Hollywood stars are donating their earnings from Allen’s projects to charities working against sexual assault

Cases of sexual assault and harassment allegations on famous people are very common these days. One more such case is reported in Hollywood in last few days. As an increasing number of Hollywood actors keeping themselves distant from Woody Allen and his upcoming film. This behavior of Hollywood stars is raising questions about the 82 years old film maker, an allege of sexual abuse with a girl. A growing number of artists are passing statements about their working with Allen.

Actors are apologizing on working with Allen

Many actors who have worked with the Woody Allen are feeling ashamed and are apologizing. Nearly all the actors are giving their incomes to the charitable organizations working against sexual assault and harassment. Timothee Chalmet has decided to donate his payment of a new film of Allen to the charities which are fighting against sexual abuse. The names of the charities are reported as Time’s Up, LGBT and RAINN. See how to deal with vaginal mesh.

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Another star of the movie Call Me By Your Name has also stated on Instagram that he did not want any financial benefit of the performance in a movie of Allen. The shooting of the movie completed last year, and its name is A Rainy Day in New York. In a statement passed by Chalamet, he said that he wanted to stand with those artists who are fighting for the cause of respect and dignity without any discrimination.

Chalamet is the part of the latest Allen production. He is expressing regret and guilt that he is associated with the Allen productions. Similarly Rebecca Hall, Mira Sorvino, EllenPage, David Krumholtz and Griffith Newman are all in the same queue in which many other artists are distancing themselves from Allen and are planning not to work with him in future.

An announcement following the Chalamet, came from the nominee for best actor this year, on Friday. The co-star of Chalamet, Rebeca Hall has announced that she will donate her salary from A Rainy Day in New York movie to Time’s Up. It is an initiative formed recently to safeguard the gender equality issues in Hollywood entertainment industry. Though it is not even close to a compensation, its just, a small gesture. A serious feud between bunny-man & sex club getting furious after being accused of bullying the owner’s daughter.

The situation is suggesting that the coming days are going to be very challenging. The personal controversial scenario of the once loved and respected director is making the roads ahead difficult for him. Allen’s financial support has not dwindled in the past because many of the big stars of Hollywood have eagerness of working with the great director of Hollywood cinema. In fact Allen is considered as a legend in the cinematic world. A worst flu is notices Texas during season 2018.

In the middle of #Metooreckoning it is getting difficult for Allen to manage a huge cast. Greta Gerwig told The New York Times last week that he didn’t work in the comedy film “To Rome with Love” of Allen in 2012 if he had known about the character of Allen. He has also stated that he will not work for him from now. He believes that he had increased the pain of a woman by working with Allen.

What are the allegations on Allen?

Ms Farrow is the name of the adopted daughter of Allen. She has accused Allen of molesting her sexually in an attic when she is at an age of seven. She has told that she has long maintained that at the age of seven this traumatic scene happened to her. According to her statement Woody Allen led her into an attic. He took her away from her baby-sitter who had clear instructions of not leaving her alone with him. I was then sexually assaulted by him, said Farrow. She said she told the whole incident to the authorities, and she has been telling the whole thing without any alteration for more than 20 years. Allen has always denied this allegation He was investigated for the matter but it was not charged. Do you know that eating fish is better for sleep?

What is #Meetoo movement?

A question was asked to Ms Farrow that why not Allen has been ensnarled by the #Metoo movement. #Meetoo is a hashtag, women are using on social media to share their stories of sexual harassment.

Project and work Relations of Allen and Amazon

Farrow has written in The Los Angeles that Harvey Weinstein and other celebrities having allegations have been dropped out by Hollywood but this does not happen in case of Allen. Instead of getting punishment over what he did he signed a multi-million distribution deal with the Amazon. The former head of Amazon Studios Mr.Price has to give resignation in October. He was accused of sexually harassing the Isa Hackett. She is the television producer and was working with Amazon on a series named as The Man in the High Castle.

Allen has its fourth project with Amazon, A Rainy Day in New York which is helping Allen to establish its film production arm. According to a source Amazon has spent $80 million to allure Allen to make a series for them in 2016, “Crisis in six scenes.” Allen’s cafe Society in 2016 and Wonder Wheel in December has also distributed by Amazon.

Alec Baldwin is taking the side of Allen when Hollywood is turning back towards him

Alec Baldwin is passing statements that are creating difficulty in liking him. In a time when more and more Hollywood stars are turning their back towards Woody Allen due to being accused as a child molester. The 59-year-old actor is taking the side of the Oscar award winning director. He has defended the Director in a number of tweets on social media. Baldwin has taken a stance in support of Woody Allen after he has been back lashed on sexual abuse allegation. Baldwin said that the misconduct and sexual abuse claims should be tried properly. These kinds of allegations should not be ignored, but we should treat the allegations carefully. See prolapsed uterus symptoms.

Baldwin has not made such controversial comments for the first time. He has also passed controversial comments on the issues of misconduct in the past. In November last year he had an allegation of victim-blaming on him. He has taken a settlement from Harvey Weinsten in the case of Rose McGowan. McGowan has taken $ 100,000 for being silent. She has accused movie mogul of raping her in 1997.

Baldwin wrote on twitter in favor of Woody Allen that he was investigated in the case forensically by the officials of the two states i.e. New York and CT. But no charges were filed against him. This shows that abdication of his work and his personality undoubtedly has a purpose behind it. He also wrote that he found it unfair and sad. He acknowledges a pride and feel privileged that he has worked three times with Woody Allen in his career.

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