Stem Cell Treatment has ability To cure blindness

A revolutionary treatment for Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) has been introduced by exploiting stem cells. Doctors are predicting this stem cell treatment will be a game changer for millions of people with multiple sclerosis. Whereas multiple sclerosis is a condition that impacts a person’s brain and spinal cells. It can cause predicament in vision, sensation, balance, and many arm or legs problems. As per international trial show Stem cell transplant has the capability to cure the disease and improve the symptoms. Here we will acquaint you with all the details about stem cell treatment, curing abilities, and Case-studies.

Stem cell Transplant

The treatment initiates by exterminating the immune system. The physician will employ the cancer drug cells in wiping out the immune cells. After this, the stem cells are rebooted in the place. The chemotherapy will be used to destruct all the faulty immune cells, Stem cells will be extracted from the patient’s blood or bone marrow cells, and then successively infused back. These stem cells will rebuild the immune system.

Young scientist works in modern biological lab
Young scientist works in modern biological lab (Credits: anyaivanova/Getty Images under standard license)

Prof John Snowden, director of bone marrow transplantation and hematologist said that we are thrilled with the discovery. It is a game changer for the patient for knocking out multiple sclerosis and drug-resistant. Prof Basil Sharrack, who is also director and neurologist of Research at Royal Hallamshire Hospital Said;

“This is interim analysis, but with that caveat, this is the best result I have seen in any trial for multiple sclerosis.”

Over more than 100,000 people in the U.S are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis(MD). The stem cell transplant has found to be the most convenient and reliable process of defeating the MD that even reduces a person life expectancy to a certain extent.

How UK doctors have been restoring eyesight

British doctors are moving ahead in curing patient with a chronic age-related disease. In Moorefield Eye Hospital London, two elderly patients a man and women in their 60’s have been given a trial with cutting-edge therapy. The two with sudden and severe vision weakening problem were the victims of macular degeneration. A disease in its sternness can lead to complete blindness. Generally, in Wet macular degeneration, some abnormal cells will start popping out in the retina, and macula.

The wet macular degeneration is not that abundant yet far riskier and captious from the “dry” macular degeneration. In “dry” Macular Degeneration will less likely result in blindness, rather it creates a spot that makes hard for a person to see clearly. The disease can be cured when a specialist will extract a stem cell from the embryo and replaced it with the faulted cells of a patient’s eye. See list of best liver cancer hospital in the world.

Why Embryonic or stem cells are special

The specialty of embryonic cell lies in their characteristic of transforming themselves to any other cell type. In case of curing vision related maladies the cells will get coaxed and makeup to the cells, that construct the retinal pigment epithelium. These are deep-seated into a place that helps in firmly jointing it together. It is generally a one layer cell. The patch formulated is inserted back into a patient’s eye through rods and cons cells.

The result and study have been published in the Journal of nature biotechnology

The result was astonishing as the two elderly people who are near to the blindness are capable of reading over 60-80 words per minute with normal reading glasses. Their people before being operated were not in a state to read few words with the glasses. Furthermore, the result was not temporary rather its steady and long-term.

Apparently, the research seems to be the most effective and safest one yet as per some specialists, more trails can be needed for its regular implementations in all other health centers. The result of stem cell is thrilling and upbeat and stem cell treatment is urging to hope for aging that will be less painful. Read how a woman gives birth with first uterus transplant in United States.

Prof. Coffey added the results are better than expected as both the patients are double than the London researcher’s prediction. As per Prof. Coffey, the first patient was capable of reading sex lines, while the second patient can read 5 lines; the results will keep getting better as the months or years pass.

Ryan Benton a pioneer to the Stem cell therapy

Ryan Benton is 32 and has seen many of his friends who have lost their lives due to a disease named as Duchene muscular dystrophy. Generally, people with genetic disorders can’t live more than 20. Ryan feels obliged to the stem cell transplant for granting him a new life. The therapy is still new and had many controversies and ups and down. Duchene muscular dystrophy will have its impact on one male out of 3500 in worldwide.

Deficiency of dystrophy protein will destroy muscles, and the patient will have weakened heart and respiratory muscles. George Benton father of Ryan said that he often has a problem in raising his head up, and after the first treatment he started to raise his head by his own. Benton’s mother and stepmother confessed that after the second treatment, Ryan began to weight more, due to the muscles redevelopment that made him more energetic, refreshed and active.

Weighting gain was something impossible to happen in his disease. His parents said they don’t want this treatment to be beneficial for their son merely. They instead have initiated a campaign where they advocate and guide people with Duchene muscular dystrophy and benefits of stem cell transplants. The results are not quick, there required a lot of patients to get the satisfying results. See list of top heart transplant centers in world.

As of now, stem cell clinics have started popping out in many cities of the U.S.A. Those are liable for giving treatments directly to the people. The treatment has the shortcoming as it hurts a patient. Stem cell treatment is regarded as safest and most effective treatment for millions of people out there.

Benton’s story is impactful and inspirational to people are battling against such similar conditions. The cells for the treatment of his disease came from the healthy umbilical cords. In 2014 Ryan Benton was the first in the United States to cure with the stem cell treatments, apart from all the exemptions. Benton said

“It was just this overwhelming period to be in where you thought it was kind of the end of the road and suddenly this new path is created and you’re on it and you’re a pioneer for this new treatment that you’d hoped for all your life,”

Ryan’s mother said that people who want to pursue the stem cell treatment must have the “healthy sense of skepticism,” as the disease won’t be linked with much scientific evidence. Blake Benton’s brother said that it is costly when we travel for Panama for the therapeutics, and we hope the states will give people access, and we are deeply driven to be involved and ready to help the people as much as we can.


Age-related macular degeneration leads towards dysfunction or loss of RPE(retinal pigment epithelium) and has been a root cause of blindness for centuries. But recently an RPE patch comprised of embryonic or stem cell coated with a single layer, synthetic basement membrane has proven to be a life-triggering transplantation for the sufferers of Age-related macular degeneration and multiple sclerosis. In AMD Microsurgical tools are employed with each eye’s subretinal space.

The survival of the treatment has improved the visual acuity with more than 15 letters. While a patch incorporated with optical coherence tomography and also with the bio-microscope will have a tendency of visual acuity improvement of more than 21-29 letters.  Cell safety, tumorigenicity studies and also preclinical surgical will be required for the further trials. Chances are abundant for the cell stem therapy be an off-the-shelf and economical therapy to the people of NHS in coming five years. See list of top cocaine addiction treatment centers in New York USA.

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