Year 2018 Health goals Revised

New Year bells are ringing. We are on the door step of 2018. It does not matter if you like it to set New Year resolutions and determining your goals or not, these are becoming a trend. To start 2018 with prioritizing your health is lot better. Since its basis of everything that makes you happy. Making 2018 a year that brings health revolution Make a list what to do and what to not for your self. Let us raise a toast in the name of health in year 2018.

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Following is few suggestions while setting your health goals.

  • Stress and depression control
  • Lowering blood cholesterol to make Cardiovascular system work better
  • Diabetic awareness
  • Obesity
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Improve eating disorders.
  • Prevention from bacterial and viral infections

There are many more problems playing a barrier to a healthy and physically fit life. It is a fact that most of the above-mentioned problems are resulting from increased weight and lack of exercise. Then let us start with the core issue and finding some solution to it.

Talking about health goals, many of you have marked weight loss as top priority. These are few tips regarding how to achieve your weight goals in 2018.

Tips for 2018 weight loss goals:

Seeking Professional Help:

Many of us have tried to loose weight in the past but have failed. Its time to seek the help of a professional. Despite spending a big amount you won’t regret at all. The advice, support, help and proper guidance of a professional is very helpful and are worth the investment.

Office Christmas party. Group of joyful colleagues having fun at new year celebration. Happy smiling people holding golden number balloons, 2018 year symbol. Greeting card for co-workers mock-up
Office Christmas party. Group of joyful colleagues having fun at new year celebration. Happy smiling people holding golden number balloons, 2018 year symbol. Greeting card for co-workers mock-up (Credits: Milkos/Getty Images)

Avoid low calorie food intake:

Low calorie food is not a permanent solution of weight loss. A good but healthy diet os the basic need of weight loss. Calorie restrictive diet is not sustainable and will always result in weight gain once the proper diet is resumed. What you need is a balanced diet chart.

Make a commitment to yourself.

A long-term plan is necessary for weight loss. Having unsustainable low carbohydrate diet and intensive work out are not a solution. If you want to achieve weight loss and loose it for good then you have to be consistent and committed. Its a promise that you will reap the rewards.

Motivation and Accountability:

Motivation is very necessary to keep your self-going. Tell somebody close around you and seek their support in order to keep you motivated about your task. You will be less likely to fail if you have somebody such as a friend or family member who is helping you on weekly basis about achievement of your goals.

It is hard to carve out time in our busy days for our body. But it is also true that a healthy and fit body proves to be a gateway for a healthy mind and soul.

A recent health survey has shown that only 10% of people do exercise on a daily basis. Same study shows that 50% of population in countries like America and England is unhappy with their weight.

Everyone desires a perfect well-groomed and healthy body. A healthy and fit body adds a lot to your confidence. But it is such a difficult task that most of us only use to dream about it. What if I say a big ‘NO’ to this perception. Fitness is something which you have to earn by spending your time, dedication and yes a bit of money too. Besides your busy schedule which forces you to cancel your membership of a gym a fit body is achievable at home by modifying your life style. You don’t have to buy an expensive gym membership to get yourself in shape. Here a few tips on it.

Year 2018 tips for body fitness

Young women in yoga class, meditation exercises. Girls do lotus pose for relaxation. Healthy lifestyle in fitness club
Young women in yoga class, meditation exercises. Girls do lotus pose for relaxation. Healthy lifestyle in fitness club

Modify your eating habits:

While there are heaps of good for you food out there but selecting foods which are helpful in weight loss is first step towards a fit body. Alter your eating habits in terms of in taking low fat diet and eating time. Follow these guidelines for better results.

  • Eat five times a day but up your proteins and lower the amount of carb intake.
  • Not all foods are same thus Different foods go through different metabolic pathways in the body. Such as whole eggs once feared as a high cholesterol diet is making a come back again. Whole eggs are rich on protein and useful fats. They make you feel full even at a very low calorie intake.
  • Leafy greens including spinach ,Swiss chards, broccoli and mint leaves have properties that make them perfect for a weight loss diet.
  • A lot of water intake is good for increased metabolism.
  • The intake of low energy density foods containing lots of water such as soups.
  • Put a full stop on your late night sweet cravings.
  • Eat at least 4 hours before bed time.


Weight loss is a game of take in and takes out. It is necessary to burn more calories than you take in during a whole day. Exercising on a daily basis is of prime important to get a fit and healthy body. Some general rules are.

  • Move your body on daily basis.
  • Include exercise in your schedule like an appointment.
  • Choose the form of exercise that make you happy, and you enjoy doing it.
  • The workout in the morning so that you are less likely to skip exercise.
  • Never go two days in a row without exercise.

Style your workouts the way you are comfortable. It will super charge your metabolism and help you shed pounds.

Diabetes control by modifying dietary habits:

Diabetes is a disease in which blood sugar level are higher than normal. What you eat can help you control your sugar level. The carbohydrate rich food such as cereals pasta rice milk bread and desserts can cause a rise in it. By monitoring blood glucose levels regularly, eating a prescribed diet and doing a walk regularly the risk of diabetes related complications can be reduced. Read this diet plan for diabetic patients.

Safety Measures for Flu and Cold

Every year Epidemic viruses put the lives of people mostly children at stake. In year 2017 such a deadly flu strain has infected thousands of people. The United States also encounters the epidemics of seasonal flu every year. The timing of Flu is very unpredictable. Seasonal flu viruses can be detected all around the year  but viruses are most common in fall and winter season. These months of the year are called “flu season”. Most of the time flu activity peaks between December and February. Read cold and flu treatment article for assistance.

USA Flu Season 2018. Girl Sneezing due to flu in office.
USA Flu Season 2018. Girl Sneezing due to flu in office.

To have an annual flu vaccine is the foremost and best way to protect your family from the flu. Getting a flu vaccination can reduce flu illness, doctors visit and missed work due to the flu as well as prevent the flu related hospitalization. In 2017 a study on pediatrics reported that flu vaccine significantly could reduce the risk of a child’s death due to the flu and influenza. We are expecting a severe winter flu season 2018 in United State.

The more people who get vaccinated against the flu the more will be prevented against influenza. Including adults, children pregnant women and people with long-term health complications who are more vulnerable to the flu and influenza. While talking about individual health goals why not to have a look at the health goals set by the government in 2018. See best liver cancer hospitals in world with research of our professional writer.

Year 2018 Health goals of the Department of Health and President trump health objectives 2018

The Department of Health Sciences and Human resource development HHT works to raise the health standards and well being of Americans by providing effective health and human services. HHS department fosters and sustains the advances in the sciences underlying medicine, public health and social services. The budget supports the mission of HHS through efficient and the most effective health service programs. In 2018 under the supervisions of President Trump Health objectives 2018 and Budget HHs funds the highest priorities. It includes programs such as health services through community health centers, Ryan White HIV/AIDS providers, early age care and education and medical products review and innovation.

In addition it funds public health issues such as Prescription mistakes, drug overdose and Medical care programs. The budget allows HHS to set priorities to support and sustain a new approach to long term fiscal stability across the federal government. The President Trump’s 2018 budget requests a 17.9% decrease from 2017 annualized CR level. This funding level excludes spending on certain mandatory programs but includes funds for implementing 21st century Cures Act.

HHS also releases its five-year year plan for 2018- 2022.

Here are its five strategic goals:

  • HHS seeks to Reform strength and modernize the national health care system.
  • Aims to protect the health of Americans where they live lean work and play.
  • Strengthen the social and economic well-being of people across the life span.
  • To foster the sound and sustained research in medical sciences.
  • To promote effective management system.

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