Young Dad with Penile Cancer Shares His Traumatic Experience

It’s the worst nightmare for every guy to have terminal penile cancer. The malignant cells start forming in the tissues of the penis. It has not excessively prevailed, yet still, more than 650 cases in the UK are observed every year.  It’s more common in the males aged more than 60. It can also affect men in their 30’s and 40’s.

Retro styled word Penile Cancer written with alphabets background. It would make a great healthcare and educational background.
Retro styled word Penile Cancer written with alphabets background. It would make a great healthcare and educational background (Credits: crazydiva/Getty Images under standard license)

A young man’s Cautionary tale:

Young dad from Newcastle, England shared his traumatic and heartbreaking story. He wants to make memories____Knowing the bitter reality that he can’t stay longer with his family. He is suffering from the penis cancer, that results in losing his penis altogether.  The man had already underdone with many operations five under the radiotherapy and two times he was treated with the chemo therapeutic processes.

Unfortunately, the tumor always started popping out of the penis. Initially, he removed a part of his penis chances are huge that he might get his penis completely removed.  A tumor has absolutely destructed his sex life with fiancé Paige King, 24. From where he had a son and one daughter on the way. See list of best liver cancer hospital in the world.

Who was a Dale Clarke

Dale Clarke who is the father of a six-year-old son Cole and unborn daughter first saw a bump on the tip of his penis. He initially considered the lump as an ordinary infection and he felt minor difficulty while peeing. But sooner the lump started growing bigger and he hunted for an immediate help. Clarke has known quite early on, he researched the symptoms and about the disease and he convinced that it’s nothing than a penis cancer. Though the doctor initially considered it as an infection in the foreskin, therefore, he got medically circumcised. The problem persisted and soon he got a call that it’s penile cancer. Read more about medical merijuana and its usage.

Dale Clarke battling against the terminal penis cancer:

Dale called himself as a soldier and shared his heart-breaking story. The purpose of sharing the brave dad cautionary tale is to warn other guys never ever ignore the symptoms. If they are feared about something wrong can happen. The very first sign he felt was when he didn’t manage to pee properly. He initially suspected of an infection that later turned on penile cancer.

He said; the size of the lump was initially like a grain of rice. And after three weeks it grew as bigger as the size of a grape. The young man has already been operated more than five times but the stubborn tumor always comes back on the skin.

In the top of his groin, he is left with a gaping wound. And a part of the skin that has been taken from the thigh has grafted back on the penis.

Speaking about the ordeal, Dale said, I no more feel my penis. And my sex life with my fiancée Paige King has completely ruined. He further added, it has completely destroyed me as a person. When I struggle hard to go to the toilet, I can sense that my penis has no other use than urinate from it. See list of best liver transplant centers in India.

The Doctor who has been treating Dale has disclosed another statement that the penis cancer was not a disease for as young male as dale was. The doctor said that in my whole career, I have never witnessed that aggressive disease. Moreover, he confessed that dale was the youngest male among all people that have been treated for this disease. Dale said I know the disease I am suffering from is terminal, yet I can’t plan to go anywhere for a few years.

Dale is struggling hard and lost the most crucial part of his manhood. But the thought of leaving kids for good is the most painful part of his entire ordeal.  He further said, Chemo was nothing less than a “Hell” yet he again ready to put himself through it. if it will assure that I can spend a little longer with my son Cole and my daughter who is not born yet.

He said that the pain was unbearable and produces a severe burning sensation. It’s even that worst that it won’t fear to go for a toilet. He said the worst pain makes me cry like a child.

“I remember when they phoned me to confirm it was cancer, I couldn’t say anything. I just had to hang up the phone and broke down. I’ve tried to pick myself back up again and get on with it. I’ve accepted it.”

Dale called Fiance Paige King as an incredible carer:

Dale Clarke said that my fiancé has been an incredible carer. It seems that she is working the two job. He said I always need one person to be around me due to lack of mobility. Learn about best sex positions for couples.

Paige said I remembered the time when Dale was a football enthusiast and used to go to play for five to six times in a week. While being gym freak he always like damn conscious for maintaining his health and a well-toned body.  She sadly said that things seem to dream now, that we have taken for granted.

King said that the disease has not altered the strength of our relationship. It’s not due to our daughter that is due in July, we are together because we are still in love with each other.

We can’t think of parting away. Dale was a person who made me believe in love again. She said that he was the best thing that ever happened to me, and I can’t thank him much for giving me a chance to be a mum.

She said, we can’t be physically intimate but we still are in great love, and I can’t think of losing him.

She said that we both literally broke when the doctor confirmed it is cancer.

What is penile cancer all about:

Rare cancer affecting your penis skin or occurs within your penis is termed as penile cancer. There are many types of penile cancer the most common are:

  • Melanoma of the penis: A special type in which the cancerous cells give skins its color.
  • Adenocarcinoma: It begins with your glandular tissue and excels the process of sweating.
  • Squamous cell penile cancer: The most common kind that has been observed in more than 90% of cases. In this particular type, cancerous cells start developing in the outer skin covering your penis surface.
  • CIS or carcinoma in situ: A special type where the mere penis cells get damaged. Moreover,  squamous cells do not penetrate deep into your skin.

Symptoms of Penis Cancer:

Though it’s rare cancer and if the symptoms are observed by the male aged more than 80. They must treat themselves on the immediate basis until situations get worse.

  • A type of ulcer or growth is seen either in the foreskin or in the glands of the penis.
  • The foreskin will start altering into the bluish-brown The marks will be building in the whole body of the penis or beneath the foreskin.
  • The skin of penis starts getting thickening.
  • Blood coming out from the foreskin or tip of a penis.
  • The sufferer will feel the unbearable and unexplained pain.
  • A discharge having foul smell will persistently discharge from the foreskin.

Prevention Of The Penis Cancer:

The preventions won’t guarantee individual that he can utterly save himself from the disease, yet it will significantly lower the chances of occurrence.

  • Refrain yourself from excessive smoking and alcoholic intake.
  • Make sure that you are maintaining good hygiene for your penis health. As it will reduce the chances of bacterial and fungus infection. It ultimately minimizes the malignant cells to develop.
  • Some evidence suggested that in your adulthood circumcision will abridge the penis cancer.
  • Use condoms to prevent yourself from catching HPV and regularly wash your penis and under foreskin with warm water.

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