Lunar Eclipse: Occurrence, Myths, and its impact on a pregnant woman

We often witness our ancestors linking the lunar eclipse with many of dos and don’ts. There are plentiful superstitions relating it to somewhat scary and adverse natural phenomenon. Lunar eclipse or reddish moon appears when the earth is in the middle of sun and moon. Three of these either get aligned or come relatively close to each other. The earth’s shadow occludes sunlight, and due to Rayleigh scattering, the moon appears as red, and therefore, referred as a blood moon. There are many myths people associate with it especially its unhealthy and adverse effect on an expectant woman.

A lunar eclipse is safe to view permitting you not to have any precautions. It lasts for few hours and can be seen everywhere around the globe at night, unlike solar eclipse that appears for few minutes and can be seen through particular region or place. We’ll be giving comprehensive coverage of a lunar eclipse, myths, and impact on a pregnant woman.

Lunar Eclipse over Chiangmai city in Thailand.
Lunar Eclipse over Chiangmai city in Thailand (Credits: ApisitWilaijit/Getty Images under standard license)

What is lunar eclipse all about

Before proceeding to get a general idea about solar and lunar eclipses.

  1. It is a natural phenomenon exactly like sunset sunrise, climate changing, and rain, etc.
  2. The lunar eclipse will appear when the moon sun and earth comes in a single line.
  3. When a moon comes between the earth and sun, it is called a solar And when the earth comes between the sun and moon it is known as a lunar eclipse.
  4. Neither solar nor lunar have any bad or adverse impact on the human’s

Lunar Eclipse- and various cultures culture

In many countries, there are many myths associated with the lunar eclipse, and they declare to be a bad omen for themselves. Though it has not proven by any of the scientific evidence yet, still people can’t help believing it. Whenever the super-moon, blue moon and a lunar eclipse occurs, it keeps the internet on blazing so that they can keep their offspring save from its unhealthy impact. Though there are also different myths related to ancient Mesopotamian s, Mayans, and Chinese that associate it with some distorted ways that are not proven yet and not having chances to be confirmed. See how romaine lettuce E.Coli causes death in Canada and USA.

Lunar eclipse impacting pregnancy

The superstitions are going out of all limits even claim that if a woman accidentally moves out of her home or watches the lunar eclipse, she will give birth to a deformed or abnormal baby. It is weird, but often these women are not allowed to step ahead of their room and curtains are drawn so that the moon won’t pour its unhealthy impact in any way. Though it looks disgusting for many of the women for the sake of child’s health mothers often does so. In order to mitigate any risk threatening their child’s health. It is ancient wisdom that has still zero proofs that can prove it either way of its harmful impact on a child’s health.

Pregnant woman should not  even eat and drink anything during blue moon

In some Asian countries especially Indians mom to be are instructed not to have any water or meal during the eclipse. But one thing you need to ensure that if you follow such rituals, it may impact a harmful impact on your baby instead benefiting you in any way. Staying dehydrated will cause dizziness, headache nausea or acidity. So, it’s advisable not to follow such idiotic rituals, and keep yourself hydrated in order to save your child from any severe consequences. See how medical marijuana clinic is making life of patients easier in Peterborough.

Taking a bath after lunar eclipse to get rid of the negative energy

People declare lunar eclipse has many lousy power and rays in it. And whenever the eclipse gets over, a woman should instantly take a bath to save her from all the heat and beams, which have absorbed in the body. It is also a bizarre myth having no scientific evidence. No, any evil rays or energy can enter your body pushing you to have a bath. A person won’t abides by such superstition, instead, wipe out such thoughts and take a shower whenever one wants or needs to have.

Cutting with knife result into a baby born with harelip

You will be surprised to know that even it is believed if a pregnant woman cut something with a knife. It will result in a baby with a harelip. Scientists strongly condemn such superstition declaring it another myth having no any scientific explanation. If it would be somehow truth, then it should implement all the pregnant women across the globe. Every pregnant woman around the world would have a kid with bare lip if she attempted to cut anything. But it never happens; it’s just again old wisdom, and people are blindly following it. Organ donation mount as fatal drug overdose is increasing day by day.

Touching your belly during the eclipse

There is also another myth associated with lunar eclipse if a pregnant woman touches her stomach during the eclipse, it will cause birthmarks on her baby. To exhibit her obedience and for peaceful minds, she somehow has to follow such rituals. Even some extremist throughout all the food prepared before the eclipse, as they feel that food has been contaminated with the radiations and the number of microbes and bacteria has also been increased.

How people link the lunar eclipse with scientific logic

Some people tried to put forward their findings and result of the lunar eclipse in human health. But it never merely for all moms to be, it’s a general assumption that can be implemented on everyone.  According to them, the sun is a significant source of energy, and when the sunlight gets hindered. The chances are for many unhealthy or dangerous microbes to enter and get dominated in a lunar eclipse. Without sunlight, the earth temperature gets lower and missing sun rays causing the microorganisms to grow. Therefore, it has a severe impact on the perishable goods, and it’s said to avoid eating drinking during the eclipse.

Does really lunar eclipse harm your baby?

The answer will be big no; these are just thoughts that have been deeply ingrained in our minds by our ancestors or elders. That has nothing to do with the reality and logic. New generations have mind and concept clear about such natural phenomenon but have to act upon. God forbids if a baby is born with an abnormality, the mothers will be blamed for this for her entire life. Therefore, as a preventive measure woman have to act upon such myths, that scientifically and logically having nothing to do with your baby’s health. What are algorithms for predicting the mortality in critically ill patients?

Major restrictions for a pregnant woman during the lunar eclipse

Here are some prime and major limits for a pregnant woman that she has to follow:

  1. She has to stay at her house, without exposing herself to the rays.
  2. Windows get covered with the paper, or curtains are pulled down for staying safe from the rays.
  3. All the food prepared before or during an eclipse should throw away immediately.
  4. She is not allowed to sew or knit anything.
  5. A mother should fast during the eclipse.
  6. She should not touch her belly and should not contact the sharp objects like scissors, or knifes.

Wrapping up

The purpose of the article is to bring awareness in people’s mind regarding lunar eclipse. There is no one notion supporting that lunar eclipse has any bad or severe effects on a pregnant woman. Since generations now the superstitions thought has always been the parts of our lives. These are baseless thoughts having nothing behind it. Somehow girls act upon such rituals to exhibit a respectful gesture for their elders, and for their peace of mind. These are merely myths that are ingrained in our cultures that need to be stopped now. Bottom lines are you should better take care of yourself as being the natural phenomenon neither Solar nor Lunar have bad impacts on your pregnancy. See list of top heart transplant centers in the world.

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