Medical marijuana clinic is making life of patients easier in Peterborough

Medical Marijuana on Hunter Street is now becoming a new medical solution for patients of Peterborough.The grand opening ceremony of Bodystream Medical Marijuana Services held on Friday dated January 26. Recreational marijuana was legalized on July 1. Ahead of legalization this is one more marijuana business that has opened in Peterborough. The plant growth will be soon started by a Canadian company, “Canveda.”This Company established itself in Peterborough last year.

A provincially run marijuana store is also about to be opened in this city by Canada Day. Erika Calhoun, marketing co-coordinator of Bodystream’s says that the expanding business of marijuana industry is focusing on two aspects. The retail store is concerned about the recreational use of drug while the clinic relates to the medical benefits of the drug. See list of top cocaine addiction treatment centers in New York USA.

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Calhoun says that they have made a really better mark to portray the medical aspect of things. She says that the recreational store of marijuana drug will soon be functional. The marijuana available there will no more developed and give people more delight and good feelings.

What is Bodystream and how does it help?

Bodystream is basically a top category Medical Marijuana Service Provider Company. It offers compassionate and all-inclusive service to patients for the accepted use of marijuana. Calhoun told that Bodystream is providing a connection between the physicians and their patients and OHIP is covering the appointments.

The physicians are not available personally all the time instead before prescribing the medication they communicate the patients via video chat. Calhoun has told that the products are not available on the clinics. Instead of storing on the clinic they are delivered directly to patients at their homes. The patients are guided by Bodystream that how to use them. Calhoun added that the Bodystream gave a complete knowledge of the process to the patient right from start to finish. See list of top 10 luxury rehabilitation center in Miami Florida.

Types of illnesses treated by the use of marijuana

The major illnesses that Bodystream treat by using marijuana are pain, depression, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia , anxiety, etc. It is also proving helpful in the treatment of cancer patients. It helps the patients to restore their appetite. Most of the patients coming to the clinic are senior citizens. They are often in search of alternatives to the traditional medication. These elderly patients have undergone almost all kind of pharmaceutical therapy causing a lot of harm and problems, says Cohlen.

She also adds to it that many of the patients are prescribed opioids drugs and marijuana. These have acted as a positive proxy of certain other drugs. She says that the elderly population is getting quite familiar and used to the use of marijuana and a huge population is leaning to it as a medical solution. The demographic of Peterborough is supporting the drug and its becoming quite popular. Learn coping strategies for anxiety and depression.

Why does a patient need Bodystream?

It is important to know and understand for everyone that all the physicians in Canada are able to fill the necessary documents and complete the paperwork formality. But it is noteworthy that many of the physicians are reluctant in providing this service to their patients. The reasons are either they are not willing to provide this service to the patients or they are not familiar with the process. It is also possible that may be the physicians, are not feeling comfortable with the process.

In this scenario Bodystream is the only way out. It is here to entertain people in all the procedures in which they need assistance and don’t get it from others. One major additional factor is that the staff of Bodystream including nurses and doctors are all trained and experienced to ensure best treatment to the patients.

If anyone feels that his patient may benefit or not from the use of medical marijuana or is not sure about the use of marijuana and unsure of how he can continue the therapy. He can simply refer his patient to the Bodystream Clinic. The staff of the clinic will hold the whole situation for the patient and his attendants. If you want to refer your patient to bodystream a simple procedure has to be followed. You have to download a form, or you can contact directly to the clinic.

Body stream also helps patients in all the queries. If someone is not sure about that whether the medical marijuana is suitable for his patient or not, Bodystream is the answer. All the information will be provided by the health care officials at Bodystream Clinic. See list of best liver cancer hospital in the world.

Is marijuana really recommendable?

To prescribe medicine that are suitable for the patients dispensaries have accredited pharmacists who recommend the proper medication. Pharmaceutical companies are developing new medication with every passing day, but marijuana is the safest of all these medications. It can help in a broad array of problems in the body tissues just like a lemon being a natural ingredient helps in the dehydration therapy of patients.

At many places you have to be registered personally to require medical marijuana from the doctor. Medical Marijuana is helpful in easing pain and various other issues. The physician is compelled to help you in all the conditions that are considered as clinical issues.

Bodystream Clinic ; from business point of view

The president and CEO of the Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce, Stuart Harrison has analysed the Bodystream business in a different way. He says, though marijuana is a debatable issue but business like clinical aspects of Bodystream are proving the positive and beneficial effects of the marijuana drug therapy.

According to Harrison the clinic is providing help to get access to the drug. It is becoming easier to access the marijuana drug and to use it for various medical problems by these kinds of clinics. He also adds in his statement that marijuana clinic is not among that type of business in which people just come in and leave afterwards. Despite, it is a business in which people leave the place while having a solution of their medical ailment and pains associated to them. Learn how to boost mental health with mindfulness.

The business like Bodystream clinic helps the patients to connect with such products which are very soothing for them and gives patient a sense of relief from their painful sensations. It helps patients to get products that are not available easily or might not have a proper channel to access them. Harrison says that many a times the patient does not know that where should he go and even the doctor and nurse do not know at all where to send them. That is also this clinic is helpful in such kind of misleading situation.

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