Worst Texas Flu Season 2018

Christmas is considered to be the most beautiful time of the year. But it seems as if in Texas the best time of the year is not only gone but also replaced as the most difficult time of the year. Flu season is hitting the Texas in a pretty bad shape. In a report compiled by Dr.Robbert Legare Atmar, a professor of infectious diseases at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston indicates the threat of severe flu season in U.S.

It is considered to be the worst flu season since 2014-2015.it says in the flu outbreak report published by centre of disease control CDC as the severe season in the most recent years. The public health agency wrote in are cent report that number of effected states went rising from 21 to 26 states. The percentage of influenza like illness has risen from 4.9% to 5.8%.

Texas is one among the most effected states among 26 states suffering from high flu activity. The emergency department of Houston states that 10% of hospital visits are due to the flu these days. Doctors and hospitals are over burdened in Texas as the flu season seems to get worse.

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To deal with the overwhelmed influx of patients, the waiting rooms of hospitals are turned into examination rooms for the patients. Medical tents are also built to deal with the high surge of the patients.

The chief medical officer for Parkland says that hospital staff is seeing double the number of patients what the hospital typically sees by this time of the season. Dr. Joseph Chang told CBS11 that on Monday alone, 930 patients have visited the Parkland emergency department.

Why the 2018 flu outbreak is deadly?

There are various factors behind this deadly flu season. The cold weather in various states of U.S. is particularly making a favorable and resilient environment for influenza virus. Then the matter of flu vaccine is also unclear. Many estimates have proven the efficacy of vaccine shot up to 30% which was about 39% during last season. Although the final number will be clear after the flu season which ends in May. The scientists have to work on a specific strain that is floating around massively before the massive production of specific shots of vaccine.

Getting vaccination against a certain strain does not mean that you are safe from all other strain wandering around. H3N2 is described as the nastiest among all the strains present around by public health experts. This strain is likely to cause more complications in people especially elderly children and people with immune compromised by public health officials.

Need for Vaccination

Flu season is different every year. Millions of people get the flu every year and got hospitalized.The flu affects every person a different manner. Many a thousand of people die every year due to the flu related causes. During flu season the virus circulates in a very high rate among the American population. Healthy people gets sick when comes in contact with the infected people. An only way of to reduce your risk of getting sick is to get annual vaccination. The more the number of people gets vaccination less will be the chances of spreading the disease through community interactions.

Working method of flu vaccination

After 2 weeks of flu vaccination antibodies start to develop in the human body. The attenuated form of virus present in vaccines help produce antibodies activating the defence mechanism of the body. Researches indicate that influenza vaccine helps in the protection from getting viral infection during the upcoming influenza season. See how to deal with cold and flu treatment.

Researches indicate that influenza vaccine helps in the protection from getting viral infection during the upcoming influenza season.

  • Influenza A H1N1
  • Influenza A H3N2
  • Influenza B

A additional quadrivalent vaccine is also available to protect against the trivalent virus and an additional B virus.

Types of flu vaccine available

Injectable influenza vaccines are recommended by CDC during 2017-2018. The nasal spray vaccines are particularly not recommended in this season. Read health 2018 health goals and improve yourself.

Both types of vaccines i.e. trivalent and quadrivalent are available in the market.

  • Trivalent types include.
  • Standard-dose trivalent shots

Virus grown in eggs is used to make this vaccine. Different shots are recommended by doctors for different ages. These shots are mostly given in the arm muscles. The trivalent vaccine shot is given to the patients aged between 18 and 64 years.

  • People above the age of 65 years are given high-dose trivalent shot
  • A recombinant trivalent shot is recommended for people of 18 years and pregnant women also.
  • A trivalent flu shot made with adjuvant. It helps to create a stronger immune system used for people of 65 years and above age.

Quadrivalent flu vaccines

They are recommended by medical professionals in age groups including children intradermal quadrivalent flu shot is usually injected into the skin with a much smaller needle and is given to people of 18 years to 64 years of age. See list of best liver cancer hospitals in world.

  • A flu vaccine grown in cell culture i.e. quadrivalent flu shot is approved for people 4 years of age and older.
  • A recombinant quadrivalent flu shot is approved for use in pregnant women.

People who should be vaccinated?

Everyone above the age of 6 months should be vaccinated in order to prevent oneself from viral infection. But above all it is recommended to prevent the viral flu via contact. The advisory committee on immunization practices ACIP of CDC department on February 24, 2010, has recommended to expand protection against the flu among people. See E Coli details in this article.

The people who have complications regarding influenza should be vaccinated as early as possible to prevent the risk.

Concerns to get a flu shot?

Factors which are to be considered while giving a flu shot to person

  • Different flu shots are used for the different age group.
  • Type of vaccine used according to Persons age
  • Health condition
  • Pregnancy factor in women
  • Allergies to various drug components present in the vaccine shot

All these factors are to be considered by a health professional while vaccinating a person.

Common symptoms of the flu prevailing in Texas

Influenza commonly known as the flu is a contagious disease. It can cause mild to severe respiratory problems and may even lead to death. The most prevailing symptoms of the flu are.

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Muscle and body pain
  • A headache
  • Runny nose and severe cough
  • Children have diarrhea and vomiting frequently.
  • Fatigue

Influenza can be recovered in few days to a week. But many patients may develop serious complications which may even lead to death. These complications include pneumonia, sinus, ear infections, and asthmatic attacks in patients suffering from asthma. Influenza or the flu can trigger worsening conditions in patients with multiple diseases e.g; heart diseases and congestive heart failure. Children and pregnant women are at greater risk. See how to deal with vaginal mesh issues.

Deaths from the flu in Texas 2018

The death rate is increasing on everyday basis in Texas due to the outbreak of deadly flu season. Many deaths were reported in previous days. Death rate is far more than previous years. Vaccine shots are being given to people. Experts advice that flu season may prevail up to May so its better to get shot even now. A tragic loss of 1155 lives is reported due to pneumonia and the flu in Texas till Tuesday. The death is reported voluntarily by hospitals and health care providing nursing homes. Counties have to report young deaths. Among the reported deaths an infant death is the most heart-breaking.

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