Feud between Bunnyman & sex club getting furious after being accused of bullying the owner’s daughter

A rich member of an elite sex club has thrown out of the club accused for bad behavior. The club has also cancelled his $ 75,000 per membership of the club.

General headlines in media

  • In a statement made to MailOnline the snctum club has told that the club has kicked out Phuong Tran the first member of the club for bullying 12 year old daughter of the founder on Instagram
  • On Instagram and media Bunnyman Tran has always been criticizing the club which holds expensive membership tiers and a host of sex parties in the town.
  • Rumors are also shaking the privacy barriers, and it is reported that Bill Maher and Gwyneth Paltrow were also among guests at various club events. See how bariatric surgeries are becoming most popular in weight loss methods.
Extravagantly dressed people in a bizarre Baroque styled scene. London Speed’lighpse 2007.
Extravagantly dressed people in a bizarre Baroque styled scene. London Speed’lighpse 2007. (Credits: weareadventurers/Getty Images under Standard License)

A brief introduction of Snctm

Snctm is a sex club was first established in 2012 for the elite society of California. It has its branches in New York and Los Angeles. Snctm club offers various expensive membership rows. MailOnline has reported that the multirange memberships start from $20000 per year as a basic membership to Violet Key membership requiring a payment of $1 million for once and all.

Tran was holding a $75,000 membership at Snctm. This is named as Dominus membership. Tran had called his membership a hilarious addition to the existing members of the Dominus category. This Dominus membership was available to only a few people. Tran shared this membership with only 20 people worldwide and it has a cost of $75,000.

To attend a Snctm party, it is necessary for a guest to fill an online questionnaire along with submission of photos of their face and body and complete an interview with Lawner. Recently a news of a mutual hostility was exploding between the founder of an elite club and its most ill reputed member. This feud can have its effect on the privacy of rich people holding the membership of this club. See details about National Health Service of United Kingdom.

The reason behind the feud

The sex club named as Snctm is a sex club in Los Angeles. Most of the members of this club belong to wealthy and rich class. The club is finding its place in news headlines these days for throwing out a member of their own and putting a lifetime ban on him while cancelling the membership. The kicked out member is a son of a rich man. His name is Phuong Tran. He is also known by his character name “”Bunnyman.”

The club released a statement which is passed on to all the members and is also available online by the platform of MailOnline. According to this website the club gives a statement that Tran descends down so low that he contacted the 12-year-old daughter of the founder of snctm club on Instagram. Tran has hurt her very much by bullying him and sending her messages that hurt her too much. This proves to be the final straw, the club’s spokesman said. Learn how to boost mental health with mindfulness?

Who is Tran aka Bunnyman?

Tran is a young man in mid -30s. He is the son of a Vietnamese refugee. As reported by Esquire he is serving as a manager at a Fortune 500 company. According to another reporter of Esquire, despite the club membership he also has interests in scotch, cigars, WWII Art and tobacco.

The Trans’s Journey of Snctm club

Tran was among the first few members of snctm club. He joined the club in 2012. His experience of this club was getting soured over the time. Tran posted some negative comments about the club on his Instagram account by the name of Bunnyman. He gave the caption to the post that “The Snctm Family is Dead, Long Live Sanctum Club. Tran denounces the plight of the place that was considered magical place by him at a time.

Tran believes that the basic pillars like safety, privacy and exploration that holds the strong charm for the club have now been badly shaken. Tran has also made an accuse on the founder of the club Damon Lawner that he used to leak the names of the guests attending parties to the media. Two of the rumored guests were Bill Maher and Gwyneth Paltrow as published on the website Goop. How to get green light emitting plants in your home?

Tran-Lawner rivalry is not a new one

The ongoing rivalry between Lawner and Tran is not new. Even on reality show Naked Snctm the Tran has been very much vocal about the club’s participation and opposed it openly . In his Instagram post Tran refers Lawner as “the Founder” and described him as Achilles heel. Tran has also degraded Lawner on Instagram account by calling him classless and not having any sort of experience and pedigree.

In another Instagram post Tran told that he may leave the club by accusing the club of repeatedly casting a performer having sexually transmitted disease. Mail online reported that Snctm has made a point of view that they have never done anything like this before but it is unbearable this time. The behavior of Tran is abhorrent, and that is why they are compelled to do this and announce the reality. The club said that whatever is done it was for the safety and privacy of the members.

The club feels it necessary to throw light on the distasteful behavior of the Tran. The club is taking an astounding and difficult step to expose one of its earst-while member so that our growing family knows about him and try to avoid him. The club has also said that Tran is now no more in its circle and he will remain outside forever. Whatever he says may not be relied upon.

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