Top 10 Luxury Rehabilitation Center in Miami Florida

Drug addiction is long term substance abuse disorder. To fight against drug addiction we need to choose best and well facilitated rehabilitation center with highly skilled supervision of doctors, psychologist & counselors. If anyone is struggling with drug addiction in Miami, Florida and trying to embark their lives as sober then please read my complete article here you will find out the list of top ten luxury rehabilitation centers in Miami, Florida. That are equipped with advance therapies, facilities, peaceful environment are as follows. Seeking for best treatment rehabs in Miami, Florida take a look below:

Luxury Rehab Centers

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It is located in the heart of Florida they are providing treatments including all area in psychological field related to drug addiction, anxiety, depression too. They do all types of treatments that fully structured and helpful. They reach on the client’s expectation level. Providing with best luxury environment with 24/7 counseling. Deliver comfortable and peaceful environment for detoxification.

Specialized in individualized treatment with follow ups with promising successful results depend on person’s personal need and circumstances. They have best facility of dietitian and nutritionist. They specialized in treatment of residential program providing with best food and meals and advance level therapies. It is based on long term treatment. It ranges from few days to months according to patient needs. Providing best medical detoxification with trained doctors. They perform dual diagnose treatment and exceptional LGBT friend.

Contact: 1301 Poinciana Dr, Pembroke Pines, FL 33025, USA
PHONE#+1 844 318 7500


Transition recovery program is one of the best recoveries of alcohol dependence and other drugs addiction with expensive treatments in comfortable environments performing different behavioral treatments with medical detoxification and rehabs programs. It is well known nationally centers with advance therapies for drug addictions. Performing treatments like intensive outpatient services martial day program, residential treatment.

The treatment is based on high skillful staff with promising treatment. Managing awareness programs. Delivering treatment in theses categories: sexuality, marital conflicts, clinical disorders, depression, mood disorders, relationship issues, self esteem and PTSD.

Contact: Transition Recovery Program 1928 NE 154th street North Miami Beach, Florida 33162
Phone# (855) 795-8885


Treatment focus o the simplicity and mindfulness with best personalized individualized treatment to overcome obstacles to its fullest potential. Availability of 12 clients at a time. They are dealing with issues like anxiety bipolar, dual diagnosis, medication management, coping skills, depression, substance abuse, chronic relapse and trauma and PTSD.

Treatment programs included addiction, Alcohol Rehabs, Drug Rehab, Substance abuse and dual diagnosis. Introducing best exercise, therapies, mindfulness and meditation. It is adaptive center in which deal with life major problem like legal issues, profession, family relations. Empower you to develop skills in real life. Treatments introducing is CBT, GESTALT, HUMANISTIC, MINDFULNESS BASED .modalities included individuals, family and group.

CONTACT: 2828 Coral Way # 103, Miami, FL 33145, USA
Phone# +1 3015 400 9908


This is on the best treatment in drug addiction. It is located I South, Florida with advance treatment facilities like therapies, detoxification, mindfulness and exercises. Detoxification is a clean process in which a person gets rid from withdrawal symptoms and enables to fight against the drug abuse.


CONTACT: Harbor Village Drug and Alcohol Detox 9198 NW 8th AVE Miami, Florida 33150
Phone# (786) 472-1689


INTERNATIONAL RECOVERY CENTER is basically focused on every individual’s life with integrative approaches and different techniques of addition to uncover the potential and worthy celebration. Long standing behavior patterns or negative perception into positive thinking. They are struggling to devote their services toward healthy life style. International recovery center focus on the individual treatment with need.

If someone in suffering from drug addiction in Florida then international recovery center is the best choice. They perform Dual diagnosis/co-occurring disorder treatment, after care support. They focus on the 12 steps recovery program, group therapy,psychotherapy,attend on and off site 12 step meetings, relapse prevention, substance abuse, counseling and educational sessions. Parenting classes also available.

CONTACT: 1825 NW 112 Ave SUIT 151, IAMI, FL 33172
Phone# (888) 919-6951


This center is specialized in treatment of drug addiction with best facilities of therapies, detoxification and medicines. They performed group session in which all the patients are free to share their ideas and construct the positive thinking. They deal with all the clinical disorders like depression, anxiety and phobias etc.Specialized with advance psychotherapies that is so effective in the rehab treatment. Detoxification is performed by the expert medical doctor.

CONTACT: 1110 Brick ell Avenue Miami FL 3313
Phone# (305) 371-7784


Recovery first is reality based promoting personal responsibility that focus o the client o three areas: post acute withdrawal syndrome, denial management and relapse prevention. They deliver their services in inpatient care, interventions and relapse prevention treatment. Treatments are included residential treatment detoxification, after care treatment, intensive outpatient. They are specialized in counseling, psychotherapies and relaxing exercise.

CONTACT: Recovery First in Hollywood, FL
Phone# (866) 967-9745

Miami counseling services

Miami counseling services in one of the best treatment center in Florida. It is specialized in treatment of drug addiction and clinical depression as well. They deliver best counseling services with expert skillful therapist. Providing the best medical detoxification under the supervision of doctors. They are promising way to normal life in achieving daily normal social life targets and also healthy relationship problems.

They are delivering efficient services regarding the drug addiction and other clinical syndromes. Top seek best mental health services this center is best choice. See list of best hospital for liver cancer.

CONTACT: 13780 SW 56th Street Suite 200 Miami, FL 33175

Arias System Abuse Control Center

It is located in Miami, Florida. Best in psychotherapies, counseling for adults both men and women. They are delivering their services in drug abuse disorders, clinical disorders and also personality disorders. This center is best equipped with advance services like gym center, good food and meal. Residential treatments, relapses prevention, individualized session, group therapy and detoxification also available.

To seek better mental health services and struggling to survive a drug free and sober life style this center is best. Both men and women have individualized session in which they are fee to talk about their personal matters, marital relationship problems and also professional issues can sort out here.

CONTACT: 1111 Southwest 8th Street Suit 207 Miami, FL 33130

To seek structured, comprehensive treatment we prefer the above centers. Drug addiction treatment is also very expensive but worth it finding and choosing those centers would be better choice for sober life style.

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5 comments on “Top 10 Luxury Rehabilitation Center in Miami Florida

  1. Geoff

    No doubt, drug and alcohol addiction has a long-lasting effect on the life of an individual. Therefore, in my opinion, the decision about the rehabilitation center is critical. The selection of rehabilitation center should not be restricted to nearby location or arrival facilities. The selection should be based on the experts and comfortable environment. The researchers believe that the safe and friendly environment leads to the fast recovery. The helping staff at the rehabilitation centers is always a foundation of successful treatment center. Most importantly, the rehabilitation center must have license holding mental health counselors and certified professionals.

  2. Nancy

    I agree with Geoff health is not a matter that can be ignored or compensated in any way. We should not merely rely upon nearby areas rather go for a thorough research before choosing any. if a person is healthy he can earn but what if he does not have a good health and can not remain capable of earning? so choose the best, loan out from some of your relative friends, or even banks to have your proper treatment. I believe that Miami counseling services will offer more satisfactory and long-term results.

  3. Nayyab

    Thanks for compiling the comprehensive information in a single article. it is worth reading every article, as one can easily find that what center can be best suited for anyone in relation to their budget, concerning issues and the areas that are closer to you. Good Attempt. will be looking forward to the more relevant articles from the site.

  4. umer ameen

    Rehabilitation centers are working all around the world. When it comes to health. One should do a thorough research and prefer choosing the one that has the most knowledge and qualified staff in their center. As it will help you to get out from the injury or most importantly drugs. Once you are out of the disease you can lead a happy life. Though the work is highly praisable as it is taking out of from the problems and trauma severy affect your health.

  5. ROne-11

    Drug addiction is the worst addiction one can ever get into it. when I first broke with my girlfriend with whom I have been dating for ten years, it was a big trauma that pushed me to take drugs as it utterly changed my life, and all I wanted was peace so I can stay away from the thoughts of hers. It led me towards drug addiction and I lost everyone my family job, status. Then my dog took me to a center ARETE DETOX as it was the closest to my home. And they really helped me to let my life get back to track.


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