Winter Flu Season 2018 in United State

Winter season comes with nasty weather that spread cold in the climate with severe effects that may cause dangerous withdrawal symptoms like influenza everybody knows about this symptoms that affect common population in united state. Latest reports compiled and assess high rates of influenza found in majority of people in the beginning of November and it lasts for weeks. United States cold weather touches peak in the month of November for this bundle of researches have been done to control influenza in general population. Prevention have been set by Government with strict guideline to medical health professional about how to deal with influenza in peak of cold weather. The predominant virus identified with influenza A (H3N2).

USA Flu Season 2018. Girl Sneezing due to flu in office.
USA Flu Season 2018. Girl Sneezing due to flu in office. (Credits: Shironosov/Getty Images)

Report of 2017 influenza

studies show majority of influenza viruses collected in united state in the month of October that were characterized genetically and antigenically similar to cell grown reference viruses that is representing 2017-18 Northern Hemisphere influenza vaccines virus. This report is stated after testing viruses that have been sensitive to the antiviral drugs like oseltamivir, zanamivir and paramivir. Multiple influenza vaccines are approved for the major effects of influenza in 2017-18 years should be continue to be offered as long as influenza virus is unexpired vaccine available.

Observation of virus in united state

Center of disease control and prevention collected, assessed observed and monitored yearly flu activity in United State with structured manners. Efforts of CDC with collaboration of partners in state, local and territorial health department public healthy and clinical laboratories have collected five categories from eight different sources are as follows:

  • The place where influenza activity is occurring
  • Tracking of influenza related illness
  • Determination of influenza virus circulating’
  • Detection of virus
  • Death rate due to influenza in united state.

Novel Flu

A virus is reported with five human infections with novel influenza to CDC by five states during October to 1 November included with one each Colorado, Lowa, Michigan, Nebraska, and Ohio. These are variant virus infections that are typically said that human infections with influenza viruses circulating in swine. Colorado patients found with exposure of swine at an agricultural event during week preceding illness onset. In Iowa patients also found effected with swine during the week preceding illness onset. In Michigan patients have found close contact with laboratory confirmed A (H3N2) virus infection.

In Nebraska patients reported no contact with swine during the week preceding illness onset. This is communicable disease that transfers from person to person. Virus can be transmitted through household items, towels, and flu effected person’ used stuffs. Affected patients with influenza were less than 18 years, aged patients of 45 years of age and more than 45 years of age adults were diagnosed as influenza virus two of the patients were hospitalized. If you are girl with vaginal infection read vaginal mesh for help.

Flu activity

It is very hard to say about flu activity in next year because it depends on the severity and length of the season that vary each year.flu virus is constantly changing, new reports suggested about previous surveillance report is always different in each year. In united state flu season starts in fall and winter month.flu activity is increase in November to December and it lasts till May. In this case CDC monitors various key flu indicator as a result of laboratory testing, when it rises and remain elevated from a number of consecutive weeks flu season is just supposed to begun. Influenza like illness affected patients is admitted to hospitals.

Flu activity is always unpredictable due to cold season variation in length and severity level. Seasonal flu can be detected year round, however seasonal flu activity begins in fall and winter in the month of October to December and it lasts till May.

Flu activity is like illness not disease some people need emergency aid but few people take time in its recovery so it is reported that this is not disease in which everyone get sick and seek medical care.CDC managed the surveillance of flu activity year round through several surveillance systems and reported that outpatients influenza like illness surveillance Network (ILINET) which collects information on outpatients  illness, and fluSurv-Net, which collects information on hospitalization.CDC have been reported about the estimated people that get sick in each year is between 9.2 million and 35.6 million illness each year in the united states since 2010. See which are best liver cancer hospitals in world.

Flu and death in united state

Flu activity caused death in children in united state that is reported by CDC but death in adults are not identifiable .CDC collected mortality data by National Center for health statistics relative level -9 of influenza associated deaths. This system tracks the death rate linked with pneumonia or influenza as the underlying or contributing factors of death in united state. Doctors and CDC staff have monitored death rate in united state estimates from 2010-11 to 2014 ranged 12,000 to 56,000 deaths.

Different factors that make it difficult to determine accurate number of death rate caused by flu regardless of reporting. Some challenges in counting flu associated deaths are as follows:

  • Sheer volume of deaths to be counted
  • Lack of testing
  • Different coding of death


Baylor College of Medicine stated about the last year report on the flu activity in USA that flu spreads in country very fast so it is very urgent to take vaccination before it happens. In very cold weather it is expected to have flu so in this Baylor College Of Medicine have stated this year vaccines are available in trivalent and quadrivalent forms. Trivalent will include three vaccines strains like H1N1 and H3N3 which are both A strains and B Victoria. Quadrivalent vaccine will include three strains in trivalent vaccines and also B Yamagata strain. Read for cold and flu treatment in this article.

Dr Robert Atmar professor and interim chief of the section of infection disease at Baylor College stated that there is every season in which flu is expected and it is hard to predict what is going to happen but people should be prepared.

  • Nasal form of influenza is not recommended.
  • Flu vaccine takes two weeks can be provided over the age of 6 months.

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