Violet; dog was about to die of burns after being dyed purple with human hair spray

An animal rights service team from Florida has shared the tragic and sorrow the full story of a dog. The dog suffered from very deep and life threatening grazes. It was dyed purple by the owner to do a kind of styling on the dog. The spray used was a hair product manufactured to be used by humans only. Pinellas County Animal Service shared this story of a White Maltese mix dog on social media page on Tuesday. The story is published on their Facebook page with pictures of deep scars and burn injuries of the poor soul.

Smiling woman grooming a dog purebreed maltese. Focus intentionally left on dog
Smiling woman grooming a dog purebreed maltese. Focus intentionally left on dog (Credits: humonia/Getty Images)

Tragic story of violet

The Animal Service, Pinellas County said that the dog named Violet and of Maltese mix origin was brought to the animal service for treatment in last October. The dog was badly injured and had furious burns on its body. The dog had an eye which was shut due to huge swelling on it, and its body was almost completely burned.

According to the animal service team’s statement on Facebook, the staff was not sure about the survival of the dog. They were not expecting that she would survive through the night. But amazingly she delighted everyone with her will to live and make it through that night. Violet is now on its way towards recovery.

The veteran staff struggled to wash off as much of the chemical from the fur of violet as they can. They eventually came to realize that Violet’s condition was far worse than what it seemed to be. When the hospital staff tried to shave the hairs from the body of dog , they find that skin was so badly burnt and it started to slough off. See how worst Texas flu season 2018 was?

The dog was lucky enough to survive and is now doing very well

Violet was lucky enough to survive but it has to bear a painful journey of treatments over the coming three months of its new life. Violet was given pain killer medicines, creams and lotions for scab removal, intravenous fluids and a heavy dose of antibiotic medications. The dog undergoes a treatment plan which includes anesthetizing, bandage changing, painful sleepless nights but it finally lead to the silver lining.

The Pinellas County worked hard to provide maximum care to violet. The care violet received from the staff seemed to be working. It was observed with all her fur and hairs back, when the bandages were removed by the staff. After the bandage removal, things were getting back to normal for the dog. It started to walk around the premises, make barking noise and getting friendly pats from the staff.

The Pinellas County Animal center wrote in a post that the whole thing started with a little noise, not a bark but after then she found her voice back and keeps on barking ever. She used to visit the halls of the premises and showed gentle and friendly behavior towards staff finding joy in gentle pats. She is now on the stage of almost complete recovery and it seems that she wants everyone to know about it.

Violet is now in the a new owner’s care and custody. The new person has a wide experience of pet’s grooming. She is reported to be doing very well by him. See list of top 10 liver transplant centers in India.

Precautionary measures should be taken while Styling animals

To style your pets is a very entertaining thing and many a times we used to dye an animal fur. Dyeing an animal’s fur can be a dangerous thing if proper precaution is not adopted. It may cause complications and adverse reactions resulting in great stress and trauma to the animal. The circumstances can be even life threatening. There also lies ethical issues in treating the animals for recreational purposes and for their grooming by their owners. However, owners of pets who desire to use dyeing products on pets, the most important thing to do is consulting a veterinary practitioner to have an advice on dyes and all other such products to be used by the owners for animal’s grooming or styling.

It is strictly to be noted that all the products including hair colors which are manufactured for use by human only should not be used on animals in any case. The chemicals present in the hair colors is poisonous. The animals have a sense of likely to lick on their body. The difference in PH level of the pet’s skin from human skin causes them to suffer just the way Violet suffered. Express yourself but lets make a promise that an animal should not be harmed in anyway. Learn about prolapsed uterus symptoms.

There should be a difference between grooming and abuse

We all should learn from the story of violet that even the dye used on her had not been toxic no animal finds it desirable to be dyed. Grooming methods like tattoos, dyeing, piercing or all the other methods which are appealing to human are not necessarily liked by animals too. The aesthetic preferences should not be adopted beyond a limit in case of animals. Yes, it is true that many species of animals require a certain aspect of grooming services necessary for their health and beauty. But is also a fact that unnatural and unnecessary beauty treatments should not be done on animals which they find irritating instead of healthy and pleasant. There is absolutely no need of this risky performance. We should keep one thing in mind that forcing a dog or any other pet with such grooming things is not actually grooming; in fact it is abusive in nature.

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