Prolapsed Uterus Symptoms

Prolapsed uterus is defined as “uterus gradually descends I the axis of the vagina taking the vaginal wall with it. It may present clinically at any level, but is usually classified as one of three degrees”. Prolapsed uterus occurs after the child birth, labor pain, or delivery. In some cases women weaken vaginal muscles, tissues and ligaments held with uterus as a result in uterus drop in to the vaginal canal and causing the symptoms called prolapsed uterus. Following conditions may occur.

Woman with abdominal pain. Pain in the human body on a gray background with red dot
Woman with abdominal pain. Pain in the human body on a gray background with red dot (Image Credit: Staras)

If muscle weakness or relaxation you experience as a result in uterus become saggy or feeling like something is coming out from vagina in different degrees will explain about the degrees of uterus prolapsed please take a look

  1. First degree: uterus gradually descends in the axis of the vagina taking the vaginal wall with it. It may present clinically at any level, but is usually classified as one degree. (Cervix still inside vagina).
  2. Second degree: In second degree the cervix appears outside the vulva. The cervical lips may become congested and ulcerated.
  3. Third degree: third degree involve complete prolapsed.

Symptoms of prolapsed uterus:

As I have already explained that prolapsed occur after birth, delivery or labor pain. It happen when muscles that are held with uterus get weaken and uterus become saggy in these condition women experience following symptoms:

She experience might something is coming out from vagina. Women do not feel comfortable while sitting on the toilet due to this feeling.

  • Every time she feels pressure in bladder
  • She feels ball like inside uterus
  • Unbearable lower back pain
  • Her sexual intercourse is very painful
  • Unable to urinate normally
  • Problem in bowel movements
  • Discomfort walking
  • Increase frequency of micturation
  • Bearing down sensation
  • Stress incontinence
  • Coital problem

These are following symptoms that involve in prolapsed uterus. Now the question is can we fix this problem? Yes off course, we can fix it by using following methods. We have to be careful in the treatment of prolapsed uterus if we do not care of it. It can also become very dangerous. So for better understanding follow the methods to fix prolapsed uterus that I am listing below.

Effective therapies and remedies are as follows:

  1. Medical therapy
  2. Conservative treatment/exercise/pessary treatment
  3. Surgical therapy
  4. Medications
  5. Self care at home

Medical therapy

Medical therapy is about to take medical or surgical treatments on the emergency basis due to chemical imbalance and other defects. Some patients that are weak to undergo any surgery may use pessary treatment to relief the symptoms. Different methods are planned to fix up the prolapsed uterus. Doctors and surgeon initially diagnose the problem then according to the condition of the patient they recommend surgery or medication in the case of treatment. Topical estrogen is an important adjunct in the conservative management of patients with UP.

Operation can be performed by abominably, vaginally and laproscopically. The decision can be take after experts recommendations that which surgery will be the beast in the case. So the medical therapy is all about treatment under surgical basis and medications. Now let’s discuss about what is conservative treatment.

Conservative treatment

Non surgical treatment includes pessaries and pelvic exercise. Exercises are performed on regular basis to improve pelvic floor muscle tone and stress. Vaginal support devices are excellent treatment for UP patients but has few contraindications aside from acute pelvic inflammatory disease, pain after insertion also recurrent vaginities is a relative contraindication and also removal of pessary .UP patients prefer pessary to avoid surgery risks. UP patients tend to adopt this treatment when they are sensitive to operations and also weakens their muscles.

Surgical therapy

UP patients are very conscious about treatments due to their weak muscles. Surgical operations depend on many factors like patient’s age, health, child bearing etc. Doctors focus on surgeries in severe cases in which they will remove uterus from body that is called hysterectomy. Ring surgery surgeon fixes the sagging of the vaginal walls, urethra, bladder, or rectum. Surgeries can be performed in various ways such as abominably, or laproscopically. Abdominal sacrocolpopexy procedure allows the vagina to regain its normal anatomical axis by securing the polypropylene mesh that applied to apical vagina/cervix or the uterus, to the next sacrum with help of statures through Pescara fascia at the promontory or at S1 OR S2 in the case if it is strong and free.

Various grafts are used for the sacropexy procedures such as:

  • Harvested fascia lata abdominal fascia
  • Cadaveric fascia lata
  • Marlex
  • Prolene
  • Gore-tex
  • Mersiline
  • Vipro-II

Success rate of abdominal sacrocolpopexy is 3-36 months are as follows:

  • Apical POP-78-100%
  • Subjective cure-85-100%

Vaginal approach

Vaginal approach is considered when a patient avoids from abdominal surgeries. It is performed for the correction of incontinence for placement of a sub urethral sling to avoid combined abdominal vaginal approach. Vaginal approach uses three differential methods:

  • Vaginal apex
  • High uterosacral ligament fixation
  • Iliococcygeus fascia suspension


Medication that helps in the fixation of prolapsed uterus is Estrogen. Estrogen is a hormone (cream) /suppository ovules or rings that are inserted into the vagina. It restores the strength and vitality of weakens tissues and muscles in the vagina. Doctors recommend estrogen only in case when use in select postmenopausal women.

Self care at home

Women with weak pelvic muscles can take care herself while staying at home by kegal exercise. Kegal exercise helps you strengthen in muscle and also keep the functioning of urine normal. Exercise lifts up the prolapsed uterus and fixes it in its axis. Take care of eating routine. Drink plenty of water.

Is a prolapsed uterus dangerous?

It can be dangerous in some severe cases. If we do not focus on problem then it will become more critical. If a woman experience one or more symptoms from listed above then she must consult with medical doctors for treatment recommendations. Do not ignore the symptoms.

How long does it take to recover from prolapsed uterus surgery?

UP patients experience extreme unbearable pain in some cases it can be recoverable after surgeries but depends on the patient’s age, health and sensitivity level. Surgical success rate for UP patients are 78%.patients can recover in few months by following the doctor’s advice.

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