Tick forest is posing more Lyme Disease threats to the invading Country Canada

Lyme disease is an infectious disease caused by the bacterial invasion following the bite of the tick. Infected ticks present in green forested areas passing the disease to humans causing a wide range of health problems. There have been a few evidences that this Lyme disease can also be spread by various other insects belonging to blood sucking species. These include mosquitoes, mites, fleas and spiders.

The pathogen is shaped like a corkscrew so it burrows deep into the cells and this quality enables it to survive the antibiotics shots. This is the reason behind the Lyme infection being a multi system disease and is quite difficult to treat. The correct and early diagnosis is quite important for the proper treatment of the Lyme disease. People spending a lot of time in vegetative areas are more prone to this infection and have to be monitored carefully for the symptoms.

Female doctor removing a tick with tweezers from hand of patient. Encephalitis, borreliosis and lyme disease.
Female doctor removing a tick with tweezers from hand of patient. Encephalitis, borreliosis and lyme disease (Credits: Credit:andriano_cz/Getty Images under standard license)

Symptoms of Lyme Disease:

Various symptoms of Lyme disease are

  • Headaches
  • Fever and chills
  • Fatigue
  • Facial palsy
  • Meningitis
  • Muscle and body pain
  • Arthritic symptoms
  • Lyme carditis when the pathogen invades heart tissues.

Lyme: The first Epidemic of Climate Change is written by an investigative journalist , Mary Beth Pfeiffer from New York State.

Lyme disease is spreading by black legged ticks that are advancing towards Canada. The ticks are carrying a pathogen that sickens.

In 1990 Ontario was the only long point that was infected by the ticks. But they find a vast frontier across the country by hitching 6with the body of the migrating birds. These ticks are mostly found in the Ontario’s Provincial Parks. Other regionsare also effected where the temperature has risen to 0.8 degree Celsius since 1970.

Climate change has no bad effect on these ticks , in fact it encouraging it. White footed mice infect baby ticks while sucking blood are also marching towards north, further paving the ways for the growth of disease.

Lyme disease or Lyme borreliosis. is an infectious illness transmitted by ticks that can affect dogs and people. Signs and symptoms.  Human silhouette with highlighted internal organs
Lyme disease or Lyme borreliosis. is an infectious illness transmitted by ticks that can affect dogs and people. Signs and symptoms. Human silhouette with highlighted internal organs (Credits: ttsz/Getty Images under standard license)


Canada is also suffering from this epidemic that exploded in the USA since its emergence in a small coastal town in Connecticut in the 1990’s. Today the ticks are residing in different parts of USA in a double the number of last two decades.

Evidence reports that the number of cases will show a rapid increase in the coming years in Canada. According to an article published in 2015 in the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology the black legged ticks are heavily invading the southern parts of the Canada. See why Sex is good for you?

Insignificant Method of Lyme Disease Treatment:

Another high concern along with this invasion is the treatment method used for the disease in Canada and other countries. This is a short course of antibiotics but having a significant drawback. This antibiotic course leaves patients ill for months and in some cases for even a year. This particular treatment is based on USA  guidelines but according to a new research ,  it has a few flaws. The medical establishment has to accept it so that people will no more suffer.

The United States authorities estimate that reported Lyme disease are 36,000 in 2016.

In Canada the disease count has increased nearly seven fold from 144 in 2009 to 992 reported cases in 2016. It is still believed that it is not a real figure.  In  a recent visit by the journalist in Nova Scotia,  she came to know from people in restaurants , bars , shops that the problem is quite complicated and case number is also far high as the disease is becoming quite common.

At this critical point Canadians have to learn from the mistakes of US model of Lyme disease treatment. This system is inadequate in diagnosing and treatment of Lyme disease. According to the premier guidelines by US in 2000 Lyme disease is infectious in its nature but it is not. Learn how to avoid Fast Food if you want to conceive.

Malfunctions in the Lyme Diagnosis Test:

Science has confirmed repeatedly that Lyme test is a failure in diagnosing many infections. This test is also leads to illness that is difficult to cure later. A population of 10 to 20 % patients suffer from post treatment syndrome. It is a severe condition according to a study by John Hopkins University. Post treatment syndrome symptoms include muscle pain, joint disorders, neurological diseases, numbness of hands and feet etc. See list of top heart transplant centers in world.

In various countries like Canada Britain, Germany,  Sweden are using the guidelines set by the United States for the treatment and management of Lyme disease. But at least 20 publications have claimed that antibiotic course of 10 to 20 days to be ineffective. The experiments have proved to be not working in monkey, and mice in test tubes and experimental findings.

The journalist has met patients who traveled across the world in search of care of the Lyme disease. These people include a women who took her son to New York travelling 14 hours. A Dutch women going to Belgium, a British man going to California.

There are many more patients all around the world are an example of failure of the model of the Lyme disease treatment. All the infected States including Canada have to work better on this problem.

Medicines are not a solution to handle this epidemic disease. Then what factor is controlling this problem right now? For now warm weather may be the answer. Learn about types of massage and its benefits.

Until we get to know about a proper solution we have to encounter with ticks. Be aware of our children when playing in the outdoor. Try to avoid tall grasses and litters. Consider the chemical repellents and treatments including clothes. We have to work effectively against this eight legged tiny creature creating havoc in our surroundings.