 out of 29 dead are victims above the age of 80 years. It is stated by the Iowa Department of Public health that there is no death occurred among the children while the Doctors and hospital staff have treated children with serious complications. See list of best hospital for liver cancer.

closeup of a tablet computer with the text flu alert in its screen on the doctors office desk, next to a stethoscope
Closeup of a tablet computer with the text flu alert in its screen on the doctors office desk, next to a stethoscope (Credits: nito100/Getty Images under Standard License)

The whole country is being hit by a typically harsh viral strain. The strain of the flu is reported as H3N2 by experts. The strain is particularly effecting the elderly people and people with severe health problems. The people with chronic health problems are more susceptible to pneumonia and other deadly issues which are infected by the virus strain. The carver -Kimm , the spokesperson of Iowa Department of Health said that among the 29 reported deaths 19 people had underlying health complications.

The actual number of Iowa flu deaths can be more than the reported deaths because it takes a few weeks by Doctors to confirm that the cause of death was flu virus. The Public health officials are recommending the flu shots to be mandatory for every one above the age of six months. The vaccination shots given these years are proving to be less effective against virus strain as compared to the last few years. The vaccine is still recommended by health officials because even if its not preventing the flu, the vaccine is useful to lessen the symptoms and duration of flu illness. See list of best hair transplant centers in USA.

Indiana is also under H3N2 viral attack

The death rate has raised to a figure of 79, up from 50 a week before as stated by Health officials on Friday. According to state health report The total no of deaths from influenza are increased to 50 with 25 cases added only in first few weeks of January. The death rate was more in aged people as tally include that 58 people among dead were above the age of 65 years. A range of 50- 64 includes 14 deaths this season. The state has recorded a heart breaking the figure of 103 flu deaths in the year 2016-2017.

Not only Indiana and other states but 32 stares have reported the highest patient traffic due to the flu last week. A major reason is being reported that more people are getting effected because of not protecting themselves as much as they should against the virus spread in the US. See details of vaginal mesh.

The death toll is not giving any hope in many other states

The voluntarily reported death number in Tarrant County is 8 and all the patients had underlying health complications. 39 deaths have reported in Dallas County including first paediatric death of a patient of age 17. The young person had underlying health complications. Six deaths have also been reported by Collis County.

Even the hope of ending the flu season the spread of viral infection may not go away any time soon. Since last H3N2 flu season in 2014-2015 the flu virus has been stuck around. The flu has struck the entire country except the state of Hawaii. The flu season is considered to be the most deadly season since 2003- 2004. According to health officials flu season may hot hard and will stay around till the third week of the February. See cold and flu treatments.

Hospital staff is getting infected from the virus while treating the patients

The flu is creating a chaos among the U.S. one latest complication is that the hospital staff is getting infected while treating patients. The flu virus has started spreading from patients to staff in hospitals. As said by Dr.Qualls almost 10% of nurses and doctors have developed the flu like symptoms. As the infected health workers will no longer be on work after infection the healthy doctors and nurses have to cover up the work by working many hours as overtime.

Dr. Quallas said that influenza infected patient has to take an off of five to seven days from work in order to prevent infection by staying at home. The rest of the hospital staff has to take the responsibility and have to work a little harder.

Hospital administrations are implementing a ban on visitors

As There are various strains of flu virus has spread around the chances of infection are a bit higher. At many hospitals of the various states, the rooms are almost full due to the flu related complications. It is advised that if you are having minor complications you should visit your Doctor instead of going straight to hospital emergency.

Influenza or flu being a viral disease can be transmitted to a healthy person from an infected person so patients at the hospital are a big source of spreading the virus. As the flu activity is spreading in the country hospitals are placing a ban on visitors or patient attenders. The visitors are restricted to only the immediate family of the admitted patient and those having flu symptoms are also not allowed in other care units of hospitals. Under 18 visitors are also in this list.

The order has been implemented in all the hospitals since Jan 8. The purpose of the restriction is to avoid spread of the flu from hospital premises and to protect patients having other medical complications.

Symptoms and Complications of viral Infection

The major signs are

  • cough,
  • high fever
  • Body pain.
  • Runny nose
  • Sore throat
  • Cough

According to Patricia Quinlisk, the medical director of Iowa Department of Public Health the cold virus usually don’t cause the fever but the strain which is spreading this year is causing serious illness among patients. The health professionals are recommending health check-ups and seeking medical advice if the patient is suffering from breathing problems or having high fever. A rise in fever after the fall and continuous reoccurring of fever are signs of secondary infection from bacteria.

The flu is proving to be deadly for children and elderly people specially having complications such as diabetes, asthma or heart related diseases. Besides having vaccination people are advised to cover their mouth and, nostrils with a mask to prevent inhalation of the virus. People should cover their mouth while sneezing and wash hands properly. Once infected by the flu you should take complete rest and have plenty of fluid intakes. In case of flu symptoms take antiviral medicines such as Tamiflu.

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