Romaine lettuce E.Coli causes death in Canada and USA

This article is about awareness of E coli that is causing severe health problem in Canada and USA. Due to its excessive use of romaine lettuce in form of green leaves causing diarrhea, intestinal problems and other health hazards. Several studies have been done to investigate the real cause of e coli. One person is dead due to romaine lettuce e coli in Washington. Illness started from November to December 2017. In this case Center of Disease Control and state health official are stepping forward to tracking down the E coli disease. The center is basically trying to getting down the link of e coli with romaine lettuce.

Fresh Lettuce on the Field in Germany

Fresh Lettuce on the Field in Germany (Credits: Ben185/Getty Images under standard license)

What are e coli?

E coli are basically bacteria found in animals and human intestine also found in the environment that can cause digestive disorders or high risk also cause death. Health professional is trying to make their efforts in disconnecting the link between e-coli and romaine lettuce.

Romaine lettuce is widely used in use in form of ceaser salad and also available in supermarkets. By eating romaine lettuce the e coli that is abbreviation of Escherichia make disturbance in intestine thus causes severe diarrhea can lead to death 41 people are going through this illness in December 27, 2017 but right now with the analysis center of disease control have outbreak the link between romaine lettuce and e coli. It is supposed in 2018 this risk of leafy green will disappear. See what is an E Coli?

Because of this disease USA health official have investigated the outbreak of deadly E Coli 0157:H7 that was previously linked with romaine lettuce in Canada reports are suggested that there is no word whether it is illness or not that are directly linked with leafy green. In America epidemiological study have stated that in specific area of USA and Canada avoid eating green leave salad or raw leaves that may prevent them from disease and death risk.

Jungle Jim’s report

Latest report have published by Jungle Jim’s Eater in Canada they have stopped serving green leavers salads and romaine lettuce due to its bad health effects in 26 location in country. While their distributors have also o analyzed the situation and monitories it. Different companies have stopped pull production of romaine lettuce in Canada as well. At this time in USA and Canada there is no more recall of romaine lettuce or any other product that is linked with outbreak ion country.

17 E coli cases have been reported in 13 states of USA including one in Washington. With the collaboration of FDA and center of disease control and other health professionals come to the point that U.S resident should avoid the food that is based on green leaves and particular foods. In this case most of the investigations are going on and researches are being conducted to minimum the risk of E coli that will be publishing soon. See list of top 10 liver transplant centers in India.

U.S.A states effected from Romaine Lettuce E Coli

Cases are counts in United States are as follows:

  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Michigan
  • New York
  • New hemisphere
  • Virginia
  • Nebraska
  • Washington
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania

These stated have effected with e coli from November to December 28 2017 but with the researches it is supposed that it will not reoccur in 2018 January. It is important to take blood test in this period so that most of the people can be safe from this disease then laboratory testing will be pass on to the authorities for data entering.

One case represented E Coli 0157:H7 in which bacteria that is making them sic k is basically closely related with genetics that means all the patients are going through this disease and sharing a common source of infection equally. CDC is still gathering information for outbreak the link between E Coli and Romaine lettuce also doing interviews with ill patients to find out the source of outbreak.

What are the symptoms of E Coli?

If you feel the following symptoms do not waste time take a doctor appointment do not ignore. Symptoms are as follows:

  • Severe abdominal pain
  • Cramps
  • Stomach ache
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Fever
  • Dehydration

People mostly showing these symptoms in few days after they eat contaminated food with pathogenic bacteria .as you experience these symptoms go and check your doctor before make it serious.

Things to be noticed:

Antibiotics are not recommended in the earlier symptoms people can also face complication like hemolytic uremic syndromes (HUS), palliative care is very helpful. E Coli infections are very serious can badly effect human digestive system because E coli bacteria found in intestine of human so it can lead to severe digestive issues like ulcer and severe diarrhea can lead to death.

The law firm of pritzker Hageman and Food Safety authority has represented the specialized outbreaks for fighting against the e coli bacteria in united states people are getting benefits from this outbreaks that are really very helpful .Lawyers have won the hundred of million dollars for victim of illness and their families those have effected by hemolytic uremic syndrome. Firm also publishes the bulletin on poisonous food and contaminate food that can cause severe health issues like I have described above the can result in very helpful for people residing in U.S.A and Canada they can take advantage from it. See list of top cocaine addiction treatment centers in New York USA.

This firm have also interviewed in CNN, New York Times and the Wall of Street Journal

This article is about Romaine Lettuce E coli that is causing death in USA and Canada. With the collaboration of FDA and Center of disease control they have taken step forward in eradication of this disease by monitoring and analysis of person’s health and generating the outbreak of E Coli disease. Different states have been effected with this disease in this case Jim reported that they have stopped serving green leaves to customer for avoiding this disease in several areas of USA including Washington. It is supposed that this disease will disappear in 2018. It is important to consult with medical doctor specialist if you ever feeling symptoms.

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  1. jalil ahmad

    It’s a comprehensive article yet very informative covering all the dangerous and alarming aspects of the e-Coli, undoubtedly each paragraph is worth reading. So people can get to know more about such issues and if somehow have been caught with any symptoms can immediately get the aid. People should have know how about such scandals, and the announcement and need to keep themselves updated that what is happening around them so they can take precautionary measures before time to save their lives and their loved ones, as precautions are always better than the cures.

  2. Yoxsa

    I have been living in Canada for a year now. I have seen Canadian suffering from such issue and diseases that even cause the death of a person. I think the Cold is a root cause that has been providing habitat for such viruses to prevail in a most beautiful country like a Canada. I often witness people use high doses and consume so much alcohol to stay safe from the cold, but these issues did not seem to have any connection with that. anyhow it was a great site, and have unique and standarized information. So would say ” keep up the good work dude “

  3. Khan

    The problems are countless that are due to that small microorganism like diarrhea, intestinal problems, and other health hazards … I have read many people who lost their life due to this deadly organism. It’s not primarily in the USA and Canada, I am living in Ilford and the problems even persist here. As this little creature is not merely imparting health hazardous in above-mentioned countries. E-coli is such a dangerous bacterial, though we can prevent ourselves from its attach to our environment but what about its presence in our intestine.

  4. Bilal

    E-coli being the worst bacteria severely affects the intestine of all humans and wild animals. though some classes of it will have the worst impact on your intestine, that it can result in very severe impacts. to cope with such situations, using the pre-caution or doctors recommendation will be the best choice rather being a prey of it. well, there are thousands of other stories that one can relate in explaining the impact of e-coli. most of the time the symptoms will be dhirea, coughing, and pain. but it is not necessarily to be the same always. they can vary sometimes.


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