Turmeric a nutritional spice staving off mental deterioration

Turmeric is considered to be an essential spice in the kitchen and embeds with properties that offer benefits even beyond cooking as it has potential to broaden your memory making you more sharp, and also prevents from much mental deterioration. In many countries, Senior citizens use turmeric as a dietary staple, as it can boost the cognitive performance and also reduces the chances of Alzheimer and other brain debilitating problems including depression. An exclusive ingredient found in turmeric known as curcumin has anti-oxidant, and some other anti-inflammatory properties that offer you countless health benefits. Here we have sorted out the significant studies and health benefits that turmeric powder provides if you intake it on a regular basis.

Women applying curcuma  to hands in isolated on white background
Women applying curcuma to hands in isolated on white background (Credits: Bignai/Getty Images under Standard License)

Does the turmeric improve your cognitive performance?

Is turmeric is just hype, or it has some certain and long hauls effects to your health. Well! You’ll be surprised to know that it is true. Therefore, the news has stumbled upon many of the scientists of today that have been into the battle against many mental deteriorations like Alzheimer depression, and other memory complaints and mood swings that are linked with the brain. The turmeric with its core ingredient Curcumin has astounded the people out there who just considered as a spice to darken the color of your food. Curcumin has potential to make you more manageable In terms of emotional intelligence, boost up your memory wading off your memory complaints and also has a significant impact on the microscopic plaques, it lowers the amount of it and makes your mind tangled free resulting in a fresh, healthy and cheerful person. See feud between bunnyman & sex club getting furious after being accused of bullying the owner’s daughter.

What is turmeric all about?

The spice that is widely used in India and all south Asian countries. The turmeric is derived from a plant named as Curcuma longa. The turmeric roots are initially cleaned and then boiled, before converting them into powder. It is the spice that embeds with hundreds of health benefits and acts a blood cleaner, anti-inflammatory agents, and also promotes the health of your digestive and immune system. For the untrained eyes, turmeric is something that has close resemblance with ginger, and it belongs to the same family known as Zingiberaceae. It is known for its rich in color and has a potent smell.

The significant Health benefits of turmeric

We are clear with the fact that turmeric has some significant impact on the hypothalamus and amygdala, and creates resistance or immunity to mental illness. But apart from that turmeric has some other amazing health benefits that I have listed below:

  • Turmeric is a perfect blend of antimicrobial, anti-allergic, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Mixing up turmeric with milk result into an ideal remedy that is hugely beneficial for joining joints, and bone issues, and best for the diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and arthritis.
  • Turmeric milk will speed up your recovery from an injury, trauma or any other physical or mental sickness.
  • Turmeric also acts as an anti-aging formula if you intake it regularly.
  • If you drink turmeric milk before sleeping, it induces great and peaceful sleep.
  • The turmeric has properties that make it helpful for healing wounds, skin infections, allergies, and mental disorders.
  • If the golden drink is consumed daily, it enhances your immune system, making you more mentally and physically healthy and defend your body against all incurable diseases.
  • Many scientists suggest that it has health benefits parallel to the exercises.
  • It defends the body against many heart diseases.
  • Its properties protect you from the reserve syndrome of heart and save you from the heart, brain, and muscular problems.
  • According to a nutritionist Keisha Luke: turmeric has taste and smells like curry flavor, so it’s also great for empowering your taste buds.
  • Turmeric can clean your blood from inside out making your immunity more irresistible.
  • Recent research published in Oncogene suggests that turmeric due to its inflammatory properties acts an over the counter painkiller and can act as a substitute for ibuprofen and aspirin.

Facts and figures about turmeric and its usage

Curcumin that we can call a main ingredient of turmeric has been previously proven by many experiments to have the anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidative characteristics. The experts have found that senior citizens of Asian countries like Indians or Pakistani have a lower chance of Alzheimer, and more moderate incidences have been observed of the disease in them comparing to other countries. The result suggests due to regular intake of the turmeric in their diet, the chances have got to its minimum point, and their cognitive performance even gets far better with time. Now a days bariatric surgeries are becoming most popular weight loss methods.

Gary small belongs to the University of California, Los Angeles in the US. She has conducted a unique study linked towards the Alzheimer disease and chronic to moderate depression; she ended up her finding by concluding that curcumin lowers the brain inflammation that is the cause of mental deterioration.

The study was then published and praised in the American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry. Forty old citizens ages were ranging from 50-90 years were taken as a sample. That has often complained about the memory. For the sake of study, it was assigned randomly to those forty people either to receive a placebo or to use the 90mg of curcumin daily twice in a day without any gap and use it continuously for the eighteenth month.

All the subjects were initially given a standardized assessment at the beginning of the test, and after the six months the level of curcumin was visible in their blood and got more boost up after the eighteenth month.

Thirty volunteers are gone through a therapy known as PET scan or positron emission tomography. The scan was conducted to analyze the amount of the amyloid and tau in their brains. The tests were performed at the very start and end of the 18 months to conclude the whole findings. The result suggested that people who consumed curcumin twice in a day have viable improvement in their memory and brain functioning while people who intake the placebo was still same.

The people with curcumin have improved up to 28 percent in a fixed duration of the eighteenth month. And they showed improvement in performance of memory test. Moreover, there is also a significant progression in their moods. The PET scan conducted after the eighteenth month has shown the less amount of tau and amyloid signal in the hypothalamus and amygdala and comparing to those, who took the placebo. See how to boost mental health with mindfulness?

One thing you need to know that the amygdala and hypothalamus are the regions of your brain that has to control many of your memory and emotional functioning, and the turmeric directly impact to these vital region of your brain.

The best way to use turmeric in your diet

You can find a lot of turmeric recipes due to the fact people are aware of its health benefit and prioritize consuming it over the other spices that are tastier but possess little health benefits. Well, turmeric on a serious note can be consumed through a variety of dishes and modes. We’d like to mention some basic you can use it in cooking, drinks, and in other ways. We have some easy to follow or top ways to intake in your diet on a regular basis.

  • Use turmeric as a spice as an alternative way of salt and paper. You can mix the turmeric in a sort of stir-fry and use it like your flavor punch.
  • Adding turmeric in your drink is the best way people in Asian countries often use a mil with turmeric that they feel have the high potentiality to heal the wounds. It can be added to any drink but use it in either green beverages or kombucha.
  • You can also go for a turmeric tea that is prepared by adding 1 or a half tablespoon of turmeric, two cloves, with a cinnamon stick. Keeps it boiling until you feel the fragrance or started boiling? You can add nondairy milk with a portion of sweet you prefer. Though you have a choice to lower the amount of turmeric in any way you are reluctant or are not habitual of its use. But it’s the easiest way to intake the turmeric.
  • You can also use 1 or 2 tablespoons of turmeric in your yellow rice, spinach rice, risotto, or can even add up to your soups.

Wrapping up the article

Curcumin due to its health benefits and antioxidative properties, lead you towards numerous benefits related to the brain heart and muscles. The benefits get doubled and long-term if a person consumes curcumin on a daily basis as it ultimately makes cognitive abilities more improved. It is a proven fact by many of health nutritionist that if a person absorbing a portion of safe curcumin could enjoy many significant improvements in cognitive health. Moreover, it’s suitableness, and curability with other health issues are also exemplary. A woman gives birth with first uterus transplant in United States.

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