New Research on Sex Positions which Couples find Scary

What is a sex position?

A sex position is a position that people use in a sexual relationship during an intercourse or other sexual activity. Sex positions are generally described as postures which sexually related partners adopt in a sexual act. A sex position generally involves a penetrative or non-penetrative relation. In penetrative intercourse it generally involves penetration of one partner’s genital organ into other partners body. Majorly three types of intercourse’s are practiced.

  • Vaginal intercourse
  • Anal penetration
  • Oral sex
  • A non-relation based, or solo sex acts are also practiced. It is basically a kind of genital stimulation such as masturbation by rubbing or penetration with the use of hands or fingers or by various sex devices.

Basically, there are numerous sex positions which people adopt in a sexual relationship depending on their desires and needs. According to some sex authors the kinds of sexual intercourse positions are limitless but mostly people are afraid of trying them. See list of best liver cancer hospitals in world.

Erotic scene on sculptured surface of famous indian temple of Khajuraho. UNESCO Heritage site, built between 950 and 1150 in India, belong to two different religions - Hinduism and Jainism.

Erotic scene on sculptured surface of famous Indian temple of Khajuraho. UNESCO Heritage site, built between 950 and 1150 in India, belong to two different religions – Hinduism and Jainism. (Credits: Diy13/Getty Images under standard licence)

Sex related problems

Sex related problems are quite common among the people in a sexual relationship. A major aspect of performing a delightful sex is sex position. Both men and women find it quite difficult to talk about sex with their partner. Both the genders have admitted to being nervous while talking about the sex position they enjoy the most.

Most of the time it takes years to build up the necessary confidence and a trust factor on their partner to talk about the sexual desires and what actually they want in bed. Even after when you come to a point and build up the confidence and trust to talk your partner about your needs and fantasies you feel scared to try any new sexual position. There are certain points where both the partners feel scary even if they want to give it a try. See guidelines on vaginal mesh.

Which is best position for you?

In every relationship couple have favorite positions that lead them to their best sex positions and to achieve the way is to try new positions over and over again. There are many different ways to explore and experiment if you are willing to change your boring routine. It may prove to be a little nerve wracking or confusing while giving a try to a new sex position. It seems to be a bit shaking or uncomfortable when trying for a new gesture specially in a couple based act. You may feel worried about feelings of your partner or worry about all the work your partner have to do for you.

But to try something new for yourself you have to break out the comfort zone. For how long you will keep on trying sex positions you don’t enjoy anymore. It is a fact that without exploration how are you going to find that which sex position is working for you and your partner. As it is always scary to try a new thing but a little communication with your partner can bring back the spice and flavor in your sexual life. Communication is enough to sooth your nerves and you can try something new and see what you are missing. See how worst is flu season in Texas.

Scary and nerve Wrecking sex positions

The latest research is conducted on 1,000 people by super drug. The people in a sexual relationship were asked about sexual positions like which sex position makes them more happy or they feel anxious about. Various surprising factors came to knowledge in this research. Most of the couples find trying new sex positions scary. Even both the populations feels frightened and nerve racking while only thinking about to try a new position.

Among the positions discussed the most nerve racking position is known as 69 standing up. In this position you pick your partner up or you are being picked up by your partner. This position is commonly used for performing oral sex. 56.8% of women population and 42.7% of male population finds the idea of involving in this sex position scary and it fills them with fear. The women feel this idea more frightening because they are the partner who has to be picked up by the male member in a heterosexual relationship. The idea of being dropped by the partner makes them more reluctant to try this sex position in a sexual act. See how to get erectile dysfunction treatments.

The second scariest sex position is anal sex. As anal sex is considered one of the most painful kind of sex act. As well as the anal sex is not recommended as a safe position from health point of view. It is the cause of sexually transmitted diseases. 54.5% females and 30.5% of makes feel nervous to try this position.

The third most dread sexual position is wheelbarrow sex position. It is causing a situation of anxiety in 24.8% of women and 18.6% men who wants to give it a try. Interestingly the results of this research have revealed that European men are more curious about masturbation, oral sex and other intercourse relations than the men of U.S. The least dread sex position which couples find a routine is cowgirl, missionary and doggy style.

What to do?

In total the 9% of the people having a sexual relation are not considering themselves as adventurous or having an entertaining sex life. According to Annabelle Knight mixing up your life and trying new things can bring life and freshness in your relation. Sexual experts recommend that couples can enhance their desire and feelings for each other and lead a happening sex life by trying out new sex position and moves in bed no matter how scary or adventurous they may be.

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5 comments on “New Research on Sex Positions which Couples find Scary

  1. JIYA Khan

    Its disgusting that how male dominating society just seek their own pleasure and forget about their partner. And it has been prevailing since ancient time where male only wants deep penetration and seek their own pleasure. A right position where male and female both are having the maximum pleasure. Missionary position is often proven the best for females and trying double penetration is also a disgusting that really frustrates a woman like me who is in her 40’s and still hates exploring such positions. Its quite surprising that people often try new positions but one needs to care for her partner and their comfort level.

  2. paul

    entertaining or adventurous sex life will never force you to try those positions that even won’t let you to capable of doing sex again. it is a natural phenomenon and people should not get that stimulated and weird to try some unusual position like 69 standing up. it looks terrifying, I rather skip sex for a month rather giving this position any chance. i agree with the fact that trying new will bring the freshness in your life, but before you execute make sure that both of you are o.k with that.

  3. radhika

    I don’t know why people are hesitant in telling their partner that what position they find best and most pleasing.
    Orgasm is not everything it can be got even by rubbing your private part. We should try something new to bring more liveliness and inventiveness in your sex life. I opted various position, but sometimes my partner forgets about my orgasm, and this shit really makes me offended and furious that how someone can be so mean merely thinking of himself and pleasure. Dude at least think of your partner why the hell is with you, not for having deep penetration from you.

  4. johenson

    I am one of those sex freaks that pushes gfz to try something new and make the sexual relationship more fantasizing and amazing by trying new positions. I had three girlfriends and I stuck to my third girlfriend because I found on her what I have been looking for years. She is amazing, and not gets scared of trying out the new positions, and I believe this is what a man can want from a woman apart of loyalty, and generosity. and I am the strong believer that if you want to retain your man, you will have to satisfy him sexually

  5. Solatch

    Exploring and trying new sex position is not equally comfortable for all the male and females out there. Some may find it essential to bring the more joy and pleasure, and to strengthen their relationship, while some may get scared: it could be for two reasons 1. The bonds between you and your partner are not strong enough or you get hesitated in explaining that what position you like the most. 2: one of your partners is not that sexually stimulated, and it often limits your partner from being more adventurous and trying new positions.


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