Pregnancy care tips and healthy foods

Proper nutrition and health are fundamental human rights. Nutrition is corner stone that effects and defines the health of all people, rich and poor. It paves the way for us to grow, develop, work, play, resist infection and aspire to realize our fullest potentials an individual and societies. To intake proper amount of nutrients is important factor in preserving life promoting growth, maintaining health and resisting disease well nourished has good growth and development, healthy skin, bright face, bright eyes, shinning hair, active and alert. The child eats well, works and plays and has sound sleep.

Pregnant girl with fruit at the doctor
Pregnant girl with fruit at the doctor (Image Credits: ElenaNichizhenova)

A food is a nutrient it is a substance that living beings eat to satiate their self. Several nutrients are generally present in food in varying amount. Sugar which is carbohydrate, vegetable oils, fat and gelatin which is a protein are the exceptions. Basic nutrients are as follows:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Fats and oils
  • Proteins
  • Minerals
  • Vitamins


Carbohydrates are compounds of carbons; hydrogen and oxygen the last two are in the same portion as in water. There are three main sources of carbohydrates for example starch, sugar and cellulose. The optimum requirement of carbohydrate is 50-70% in balance diet. The carbohydrates reserve for an adult is 500 g, stored as glucagon when a man is fasting, this reserve is rapidly exhausted.

Fats and oils

Like carbohydrate, fats are composed of carbon hydrogen and oxygen. But in different portions. They contains less oxygen but more carbons and hydrogen. Fats are taken as ghee, butter, cream, cheese, fish, oil, vegetable oils, sunflowers oils, corn oil, and animal fat. Absence of fats in diet may cause tuberculosis.


Proteins are highly complex nitrogenous substance of colloidal nature. They are compound of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon, oxygen and some contains sulfur. During digestion protein is broken down into amino acids. Proteins are necessary to build up tissues, especially during growth and pregnancy. Lentils Dal are most essential proteins.

Minerals and vitamins

Minerals are present in the human tissues in inorganic or organic combinations. There are 21 known minerals that make up about 4-5% of the weight of a 70-kg man. Vitamin are found in food supply that are made in intestine vitamins regulate biochemical reaction in the body.

These nutrients are very important in maintain health.

Pregnancy care tips

Above description are about healthy food and their nutrients values that are very important in pregnancy now I am describing the pregnancy care tips. From following these tips a pregnant women can take care of herself and her fetus and avoid from various complication in delivery process. The most effective tips are as follows:

  • Mental Relaxation
  • Marital relations
  • Fresh air
  • Rest and sleep
  • Sunshine
  • Exercise
  • Suitable clothes
  • Bathing
  • Breast care
  • Care of digestion
  • Care of food
  • Care of climate
  • Narcotics
  • Traveling

Mental relaxation

Pregnant women need comfort and mental relaxation. She must be avoiding any type of stress, anxiety and apprehensions. In this case the homes environments play important role in maintain mentally relaxation of pregnant women. Stress, anxiety and depression can cause severe health issues which are directly effects to fetus health. Then the result in high blood pressure, diabetes risk and many other diseases. Unhealthy women gives birth to unhealthy child. So it is very necessary for pregnant women to be relaxed and avoid from stress to maintain her health and fetus normal.

Marital relations

Couple should avoid sexual intercourse during pregnancy. It is very pleasant in couple intimate relationship but can effect badly pregnant women health. Her fetus can be badly affected from it. Many complications may occur due to sexual intercourse. First time of pregnancy is very sensitive period so in this period women should take care about it.

Care of Medication

When women diagnosed with pregnancy then she should be careful in taking high doses medication like allopathic, homeopathic and also Greek medicines. Do not rely on self medication without the doctor’s prescription. If you visit any general doctor inform him/her about your pregnancy.

Fresh Air

Fresh air is very important for pregnant women during delivery baby need excess of oxygen so it is very necessary to inhale and exhale in fresh air. Drink plenty of water to maintain oxygen level normal. It will give positive effects on both health.

Sleep and rest

Pregnant women need extra rest and sleep during pregnancy. Proper sleep timings is 10 hours for one day sleep. Comfortable bed is very important factor to prevent from back pains and muscle tiredness. Avoid from sleeping pills it can badly effects women’s and fetus health.


Sunshine is as important as fresh air. Pregnant women should live in sunshine placer it can effect women’s psychological mental health. In this way women can gain vitamin D.


Pregnant women should do light exercise on daily basis. Avoid from vigorous exercise it can badly effects on fetus health. Exercises that can be helpful in pregnancy are walking, yoga and meditations. Women should do her domestic task to get busy in her routine but avoid from heavy lifting objects. Women can do sit ups for relaxing her leg muscles.Daily basis exercise can lead your muscle strong and also positive fetus health.

Suitable clothes

Try to wear lose clothes. Avoid from tight fitting dresses. Be comfortable all the mood. Your dressing will affect your mood so dress up yourself and take care of your beauty too.

Suitable shoes

Try to take suitable shoes. Avoid from high heels and tight shoes. Some pregnant women feel swelling on feet so chose comfortable shoes. Flat shoes are preferred.


Take daily shower. This is very important for her health to avoid from bacteria and germs.

Care of breast

Take care of hygiene especially your breast. Try to wear comfortable lose brassieres.

Care of digestion

Eat healthy but light food.try to eat veggies and fruits instead of junk and fried foods. Avoid from processed items.

Care of food

If you are buying some food items for you from bakery or stores read the description of products. Do not eat intoxicated food. Take food that is rich in vitamin, minerals, calcium and carbohydrates.

Care of climate

Go to relax place in your home and sit comfortably and feel the freshness in your body. Take healthy food and comfortable clothes according to the environment.


Never use drugs or any other narcotics. It can badly effects on fetus health.


Avoid traveling but if it is necessary then get advice from your doctor.

I have explained healthy foods and nutrition that are very effective and helpful in pregnancy. If you follow pregnancy tips then you can deal with your pregnancy very easily with less complication.Try to read different articles on health and pregnancy for better care.

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