Diet Plan for Diabetic Patients

I am writing this article for helping those people who are facing chronic diabetes. The right diet will help you to control blood sugar level, weight, and daily routine. I am writing several diet plans for you that may give you road map to follow. It is very important to eat a healthy diet when a person is facing from diabetes. Do not minus your taste if you have diagnosed with diabetes. You can successfully manage it with my written diet plans. From the below diet plans you can choose the food you like according to your taste.

Female nurse measuring blood glucose level of senior woman
Female nurse measuring blood glucose level of senior woman (Image Credits: AlexRaths)

Importance of perfect diet plan:

If you are facing from chronic illness like diabetes type 1 then it is very difficult for a person to deal with perfect diet plan. I mean to say that doctors prohibits the food that can cause high blood sugar but on the other hand you are losing your calories am describing here the strategies in which you will find out how you can eat perfect diet and also gain nutrition from your diet.

Type 1 diabetes

In type 1 diabetes body is unable to make enough insulin. So you will have to take regular basis insulin through injections or different ways. This is so important to track record of your sugar level daily. Diet and exercise plays important role in life. If you will use insulin in type 1 diabetes your body will go into diseases like kidney problems, heart problems and weight issues. Some dietitians stated that diabetes diet is a road toward proper nutrition to avoid all foods with sugar and eating certain foods with low sugar levels are as follows.

Start with Basic

Track record your daily food that you regular eat. Avoid fried foods, sweets, sugary drinks, salty and vegetable in your meal, whole grains, low protein diet, low fat dairy products, low sugar fruits and healthy fats. In this way you can recover your energy and maintain your metabolism with portion of exercise in your daily routine. Check your sugar level daily. Please eat few hours not focus on binge eating. Reduce your diet in portion of a day. For better result you may consult specialist dietitian.

Low Carbohydrate diet

Please don’t leave carbohydrate if you have type-1 diabetes and also type-2 diabetes. It will maintain blood pressure normal and maintain energy.

Vegetables and FRUITS

Nutritionists say that green vegetables help the person in lower blood pressure. You can moderately choose low sugary fruits in your diet.A study proved that veggies and fruits improves insulin sensitivity when it is include in over weight issues this diet is best.

Zone diet

Zone diet is recommended in type-1 diabetes to stable blood sugar level. It involves 40% crabs, 30 % proteins, and 30% fats. Carbohydrates are essential diet nutrients for type 1 diabetes patient it is based on glycemic index. You can also include chicken, barley and potatoes with egg yolks in your regular diet.A study stated that this diet will works in weight loss and control waist size. For better result you can ask your medical doctor.

Readymade diet

Readymade is like a diet that is especially made for diabetic patients .This diet include all variety of low card, low fat, low protein and very light salty and sugary diet with good taste. Some brands like Nutrisystem, Jenny Craigo do offer meals that are tailored for diabetes. Always depends on doctor’s advice before relying on any diet plan.


Nuts can also included for best diet plan it has no processed, refined, sugary and oil like substances. It is purely healthy and provides nutrients for diabetics patients.

Vitamin and minerals

You can make variety of salads in your diet., ike cucumber, citric family fruits, olives,eggs,peach, pappita,green leaves etc. it will provide minerals and vitamins with best nutritients.

Raw Diet

Try to eat low cooked food because if we cooked its all nutrients get destroy. So avoid cooking and trying to eat raw foods. You can also use as veggies juice etc.

Type 2 diabetes diet plan

First of all type 2 diabetic patient must track record of their sugar and BP they are using insulin and other medications then you are at high risk of heart diseases or kidney diseases too. To void from these life threatening conditions we must focus on our diet plan and exercise routine that will keep us healthy and enable us to stylize blood sugar and high blood pressure. We should cut all the saturated fats from our diet like high fat dairy products, high caloric food, high sugary products and fried foods. Unhealthy fats raise our blood pressure and we are at high risk of cholesterol and lipids so we can face severe heart disease.


Add fiber in your diet.try to get 25-30 grams fiber in a day. Fibers may help to control your blood sugar level. You can get fiber by taking whole grains, beans, fruits and vegetables. High fiber foods are always been a best choice than low fiber carbohydrates like white grains, processed sugary foods.

Best foods

American Diabetes Association suggests you tasty food is as follows:

Beans, dark green leaf vegetable, citrus fruits, berries, tomatoes, fish high in omega-3 fatty acids like salmon, whole grains, nuts free fat yogurt.


Try to include 1 or 2 sea food in your diet plan in a week that is low in saturated fat. It keeps your heart healthy .for a vegetarian protein source, experiment with wide variety of beans. Nuts and proteins are healthy choice but be careful that you are taking in portions.

Foods that are not eat

High sodium, high fat, processed foods, hat made with flours, breakfast cereals like pastries also white rice and pasta.

Dairy products

You can only take 6-8 grams carbohydrate like Greek yogurt, berries, and desserts in breakfast. Do not use chocolate and skimmed milk and added sugar.


Fat can also include in your diet because it protects your heart. You can choose monounsaturated fats found in avocados, almonds, pecans or polyunsaturated fats that are found in walnuts and sunflower oil. Which can help in low cholesterol?

Avoids cheese, butter, fried foods. Look for labels before buying any products in form of packed snacks.Trans fats are even worse than saturated fats, so avoid them as much as possible.

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