Top Cocaine Addiction Treatment Centers in New York USA

Below are top treatment facilities in New York city. These are best as researched by our experts.

Cocaine  Anonymous

Nice New York cocaine addiction Center to purify patients from Cocaine-addiction by sharing their experiences and thoughts .The main goal of this center is to develop hope and faith in person who is fighting against drug free treatment .To make a person determined in his/her thoughts and focus on her quitting addiction habit this center is especially one of most successful treatment center in New York. They charged no fee for membership and follow TWELVE STEP RECOVERY PROGRAM. Because it is proved that twelve step recovery program works.

Cocaine Anonymous New York, Inc
PO Box 99, New York, New York 10116
Telephone (887) 858-8012 (212) COCAINE

aged and worn vintage photo of drug rehab clinic sign

Aged and worn vintage photo of drug rehab clinic sign (Credits: smodj/Getty Images)

2. Med sup Withdrawl Loyola Recovery

Med sup Withdrawal Loyola recovery  provide treatment facilities like relapse prevention, detoxification. Center also works with 12-step program. Helps treatment with medical detox, provide best holistic services, extended recovery care.

How to contact them?
76 Vetrans Avenue Hospital, 6th Floor bath New York 14810 United States
Telephone: (607)664-5800

3. Parallax Center

Parallax Center is establish in New York for dependency treatments. Center deals with social, psychological and mental health treatments. Lot depends on cognitive and neurological perspective which makes the patient able to fight against dependency symptoms, helps their therapeutic needs. This center is specialized in providing best treatments in counseling and behavioral deficits .

Treatment works effectively with group session in which each individual have freedom to express their ideas, emotions to get rid from dependency. Such session talk is based on ways to get rid from bad health. Solution can be made from each individuals own words. Cognitively treatments are also provided to set up the person’s dysfunctional thoughts and able them to organize their negative thinking into positive goals.
It has dynamic strategies in which all treatments are settling.

How to contact them:
145 East 32nd Street 6th Floor New York NY 10016 united states
Telephones: (212) 779-9207

4. St Mary Mercy Livonia-Out Patient Rehab

St Mary Mercy Livonia-Out Patient Rehab basically is out-patient recovery center where patient is aware of drug-abuse disorders and make them able how to get rid of cocaine addiction. They make education lectures on each patient to resolve their conflicts that are being disrupting their behavior. They provide group session in which every person discusses about their thoughts and try to resolve their issues too.

St Mary Mercy Livonia-Out Patient Rehab helps patient in re-occurrence prevention strategies, coping skills, strong defense mechanism to help them get back to normal life routine. Staff is expert to work hygiene and social environment. Medications are available along with meetings psychiatrist and counselors. Read dry January effects on human health.

How to contact them:
73 North Main Street GloverSville New York NY 12078 United States
Telephone: (518) 773-8830

5. Faith Mission Crises Center New York

Faith Mission Crises Center New York it is specialized in mission of faith and belief. It is licensed center of New York to treat drug dependency patients. It has residential facility too. This is open to both men and women. Their goal is to treat patient and detox them from intoxications.

How to contact them:
114-40 VA Wyck expressway Queens NY 11420 United States
Telephones: (718)-322-3455 ext 109

6. Long Island Jewish Medical Center Far Rockaway Treatment Center

Long Island Jewish Medical Center Far Rockaway Treatment Center is out-patient rehab center in New York. This center is specialized in HIV/AIDS TREATMENTS, DRUG ABUSE, and DEPENDENCY AND WITHDRAWAL TREATMENTS DRUG ABUSE DISORDERS. Both men and women are treating by them .Effective therapeutic strategies are available. Medications also provided to the patients. Read vaginal mesh article for detailed information on such issues.

How to Contact them:
20-02 Seagrit Boulevard Queens NY 11691, United States
Telephone: (718) 868-1400

7. Fairview Recovery Services INC-Addictions Crises Center

Fairview Recovery Services INC-Addictions Crises Center is specialized in dependency causes. It is well facilitated with admitting patients in their center to detox and purify them from crises. They provide structured behavioral therapies in well organized environment. They perform group therapies in sessions. Other relaxation exercises are also used in their center. For better treatments results they medically monitored withdrawal symptoms. Daily basis assessments are also being in daily procedure patient can stay for 14 days in centers to cure.

How to contact them:
247 Court Street Binghamton NY 13901 United State
Telephone: (607) 722-4080

8. Compass Health Group

Compass Health Group is well coordinated in treatment of both psychological and medical. It has the facility for outpatients’ detoxification and also psychiatric medication follow ups and visits are also structured in their plans. They emphasized on best treatments in the area of mental illness drugs abuse dependence crack cocaine etc.

Dr Glen Brottmen is psychiatrist in compass medical. Who is specialized in assessments of clinical depression, anxiety related disorders and also perform outpatient medical detoxification treatment. Their treatments are strictly confidential and private. They do their appointment in 24-48 hours.

How to Contact Them:
425 Medison Avenue (49th ST), Suite 1502, New York, NY 10017
Telephone: (212) 969-1899

9. Addicts Rehabilitation Center IS WELL ORGANIZED REHABILITATION CENTER IN New York

Perfect center for drug abuse, dependency and also mental disturbances. They are well structured treatment in treating cocaine dependency with counseling and therapies. They are promising treatment with non medication environment and give you the best nutritional diet for fulfillment the body need and metabolism .their focus is on health. They organize private meetings with confidentiality where you can talk about your problem fearlessly and find effective advice from counselors and psychologists.

Faithful organization with best supporting staff. In their treatments includes individual therapy, family counseling, educational services legal services, behavioral discussions and health educations. They cure 50 years of age persons. Their main focus of treatment is counseling resources in HIV/AIDS, other immune deficiencies that are at risk.

How to contact them:
1881 park Avenue New York, NY 10035
Telephone:212-427-1342 ext 201

10. Saint Jude Retreat

Saint Jude Retreat it is established in treating person with severe mental disorders, dependency and withdrawal symptoms. This is not focus on 12 step model but it has his own different Freedom Model .this model is quite different from others treatment approaches. It is highly focused on patient self esteem to build up self confidence and make them able to fight against their crises.

Center is focused on permanent recovery instead of follow ups. Relapses are strictly none occur after their freedom model. By this treatment you can leave addiction forever in your life. Its success rate is 62.5%.they make your hopelessness turn into hope. You sit in talk therapy and group sessions such as addictions and stress problems.

How can we Contact Them:
140 Broad Way New York, NY 10036, USA
TELEPHONE: +855-375-6615

11. Mountainside New York Treatment center

Addiction recovery center is well organized center in the heart of New York to serve patients with drug addiction disorders. It is aimed to treat patents in comfortable environment in which the patient feels relaxation. Their treatments include relaxation exercises, exhausting, group sessions, individual therapies, better talk with counselors and cognitive therapies.

How can we contact them?
Mountainside-New York City
347 West 36th street, Suit 1601, New York, NY 10018
Telephone: 649-965-80880

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5 comments on “Top Cocaine Addiction Treatment Centers in New York USA

  1. Rupa Shetty

    Med sup Withdrawal Loyola Recovery is in middle of New York city and better for approach. It provides all facilities.

  2. kelsey

    Hi, My name is Kelsey, currently I am working in Boston. I use polydrug. Since long I am in dire need of treatment counselling and therapy.

  3. Mary Charlotte

    The reading of this article has reminded me my past. Today, I am telling you my story. My name is Mary Charlotte, from Wilmslow. I was “Wild Child” of my parents. I loved to have fun and party all time and developed a cocaine addiction. By nature, I was a social boy and never found any problem in making friends. I started my boarding school at five years old. The living style without parents was tough at the start but later, with the passage of time, I started to enjoy that life; equipped with massive friends and party. I was invited everywhere to the home parties and school fun days. After reaching teenage, I and my friends started clubbing on weekends. That was the place where I tasted cocaine. There were some friends who were taking cocaine in the toilets. Being a teen, I felt fun and became their companion. I was celebrating every day of my life after that. Cocaine became the part and parcel of my life. In a very short time, I began showing symptoms of cocaine addiction. Everything got way out of my hand. Due to this addiction, I maxed out my credit cards and took a loan and this was worst. I was in debt of £13,000. Suddenly, on Sunday, my best friend, and flatmate came to talk with me. She made me realize that I was giving very little time to my studies and giving full attention to the parties and friends. That very day, I called to a habilitation center. I was surprised, their addiction counselor was very friendly and helping. They listened to my problems and helped me out in finding a rehab treatment. Later, I realized that the rehab treatment was vital for my studies and a normal life. The treatment last for three months and nearly a year that I haven’t taken any kind of drug. I am much closer to my family and my studies. These days, I am doing a part-time job to pay off my debts.
    Thank you, my Rehabilitation center. I am living a normal life now with full peace of mind.

  4. thomas ray

    cocaine addiction is something that one should always need to restraint. its the worst addiction that has thousands of health issues that will adversely impact on your physical and mental health. insteadd ruining yourself more. Try to get treated by the nearby cocaine addiction treatment center. My cousin had addiction when he was 15 to 16 years and the high dose has even impaced his lungs he was treated by the professionals of Compass Health Group. they have really healped him to get back to his life. and now he is living a cheerful and happier life without any addiction.

  5. saira ali

    A good attempt though. will keep expecting from blogger to keep us updated with such a meaningful research. As it made easier to find the best cocaine addiction center that we find best suited in terms of services offered, packages and rates. Good luck


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