The Cancer drug can be used as a targeted treatment for Autism, says a new research

Researchers are close to find a promising treatment for autism resulting from a genetic disorder. The scientists used the experimental findings on the mice and results are positive in reversing the disease in mice. According to recent estimates almost 1 in every 59 children is suffering from autism in United States of America. There are nearly 700,000 people who are on autism risk in the United Kingdom.

What is Autism?

Autism is a developmental disorder having a range of conditions varying in severity. A child suffering from autism has repetitive behaviours like sensitivity to lights, colour or some kinds of specific sounds. He also feels difficulty in interacting with the people. some of the common signs and symptoms associated with autism are limited activity, low social interest and inability to interact. The severity of symptoms varies in every case. some children are mildly affected while others are impaired by autism in a severe way.

Autism is still not completely understood by the scientists;however, it is considered to be associated to disruption in brain development. Due to insufficient details about the causes and treatment of autism, it is difficult to prevent. A combination of therapies, education and behavioural interventions can help the child to overcome the severity of the problem. Learn how can you treat Autism?

Is autism is related to some kind of genetic disorder

In 7% of cases there is a relation between chromosomal defects, proving that many of the problems occurring in social communication, motor movements, sensory perceptions and other personalized behaviour are attributed to the genes. In some people few genes onchromosome no 16 is missing. The 16p11.2 is a chromosomal defect called deletion syndrome that results in disability of neuron development and impairment of language skills.

Pictograms depict autism signs and symptoms on a child such as learning disability, ADHD, OCD, depression, dyspraxia, epilepsy, and hyperactive.
Pictograms depict autism signs and symptoms on a child such as learning disability, ADHD, OCD, depression, dyspraxia, epilepsy, and hyperactive. Credit:leremy

The researchers have found a treatment of reversing the genetic autism. A team of scientists led by Prof. Riccardo Brambilla of Cardiff university, United Kingdom have experimentally used the drugs that were basically developed for cancer treatment. These drugs are used to restore the brain function in the mice with suffering from symptoms of autism.

What is the relation between Autism and Cancer treatment?

Researchers over the last few years have shown that there are similarities between cancer and autism regarding the genetic code. The genetic mutations that are responsible for cancer and are also found responsible for causing autism in children. Various treatments that are fruitful in case of people suffering from mesothelioma and other kinds of cancer are also helping children struggling with autism. In future cancer researches will also be helpful in treating the genetic causes of the autism as well. See list of top 10 Luxury Rehabilitation Center in Miami Florida.

Cancer drugs preventing Autism

According to an explanation by prof. Brambilla and team, the 16p11.2 is one among the most common gene associated with autism. A limitation to the study is the poorly understood mechanism which link the chromosomal defect to the neurodevelopment. Therefore, a model was designed by the team which is a chromosomal deficit to properly study and understand the underlying pathophysiology.

The mice that had the genetic defect shows a series of abnormalities at molecular level and in behaviour. The abnormalities include hyperactivated body movements, problems with mental behaviour and olfactory perception. Moreover, it is found that mice with absence of 16p11.2 have a higher protein called ERK2. This protein is emerging as a target protein in cancer therapy by the research scientists. The link between cancer protein and autism like symptoms due to its deletion is prompting the scientists to test the cancer drugs on mice with 16p11.2 gene deletion.

Nurse Giving Patient Injection
Nurse Giving Patient Injection Credit: monkeybusinessimages

Professor Brambilla added, that by inhibiting the function of the defective protein responsible for causing autism this research is a spectacular mark. The drug is not only providing the relief from the symptomatic effects in mice but also helping to reduce chances of autism in new born, when administered during gestation in mother.

The cancer drug stop ERK2 to reach the brain of the rodent which reverses the ASD like neurological and sensory symptoms. The scientists are using a novel ERK pathway inhibitor during a very critical phase of brain development rescuing the molecular, anatomical, and other defects in the mouse with 16p11.2 deletion. The scientists are hoping to develop new collaborations to determine the full therapeutic potential of the experimented drug. The focus is on the goal of achieving a valid clinically relevant drug which can provide maximum relief to patients suffering from chromosome 16 defect.

The scientistsare aiming to replicate the results of experiments and ultimately approve the drug for clinical trials in people with Autism.

Autism and PTEN gene mutation

Another commonly implicated cancer mutation in many cases is PTEN. The researches have shown a lot more relations between the autism and the cancer due to various cross overs in the genes. Up till now 43 such genes are found that are associated to both autism and cancer. Aboyt 17 from the given count are directly related to autism as well as cancer. The researches are forcing scientists to work more on these genes to find treatment options applicable in both the patients.

A common relation is obviously the cell growth. It is well understood that cancer is basically a Cell growth that has gone out of control and diving cells to produce unwanted tumours. However, the proper cause of autism is not known still it is assumed as the overgrowth of the nerve cells in the brain cells leading to unwanted cells in brain as a result of gene mutation.

The new development regarding Autism treatment is also a hope for cancer patients

As for now the cancer drugs are being tried by the researchers to treat children with autism. But the hopes are also raising regarding cancer patients who are struggling with mesothelioma and various other cancers. The connection can go both the ways. The drug for cancer are used to treat autism, so the chances are extremely bright that one day the autism drugs may help the cancer patients due to genetic relevance of the diseases.

Cancer treatment medicine cure as a pill destroying a malignant cancer cell as a pharmaceutical disease concept as a 3D illustration.
Cancer treatment medicine cure as a pill destroying a malignant cancer cell as a pharmaceutical disease concept as a 3D illustration. Credit: wildpixel

Miracles keep on happening in the field of science. May be the researchers who are getting more and more curious about genetic connections between autism and cancer give world a surprise. The excessive overlap between genes of both the problems supports the assumption that the treatment may present for both in a single drug. According to the researcher’s team member, Yan, ‘the relation between chromatin remodelling strongly supports the idea that epigenetic drugs used for the treatment of various cancers can be a targeted treatment for those suffering with autism. See how tick forest is posing more Lyme Disease threats to the invading Country Canada.