Dry January and health

When we talk about health in dry January one thing racing in our mind that how will keep oneself healthy and stable in this weather. Most of people think different option how to maintain health. In U.S.A people took New Year resolution that not to take alcohol enough that will damage health but on the other hand they take alcohol just to keep oneself maintain stability with environment. Alcohol in cold and dry weather is going to be beneficial because it works as detox from excessive drinking.

Several website have flooded with recipes and healthy tips regarding food and dry January. If we searched internet we will find out different healthy tips. Alcohol is safe way to abstain from highly cold weather but on the other hand it can cause severe health effects due to binge drinking. Binge drinking can cause adverse health problems that can lead to high brain stroke, heart diseases, and liver cirrhosis.

Snow photographed in the winter season of Dry January, which appeared after a snowfall. close-up,
Snow photographed in the winter season of Dry January, which appeared after a snowfall. close-up (Credits: ligora/Getty Images)

Jennifer winder stated that:

“Excessive drinking impairs sleep pattern and high cholesterol, weight gain, memory loss, delirium and blood pressure”.

But it does not matter if you are taking alcohol only during dry January it will be dangerous if you will increase intake of alcohol. It has several benefits like Dr. George F.Koob, PhD, Director of National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) explained that you have been feeling not exactly best but lately you will suspect that regular drinking might be contributing to it, it could be helpful on the other hand if you are feeling mentally, physically and socially when you don’t have booze for a month. It works as restart button in human body to relax and adjust body metabolism on the track. See details about nursing homes or elderly care centers in UK. Or you can learn more about National Health Service of United Kingdom.

Dry January and alcohol use is top of the talk right now. If you are taking alcohol in such a cold weather and you want to enjoy the weather with maintained health then you should be focused on some points:

  • Do not take alcohol in large quantity.
  • If you are adverse health disease you are not allowed to take alcohol.
  • If you are taking alcohol then do not start binge drinking.
  • If you feel that weather is normal then do not quit at once.
  • When you are going to quit alcohol after dry January then you should start from less dose and gradually quit drinking not at once it can lead to psychological withdrawal symptoms like cramps, trembling, sleeping problems etc.

What happen with our health in dry January?

This is very important to discuss about effects that occur in dry January. It is obvious that dry weather has low humidity that causes dryness on skin. Furthermore, studies have shown that dry air has following effects on health are as follows:

  • Dryness cause breathing problems like respiratory ailments, asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis and nosebleeds since body fluids are depleted during respiration.
  • Skin dryness occur, skin moisture evaporation can cause irritation and eye itching problems.
  • Irritative effects occur like static electricity which can cause mild shocks when metal touched are common when the air moisture is low.
  • The apparent temperature of the air is lower than when thermometer indicates a body feels colder.

These symptoms occur in dry weather. It can be cure when we will increase the indoor relative humidity. We can use humidifiers, vaporizers, steam generators, other sources like large pans, water container made of porous ceramics. For better help we can also use wet towels or large water tubs. We can prevent from several health problems like dryness, skin irritation and allergies etc. Learn about massage types and its benefits.

Humidity plays important role in our well being.dry air is not good for our health. It is also related with our physical health or particular health conditions that might be effected with change of weather. It is very simple to understand that asthma patient feel difficulty in breathing due to low humidity weather. High indoor humidity can cause irritation in throat, lungs and worst asthma.

Effective healthy ways to follow in dry January:

Effective and healthy ways that will help us in enjoy dry weathers are as follows:

  1. Put no alcoholic drinks into glass meant for booze
  2. Organize social events
  3. Drink plenty of water
  4. Keep yourself busy
  5. Declare small activities
  6. Do not keep booze in house

1: You have heard about placebo effects in which pt feels effect from non chemical medicine and they anticipate results. It is directly related as placebo effects. How can we do this? This can be done simply by pouring Pellegrino into champagne flute, you can also added up with other cold drink, grape juice into wine glass. After some time person will feel that he/she is sipping champagne or wine. See list of top 10 luxury rehabilitation centers in Miami Florida.

2: This can be done by organizing a gathering of people during dry January is something you should be proud of and there certainly should not still be a stigma around abstaining from booze. If you are not interested in it, you can ask for something that appears to be simple cocktail but it is not like diet coke. And improve your Year 2018 health with goals revision.

3: Dry January is season of dryness so to keep yourself healthy you must be filled you with plenty of water. That will hydrate you throughout this weather. If you are a t party and other occasions the best options is tequila, which is not comprised on carbs, and pour of red wine, since have least amount of health effects. The better choice is a distilled spirit like vodka or tequila with soda water and a splash of lime.

4: You should keep yourself busy in dry January with folks. Do not binge drinking because if you are free at home and doing then do not just rely on drinking get yourself busy with parties, meetings, friends or arrange any feast at home.try to consume less amount of alcohol.

5: Try to maintain weight during dry January because if you will only rely on drinking and doing nothing at home you will soon gain weight. So it is important to make fitness goals too.

6: If you are not drinking outside and major hurdle is to drinking at home. Keeping busy will keep your fingers from reaching for bottle but if there is no bottle at home to reach than it is even better. And if you are having sleeping issues then eat fish for better sleep.

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